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Nicks Sticks: Father’s Day 2017 Giveaway

Nick’s Stick’s: Stick’s for Dad Giveaway

One of the most difficult things I had to decide each year was what to purchase my dad for Father’s Day. My father is the type of father that has everything he needs, and there are few things that can be bought for him. Through the years I would make him items such as pencil holders and various art pieces. One of his favorite gifts was an album I made that was dedicated to our family dog, and this album is still a favorite.

There is no doubt though as he has aged, it is harder to think of things for him. As I got older there was always one “go-to” that included meat and nut items. I learned that if all else failed i could get him meat sticks and pistachios.

Since this has been a life long challenge for me I thought it would be nice to help you with your Father’s Day gifting with a Nick’s Sticks Meat Stick Assortment for the man in your life!

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Nick’s Stick’s: Fill Your Basket With Sticks Giveaway – Spring 2017

Nick’s Stick’s – Fill Your Basket With Sticks Giveaway – Spring 2017 –

As we approach the Spring Holiday of Easter the talk of baskets comes into the stores and into our conversations. When I was young I would look forward to the basket filled with snacks, treats and of course a stuffed bunny.

Now that I am older, I tend to shy away from the candy and treats and like my baskets filled with more savory items. One item that I will be putting in my husband’s baskets this year is a pack of meat sticks from Nick’s Stick’s!

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Nicks Sticks: Valentines 2017 Giveaway

Nick’s Stick’s Valentines 2017 – Stick With Love Giveaway –

There is no denying, Valentine’s Day is approaching and so is another opportunity to show somebody they are loved.

I like to show those I love with simple gestures, and things that I know they person will appreciate. I also like to know that the person knows the gift was for them and the intention of love and thoughtfulness is present.

One of the best ways to express love is with food – it is the way to many men’s hearts. If you have someone like that then I have the perfect Valentine’s surprise – meat sticks!

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Nick’s Stick’s Jerky Review

Nick’s Stick’s Jerky Review and Giveaway

Jerky Assortment

One of my favorite things as a review blogger is when I company that I like expands their product lines and I have the opportunity to sample their new offerings. Many times this expansion is a good and expands upon an existing good idea.

A recent example of this is Nicks Stick’s. Nick’s Sticks already made free-range meat sticks that are a favorite with Jason. When I heard that they have also branched into the jerky world I was more that intrigued. When I emailed to congratulate them on this newest offering they were generous enough to send a bag of each of the 4 available flavors to try including: Traditional Beef Jerky, Prairie Fire Beef Jerky, Traditional Turkey Jerky and Prairie Fire Turkey Jerky.

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Nick’s Sticks 2016 Winter Giveaway

*Nick’s Stick’s 2016 Winter Giveaway*

I have mentioned in the past but Jason is a born and bred San Diego Charger fan and despite the Bolts not making an appearance in Super Bowl 50, we will probably still watch. Just as important as the game and commercials are the snacks. Jason loves meat sticks with cheese so that will be making an appearance at the annual party!

Nicks Sticks's Full Product

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