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7th Street Confections Dark Chocolate Thins Review

Pearson Candy Company: 7th Street Confections – Dark Chocolate Thins Review + Giveaway

I am always looking for ways (excuses) to have chocolate with my fruit. One of my favorite ways is to melt chocolate and pour it over my strawberries and raspberries.

When I saw that the Pearson Candy Company’s 7th Street Confections had new Dark Chocolate Thins, I was interested since I love anything covered in dark chocolate generally speaking.

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Wasserstein Home: Aroma Diffuser and 14 Essential Oils Review

Wasserstein Home: Aroma Diffuser and 14 Essential Oil Pack Review + Giveaway

The older I get, the more I want the things used in my home to be simple and pure. Each day I make an effort to more natural cleaners and remedies.

One of the things that I have come to rely on are essential oils and various blends. There are an unlimited number of combinations and a million remedies.

Given the fact that I have been experimenting with essential oils and blends, when I had the opportunity to review a essential oil set and diffuser from Wasserstein Home I was excited to give some new oils and a diffuser a test run.

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Kitty Roo Sweatshirt Review

KittyRoo Sweatshirt Review + Giveaway

There are many things that pull at my attention throughout the day, the largest being the cats. When I say “the cats” really i mean Maggee. There is nothing that Maggee loves more than attention, and she will take it anytime and anyway she can.

One of her favorite things is to sit on our laps, with paw on the chest and head in prime position to bump into the chins of the humans.

I love this time with her and encourage it more than I probably should. A couple of months ago I started seeing a sweater for cat lovers called the KittyRoo Sweatshirt, Many friends had shared this with me, and after a couple of months, thought it time I get one for review.

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EntertainArt: Just Keep Swimming Along Review

EntertainArt: Just Keep Swimming Along Review

One of my favorite movies is Finding Nemo.

The reason that this is one of my favorites is the message that family is who you chose and what you make of it, and with the support of friends, great things can happen.

When the Finding Dory was released I was eager to see this second movie, and was very happy that the message of friendship and acceptance was loud and strong.

For me prints and images remind me of these moments in movies, so when I had the opportunity to review a print from EntertainArt, I knew that I wanted a Nemo themed print.

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Mini Monthly Box of Awesome – May 2017 Review

Mini Monthly Box of Awesome – May 2017 Review

Surprises are one of the more fun parts of life, and when you subscribe to monthly boxes, there is always an element of surprise. The mail can be a unpredictable and a sometimes depressing thing to receive, and when you sign up for a monthly box, you can turn that bad mail around.

The easiest way to get monthly surprise is when you sign up for a Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Deal.com you are able to get a positive and happy box. Each month, similar to the regular Box of Awesome that is offered, there is no theme is chosen. Instead of theme a random selection of 2 – 3 gender neutral items are included in this white package.

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Stor-All Solutions: Press N’ Click Storage Review

Stor-All Solutions: Press N’ Click Storage Review + Giveaway

As I venture further into home cooking I find myself needing storage for the food items that I will use for another meal. Due to the storage being limited in my house, i am always looking for storage that stacks and stores easy in fridge or shelf.

The one thing I am always on the lookout for is new, easy and functional storage for my foods and food storage needs. Recently I was sent an assortment of plastic storage from Stor-All Solutions that feature their Press N’ Click system.

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Bright Bopper: Light Up Cat Toy Review

Bright Bopper: Light Up Cat Toy Review + Giveaway

We have two cats, and with that two different personalities. One cat, Murfee, started his life very full of life and has he has gotten older (he is will be 5 in August of this year), there is notable slow down in high activity levels.

On the other hand, our other cat Maggee is full of life and full of playtime any time of day. There is literally never a time when she does not want to play, and it usually at full throttle.

When I recently was given an opportunity to review the Bright Bopper LED Light-Up Cat Toy, I was hoping the previous toy loving Murfee and always up for playtime Maggee would enjoy it.

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Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome – April 2017 Review

Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome: April 2017 Review

Each day should have an element of pure randomness and fun. This can be from paying it forward to the person in front of you or this could be a visit from an old friend. The best way to have some randomness is in the mail – each day is different and sometimes random and a surprise.

Each month when I receive the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Deal.com my love of randomness is fulfilled. Each month no theme is chosen for this monthly box, but rather a selection of random gender neutral items that will undoubtedly meet a need of yours or a lucky recipient that you were unaware you had.

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Unboxing The Bizarre Monthly Box: May 2017

Unboxing the Bizarre – May 2017 Subscription Review

One of my favorite activities is browsing social media, I love to see what companies are releasing and featuring. Last year, I noticed a new box enter my feed and I was curious. The box celebrates the often overlooked, but equally celebratory holidays that you may otherwise overlook. For the past year or so I have seen the box and the holidays, and always have wanted to opportunity to get my own holiday box.

My wish came true this month, just in time for Star Wars Day (May 4th) with the receipt of the May 2017 Unboxing the Bizarre Box. Each month this box has 4 items that relate to 4 holidays that otherwise may be overlooked. Past holidays featured have been “Hug Your Cat Day”, “Fire Prevention Day” and “Mad Hatter Day” to name a few. I was eager to see what holidays would be featured in the May Box.

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Dave’s Naturals: Overnight Oats Review

Dave’s Naturals: Overnight Oats Review + Giveaway

If there is one time of day that I do not like it is the mornings. Most of my mornings consist of making my husband lunch and getting him off to work, cleaning the litter box from the night, feeding our cats, and getting myself ready for my day blogging. Time goes quick, and despite the time I wake-up, I am always in a hurry to do what needs to be done before my morning slips away.

If there is one thing that I often forget to do is to eat breakfast. I am always looking for an easier way to give me the start to my day that I desperately need that will save me time.

When I was approached with the opportunity to give a new breakfast offering from Dave’s Naturals I decided to go for it. When I head that I was the 5th package shipped and one of few people outside the company I was immediately intrigued. The new product is Overnight Oats and the basic idea is that you add the milk to cup the night before, store in the fridge, and in the morning you will have a softened oats to eat.

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