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Stampin’ Up: Watercolor Pencils Review

Stampin’ Up: Watercolor Pencils Review + Giveaway

Recently Stampin’s Up released their new Celebrations Catalog, and contained therein was a simple set of colored pencils. When I saw these, my first thought was that they would be a great addition to my colored pencil collection. As it turns out these are much more than colored pencils – they are Watercolor Pencils. These particular Watercolor Pencils go on like a regular colored pencil but have the ability to become watercolored.

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Butterfly Bliss Naturals: Artisan Soap and Scrub Review

Butterfly Bliss Naturals: Artisan Soap and Sugar Scrub Review + Giveaway

As regular readers will know, I am a fan of soaps, and even more so if they contain natural ingredients and are of a unique color and smell. Since I am a blogger, I spend much of my time on the internet.

Recently, I came across a company that hand makes artisan soaps and scrubs that is called Butterfly Bliss Naturals. When I originally saw their website, the first thing that caught my attention was the colorful butterfly.

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Pet Remedy: Spray and Diffuser Review

Pet Remedy: Spray and Diffuser Review + Giveaway

There is confession that needs to be made – we have a problem cat. Our boy Murfee is a handful and a half – for more than one reason.

We adopted Murfee at 9 weeks old from the local Humane Society. We originally adopted him because the other cat in our house was rough playing with us and we read that getting them a buddy can break this behavior. From the moment we brought Murfee home he has been the opposite of a sleeper – he is awake 20+ hours a day!

We have given this thought and consideration, and we think it is a simple reason – he does not want to miss any excitement in his house. I know this sounds silly, but 4+ years later we still are left with more questions than answers.

This leaves many hours, while his sister Maggee sleeps, we look for answers. There is one  ruling criteria for products we use – no medicines or doctor prescribed remedies. Since we have heard positive things about diffusers I was eager to try Pet Remedy’s Diffuser and Spray.

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True Jerky’s Turkey Jerky Review

True Jerky’s *NEW* Turkey Jerky Review + Giveaway

I have mentioned in the past that one of my favorite things is when companies introduce new products. Since starting this blog I have discovered that jerky is one of my favorite things and that there are as many varieties as I am willing to sample.

As many readers know I am in San Diego, and I am a proud San Diegan. One of the highlights of my reviewing journey is when I have the opportunity to review local companies.

When I attended the Natural Expo West Show in Anaheim last year, I came upon True Jerky (previously known as True Gentleman’s Jerky). The thing that got my attention were the unique flavors and with the new release of their three turkey jerky flavors, my attention has been gotten again.

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BALMSHOT: Natural Organic Pomegranate Lip Balm Review

BALMSHOT: Natural Organic Pomegranate Lip Balm Review + Giveaway

It is the time of year when the wind blows off the ocean causing chapped lips. Each year I know it is coming yet I act surprised when my lips are dry and cracking. This occurs so often in my house, that the words ” I told you so” have been uttered more times than I can count.

Since I go through an adequate amount of lip balm, and am looking once that moisturizes, protects and has a pleasant flavor. When I recently saw that  BALMSHOT Lip Balm had released a new lip balm that contained pomegranate, I knew I wanted to try it. comes in one of the more unique packages I have seen, as well was being a beeswax SPF 15 lip balm.

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Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – November 2016

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – November 2016

november-2016-pet-treater-boxThere are few things that I remember loving when I was a child as much as I loved animals. I always thought it would be great to be a vet! As I have gotten older it became clear to me that I would be in a position that I would become attached to the animals that I was saving, and that would be the best quality for a vet. Despite my early career aspirations not coming to fruition I knew that the quality that made Vet Medicine not a correct choice, would make me a great Guardian.

Each day I strive to be the best Guardian and “sister” to all pets in my life, and I am attached to Meadow as if she was my own. I want the best for her, and I love spending time with her.

When I saw this months Pet Treater and the theme “Eat, Sleep and Be Thankful“, it reminded me of how thankful I was that I have a dog like Meadow I can spend time with and have special moments with, despite her living in a separate home. Continue reading

Top 9 Subscription Boxes of 2016

Our Favorite Monthly Subscription Boxes of 2016

The idea of monthly subscription boxes is not new. These monthly mailbox surprises have had many incarnations including the well known “of the month” clubs.

Today boxes tend to fall into 1 of 2 categories: Commerce commerce and Discovery commerce. The Convenience Commerce boxes are for the items you know and love and have to have them each month. On the other side you have the Discovery Boxes. These boxes exist to allow customers to discover new items that they otherwise may not have been introduced to. The boxes that we tend to review here are the Discovery boxes.

Here are my top x boxes that we received in 2016, and are excited to continue receiving in 2017.

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Good Earth Beauty: Shower Whip & Scrub Sampler Giveaway

Good Earth Beauty: Shower Whip & Scrub Sampler Giveaway

good-earth-beauty-1oz-samples-shower-whipIf there is something i have always been a fan of it is sampler packs. The appeal of samplers are that generally you get a smaller version of an item, without the commitment.

When it comes to bath and body item, I believe that sample sizes are the way to go. There are many variables with body items, such as allergic reactions, skin sensitivities and most importantly, if you like the scent.

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True Gentlemen’s Jerky 2016 Holiday Giveaway

True Gentleman’s Jerky 6 Pack Holiday 2016 Giveaway

true-jerky-assortmentOne of our favorite snack’s is jerky and as luck would have it, jerky makes the perfect snack to leave out for the Santa in your life!

In honor of the big guys eminent arrival we are giving away a 6 pack of True Gentlemen’s Jerky for him to try some unique flavors that he may not have seen before.

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Treat Your Pet with Newman’s Own Giveaway

Treat Your Pet with Newman’s Own Organic Pet Food Giveaway

newmans-sampler-packI have a confession, I get Christmas gifts for my pets. I generally wrap them and put them under the tree. When it is time to open the gifts, I let the cats sniff the gift and paw at it. Once it is time to open I pry the corner open and let them attack it. More often than not they are far more interested in the paper and the accompanying crinkle. While this provides my husband and myself a laugh, inevitably the cat walks away to ignore us.

Cats are notoriously ambivalent about everything including gifts, their surroundings and most of all – their humans. There is one time when I am able to get my cats entire attention is when I have dry or wet food. When ever I crack a can open they come running –  that is why I am thrilled to be able to have another Newman’s Own Pet Food giveaway.

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