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Chargers Have Left – Now How Do I decorate?

The Charger’s Have Left San Diego, Now How Do I Decorate?

Many readers know, I live in a Charger house and am a native San Diegan, and for me there was no other team to get behind but the San Diego Chargers.

Since the news broke that they are leaving I have done a lot of reading and had many discussions. For now the Chargers are still the Bolts, and the team colors are still yellow and blue – this could change down the line, but now it remains (I believe they just went through a uniform change a couple years ago, and the NFL rules state that changes can be made every 5 years).

Jason is a born, bred and lifelong fan and never planned on supporting another team. As he put it, he has 40+ years invested in this team, players and history and 100 mile move would not change that. As for me, I am a hometown girl.

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The San Diego Chargers .. Should Stay or Should They Go?

The San Diego Chargers, The Bolts, The Super Chargers, powder blue uniforms and tailgating, all San Diegan’s have a memory or two from either Jack Murphy or Qualcomm Stadiums of the Chargers playing. I know that I was always a fan because I am homegrown San DIegan and I believe in supporting the home team but only within the past 6-7 years have I learned about the Chargers. My husband Jason was born a Charger fan, his family had tickets on the 50 yard line and Charger season is looked forward to by every family member. Through Jason I have learned why they run, hike the ball or just go down on bended knee.

20150221_163929(1)I always thought that once a city had a team, they had a team, meaning that they could not and would not let that team be lost or moved. I have heard for years that the Chargers did not exercise the option of leaving and kinda thought nothing really of it, I mean why would San Diego NOT have a team. Well the time has come when what I thought could not happen might happen – the Chargers ceasing to play here.

There are many reasons why they maybe should leave, but there are equally, if not more. reasons to stay. I, for one, can not imagine San Diego without our team, it seems like we will be loosing a bit of our home and what comforts that home provides. I am still undecided if I will continue to be a fan if they do leave – the thing I love about them is that they are San Diego, my home town!

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