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TapHanger Picture Frame Hanging Kit Review

TapHanger Picture Frame Hanging Kit Review + Giveaway

One of the things that I love about being a homeowner is the ability to hang what I want, paint what I want and create what I want for my home.

Admittidly one of the more difficult things is to hang pictures – from the holes, to having to repair issues, it is not generally fun. When I got the TapHanger I was excited to see a new way to make picture hanging easier. 

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Quilty Box: Classic Box Review – February 2018

Classic Quilty Box – February 2018 Review

As a crafter, one of the crafts that is in my bag-of-tricks is sewing. I love the idea that I can take a flat piece of fabric and within a couple of hours, create something useful for human or feline.

When I received the February 2018 Quilty Box I was pleased to see a green and blue combination, since our house has an ocean/earth vibe.

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Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap Review

Make Cheesecake Easy with the Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap + Giveaway

I will admit that I am not the world’s premier baker, but I sure do enjoy baking. There is something almost magical about the process of mixing a bunch of ingredients that are tasteless apart and an hour later, having something edible.

One of the more challenging things to bake is a cheesecake, from the crust to the topping so any help to make one perfect is welcome in my kitchen. When I recently received an email about the Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap I was curious if this would make cheesecakes easier to make. 

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Peaches & Petals Subscription Box: January 2018 Review

Peaches & Petals Subscription Box: January 2018 Review

The new year has firmly planted itself, and we are plugging along, moving all to quickly. When I received the January Peaches and Petals box there was no real theme, although it had a cold weather vibe to it.

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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: February 2018

“Super Meowdel” –Cat Lady Box – February 2018 – Review + Giveaway

While I have never been a “girly-girl” I appreciate having the right tools when I do get dressed up. When I received Cat Lady Box this month, all the items themed in a “Super Meowdel” made me want to do my makeup and do my nails and go on the town!  Continue reading

BAO/Bad Ass Organics: Best of BAO Sampler Review

BAO Cultured: Best of BAO Review and Giveaway

I have recently learned that fermented foods, such as kombucha, are ripe with health benefits. I have been curious about trying fermented foods without having to ferment the food myself. When I had heard about BAO Food and Drink (which stands for ‘Bad Ass Organics’) has created a line of flavorful sauces, vegetables, I knew I wanted to try them.

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Stor-all Solutions: 26-Piece Press & Click Food Storage Set Review

Stor-all Solutions: Press & Click Food Storage Set Review and Giveaway

Living in a small house, space is a commodity and I am always looking for ways to save space. Many times when I store things in our freezer, it looks as though I failed at a real life game of tetris.

With the Stor-all Solutions 26-Piece Press & Click Food Storage Set I finally saw hope for my always full fridge. 
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GiftsForYouNow.com: 18 x 24 Custom Doormat Review

GiftsForYouNow.com: Personalized Cat Doormat Review and Giveaway

If there is one thing I love, it is my cats. I believe that I share my space with them, and they are residents of our home. I have seen and loved the personalized doormats with pets names, so when I had the chance to add one to our home, I immediately placed an order on the site GiftsForYouNow.com which does personalized gift items for men, women, homes, kids, pets and beyond! 

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Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome – January 2018 Review

Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome: January 2018 Review

I am a firm believer that each day should have an element of pure randomness and fun. The best way to have some randomness is in the mail – each day is different and sometimes random and a surprise. Each month when I receive the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Deal.com my love of randomness is fulfilled. Each month no theme is chosen for this monthly box, but rather a selection of random gender neutral items that will undoubtedly meet a need of yours or a lucky recipient that you were unaware you had.

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