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Vidalia Chop Wizard Review

Vidalia Chop Wizard Review + Giveaway

As I have mentioned many times, we are going through a metamorphosis in our house that involves more home cooking and less eating out.

Ever since I started this blog I have loved not only trying new things, but also using my new-found tools and skills to cook at home. The most amazing thing is that we have discovered that we love our own home cooking better than most restaurants.

The biggest problem that I have as an amateur home chef is consistency in my cuts, and thus this affects the consistency of heating. When I received an email about the Vidalia Chop Wizard I began to think that this is the way I can finally gain that consistency I am needing in my home cooking.

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Mini Monthly Box of Awesome – January 2017 Review

Mini Monthly Box of Awesome – January 2017 Review

There are many fun things in life, but getting packages in the mail are one of the more fun things that we has humans can encounter. Since I believe in happiness and being able to spread happiness in the easiest way possible I love the idea of a monthly gift boxes!

The easiest way to get this monthly treat is when you sign up for a Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Deal.com you are able to get a positive and happy box. Each month, similar to the regular Box of Awesome that is offered, there is no theme is chosen. Instead of theme a random selection of 2 – 3 gender neutral items are included in this white package.

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Squeeze Life: Best Bare Body at Any Age Review

Squeeze Life: Your Guide to the Best Bare Body at Any Age Review + Giveaway

As I have aged I have begun to realize the importance of keeping your body as healthy as possible. The reality is that this is the only body we get, and it is our responsibility to make sure we take care of it.

An easy way to take care of our bodies is by making adjustments in eating and the way that we live. When I saw Squeeze Life: Your Guide to the Best Bare Body at Any Age by Karliin Brooks I was intrigued by the ease of the recipes.

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Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – January 2017

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – January 2017

As far back as I can remember I have loved animals and have always had a imagination where animals are concerned.

When I was young I thought that animals had their own language and could communicate with each other cats and dogs. As I have gotten older I have realized they do have their own language – Love. This is a simple language that we all understand, but it is all animals know.

Since the days go by faster than the days before it is important during these days to remember our pets, and how the love you. When I saw this months Pet Treater and the theme “Cheers to Another “Dog” Gone Year”, was reminded to stop and speak my animals language as the years pass by. Continue reading

Candlemart by Hanna’s at Candlemart.com Review

Candlemart by Hanna’s at Candlemart.com: Beads, Trios and Melts Review + Giveaway

Over the years I have had many hobbies, including candle making. I loved finding different ways to display the wax, and loved creating something that made our house a warm place to visit.

After about a year of diligent and frequent candle making I decided that despite the love of making them, I moved on to a different hobby.

Despite this departure, I still love candles and an even bigger love of wax melts. I love the simplicity and the safety of  wax melts. Since we have two very curious cats in our house, we are always making sure the environments safe while keeping the items we love. We quickly discovered that candles are best burned away from the cats, but melts were perfect.

Since wax melts are heated over a bulb, you still get the aroma and the ambiance without the flame. When I recently found Candlemart by Hanna’s and discovered that they had Jolly Rancher Lemon candles I knew I had to investigate further.

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Charlie’s Soap: Laundry & Surface Cleaner Review

Charlie’s Soap: Laundry & Surface Cleaner Review + Giveaway

There are many chores as adults that we have to do, whether we like it or not. The great thing is that everybody has their own chore they dislike. For me, laundry is that dreaded chore, and it is not a new dislike.

The biggest problem with household chores is the chemical element. Since we have two cats, we try to make every surface in our house safe for hands and paws. Due to this, I am always on the search for healthy alternatives. When I discovered Charlie’s Soap and read the previous reviews, I knew that I wanted to give this a try for my home!

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Good Earth Beauty: Chocolate Amour Duo Giveaway

Good Earth Beauty: Chocolate Amour Duo Giveaway

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I immediately think of a box of chocolates. When I was young I remember my father had back to back meetings, and despite every year prior, this particular year I did not get the box of chocolates I normally received.

I went to to sleep that Valentines night, thinking that my father forgot about the holiday – but the joke was on me. When I woke up that next morning I not only had chocolate waiting for me, but a stuffed cat (that I still have 25 + years later). It was, and still is, one of my favorite Valentine’s gifts

Recently I was sent the Good Earth Beauty’s Chocolate Amour Duo and smelled it, I was taken back to that special moment years before. The bonus –  you also have an opportunity to win a set! Continue reading

Stampin’ Up: Watercolor Pencils Review

Stampin’ Up: Watercolor Pencils Review + Giveaway

Recently Stampin’s Up released their new Celebrations Catalog, and contained therein was a simple set of colored pencils. When I saw these, my first thought was that they would be a great addition to my colored pencil collection. As it turns out these are much more than colored pencils – they are Watercolor Pencils. These particular Watercolor Pencils go on like a regular colored pencil but have the ability to become watercolored.

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Butterfly Bliss Naturals: Artisan Soap and Scrub Review

Butterfly Bliss Naturals: Artisan Soap and Sugar Scrub Review + Giveaway

As regular readers will know, I am a fan of soaps, and even more so if they contain natural ingredients and are of a unique color and smell. Since I am a blogger, I spend much of my time on the internet.

Recently, I came across a company that hand makes artisan soaps and scrubs that is called Butterfly Bliss Naturals. When I originally saw their website, the first thing that caught my attention was the colorful butterfly.

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Pet Remedy: Spray and Diffuser Review

Pet Remedy: Spray and Diffuser Review + Giveaway

There is confession that needs to be made – we have a problem cat. Our boy Murfee is a handful and a half – for more than one reason.

We adopted Murfee at 9 weeks old from the local Humane Society. We originally adopted him because the other cat in our house was rough playing with us and we read that getting them a buddy can break this behavior. From the moment we brought Murfee home he has been the opposite of a sleeper – he is awake 20+ hours a day!

We have given this thought and consideration, and we think it is a simple reason – he does not want to miss any excitement in his house. I know this sounds silly, but 4+ years later we still are left with more questions than answers.

This leaves many hours, while his sister Maggee sleeps, we look for answers. There is one  ruling criteria for products we use – no medicines or doctor prescribed remedies. Since we have heard positive things about diffusers I was eager to try Pet Remedy’s Diffuser and Spray.

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