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Holiday Giveaway: Goodie Girl Mint Slims Cookies

Holiday Mint Slims to Celebrate the New Year

goodie-girl-mint-slim-closeupAs many people know and it is no secret that I am a fan of Goodie Girl Cookies and we share them with our friends and loved ones as often as we can.

Each year Goodie Girl releases a holiday boxed version of their insanely good Mint Slims, and with that comes the opportunity to share the Goodie Girl love with all of you with a giveaway of the Goodie Girl Holiday Boxed Mint Slims!

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Goodie Girl Cookies: Fudge Stripe and Caramel Apple Review

Goodie Girl Cookies: Fudge Stripe and Caramel Apple Review + Giveaway

If you are a regular reader, the name Goodie Girl will not be foreign to you. I came upon Goodie Girl when I was starting out and they quickly became one of my favorites quickly. Since that time I have had the opportunity to try each flavor of cookies, and this newest review was no different. When we indulge in cookies, we tend to go for the cookies that taste good and Goodie Girl Cookies never disappoint.

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Mrs Thinster’s: Limited Edition Seasonal Selections Review

Mrs. Thinster’s: Limited Edition Seasonal Selections Review + Giveaway

mrs-thinsters-chocolate-mint-and-sea-salt-carmel-cookiesAs regular readers will know, we are a cookie house, and a fan of all things sweet!

Up until a couple of years ago I was not the biggest fan of caramel flavored cookies or cakes, then I met my husband, and after always sampling his desserts, I have a new appreciation for this flavorful treat.

Since I am always on the lookout for different cookies, when I saw that Mrs. Thinster’s has two Limited Edition flavor’s for the holidays it was as though they knew the flavors for our house.

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Boulder Canyon: Thanksgiving Chips Review

Boulder Canyon: Thanksgiving Chips – Turkey & Gravy and Pumpkin Pie Review + Giveaway

boulder-canyon-holiday-chipsAs we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, my taste buds are getting excited for the inevitable turkey and pumpkin pie overload that I will inevitably experience.

One of the favorite snacks around our house is kettle chips so when I heard that Boulder Canyon was releasing a Thanksgiving flavored chips, I was intrigued to try them. Continue reading