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The Original Cannoli Chips Review

The Original Cannoli Chips Review + Giveaway

It has been mentioned before that we love sweet things in our house, from our pets to the food we eat. Depsite having an affinity towards sweets, when we get cannolis, I would rather eat the crispy shell than the treasures inside, so when I saw that there was a cannoli chip available called The Original Cannoli Chips, my excitement level towards cannoli’s increased. Continue reading

World of Munchies Red, White & Blue Snacker Box Review

World of Munchies: Red, White & Blue Snacker Box – Review & Giveaway

Red, White and Blue Snacker BoxI have mentioned in the past that we are a snack house, and we have yet to meet a snack that we do not like. The problem is that we are 2 different people with unique and individual tastes and we do not always crave the same thing. Every once in a while we both want the same treat or ice cream, but I am a “miner of yummies” in ice cream so Jason now wants his own.

This constant back and forth of taste buds can get expensive quickly, as well as being very unhealthy. I have often thought it would be nice to get a box once a month that would provide us with a sampling of the things we love, while keeping portions in the realms of affordable.

World of Munchies has created a new box called the Red, White & Blue Snacker box. World of Munchies was started by the mind of an 11-year-old entrepreneur. Each month with the Red, White and Blue Snacker box you will receive 7 items in each box, selected from various snacks that you know and love.

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