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Oogie’s Gourmet Popcorn Review

Oogie’s Gourmet Popcorn Review + Giveaway

As I have mentioned in the past we are a snack house – we love our snacks. The problem is that many times we are looking for a semi-heathy snack that we can eat without our hands being dirtied or full.

In our house, both of us spend many hours at our computers, and since we do not like to get our keyboards dirty, popcorn is often the snack that we end up choosing.

The problem is that since we eat so much popcorn, we grow tired of the flavors typically available. When I recently came across a company called Oogie’s Gourmet Popcorn and saw their collection, I was interested to give these different flavors a try.

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Masala Pop: Indian Spiced Popcorn Review

Masala Pop: Indian Spiced Popcorn Review + Giveaway

Often times my review items find their way to me by pure coincidence and other ones are by chance. When I heard that a company I have worked with in the past now is working with an Indian Spiced Popcorn company I was intrigued.

My sister in law is married to a French-Morrocan man, and thus my nieces and nephews are adept and used to the Indian spices. Since our household is not as familiar with these, I decided to seize on this opportunity in hopes that I would be able to recommend something yummy to my extended family. The company I was hoping to share was Masala Pop which makes an Indian inspired line of Masala popcorn’s.

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Pipsnacks: Fill Your Basket with Pipcorn Giveaway

Fill Your Basket with Pipcorn Giveaway – Spring 2017

As I mentioned when I originally did the review for Pipcorn, I was introduced to them via my television. Pipsnacks made an impression on me immediately, since theirs was a hul-less popcorn and was very tasty.

With the Easter holiday approaching, there are many ways to fill a basket. Since Pipcorn had made Oprah’s Favorite Things list twice and touted as easier to digest it makes the perfect addition to upcoming Easter Baskets.

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KingofPop.com: Critic’s Choice Popcorn Review

King of Pop: Critic’s Choice Gourmet Popcorn Sampler Review + Giveaway

My favorite season has arrived – Award Season!!

When I met my husband for the first time I mentioned to him that if there was an award show on the television I would be sucked in to watch it. There is something magical, amazing and at times shocking. When there are awards shows on I watch the outfits, the categories and the speeches.

When I was contacted recently from KingofPop.com for a review and saw their The Critics Choice Gourmet Popcorn Sampler I thought this was the perfect way for me to join ranks in the upcoming awards season.

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Pipcorn: Delicious Mini Popcorn Review

Pipcorn – Truffle and Sea Salt Review + Giveaway

Each week, on Friday nights, we watch Shark Tank. There are days that we look at each other and wonder who would purchase the product that they are introducing the audience too. Other days we wonder how the world has survived without the product in their lives.

One of these products that we wondered about was a hulless popcorn that we saw on the show called Pipcorn by Pipsnacks. What got our attention the most was that this mini popcorn had made Oprah’s Favorite Things list twice and touted as easier to digest, is kinder to teeth and seeing overall reaction when eaten.

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Cosmos Creations: Premium Puffed Corn Review

Cosmos Creations – Premium Puffed Corn Review + Giveaway

It has been mentioned on this blog in the past, nut we are a snack house. Many times we will have our meals, and shortly after we will raid our snack pile.

One snack that we are big fans of but has a downside is popcorn. Popcorn is easily the most versatile snack that almost any spice, seasoning and sweetness can be paired with. With the versatility of popcorn there is a downside – the kernels getting into the teeth.

When I attended the Natural Products Expo last March, I met a company that took the goodness of the popcorn and removed the kernels, making the goodness of popcorn available without the negatives – Cosmos Creations Puffed Corn.

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Nicks Sticks Holiday 2016 Giveaway

Nick’s Stick’s Holiday Assortment Giveaway

nicks-sticks-16-packAs we close the month of November and begin the march into December, the time has come in which I begin to prepare my gift list.

As I prepare there are certain people that are easy to buy for – hobbies clear, favorite author and always brand loyal. These are the people I love to shop for. but there are others on my list. These “other” people to shop for are the people that literally have everything already, and if they want an item they purchase it themselves.

If you happen to have someone like this on your list then I have the perfect gift – sticks and jerky!

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Crispy Green: Stocking Stuffer Holiday 2016 Giveaway

Crispy Green: Holiday 2016 Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

dried-fruit-assortmentIf there is one thing that I find difficult during the holiday season is the annual stocking exchange. Each year my sister in laws shuffle names and we get to pick a name, and it is then our responsibility to fill a stocking with items for the recipient.

Sounds fun right? Well yes, it is but it is a task that comes with a bit of heavy responsibility to not disappoint the recipient.

Since my both of my sister-in-laws are into healthy snacks for their children I think I have found the perfect stocking stuffer that mom and kids will love – Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit.

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Golden Girl Granola – New Packaging Review

Golden Girl Granola: New Packaging Review + Giveaway

golden-girl-granola As many people know, I love supporting smaller businesses.

Many times these small businesses have wonderful stories and interesting paths that led them to where they are now.

Back in June of 2015 I reviewed a company from Shirley, Ma called Golden Girl Granola. I had the opportunity to sample 4 of the 7 flavors available and loved them. Recently Golden Girl has redesigned their packaging and with this new packaging, I was given the chance to try the remaining 3 flavors and host a giveaway!

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Sunbelt Bakery – Dark Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars Review

Sunbelt Bakery: Dark Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars Review + Giveaway

chocolate-chunk-granola-barsWhen I was a child I took dance classes and spent a good amount of time in my father’s car when he would take me to and from dance class. At the time the only place to take lessons was almost 25 minutes from home.

Often times on my way home I would get hungry and my father would hand me a granola bar or equal treat. I always wondered how he knew I would be hungry after dance class and now I wonder why I was not some days.

The granola bars I remember were crunchy and came in simple flavors such as maple, peanut butter or the overly simplistic plain flavor. When I received Sunbelt Bakery’s Chewy Granola Bars, I knew this was not the granola bar of my youth. Continue reading