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Pipcorn: BiGS & LiTTLES Popcorn Review

BiGS & LiTTLES Popcorn Snack  – A *NEW* Pipcorn Review & Giveaway

My original introduction to Pipcorn was through Shark Tank a couple of years ago. I was immediately interested and wanted to try this brother and sister ran company.

Since that initial introduction Pipcorn has expanded and released new flavors, as is the case now with the release of BiGS & LiTTLES new kids line of popcorn.

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Sugar Bowl Bakery: Mini Palmiers Review

Sugar Bowl Bakery: Mini Palmiers – Review + Giveaway

As I have mentioned in other reviews, I watch many cooking shows and baking shows. Lately I have seen these heart shaped cookies that have a look of buttery goodness.

As it turns out the cookies that I was seeing are called “Palmiers” and  Sugar Bowl Bakery has made their own Mini Palmiers that I had the opportunity to try.

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Balmshot: *NEW* Raspberry Lip Balm Review

BALMSHOT: Natural Organic Raspberry Lip Balm Review + Giveaway

One of my absolute favorite things is when a company that I love, releases a new product that will bolster their current product line. Since I go through an adequate amount of lip balm, and am always looking for one that moisturizes, protects and has a pleasant flavor. When I recently heard that BALMSHOT Lip Balm had released a new lip balm that contained raspberry, I knew I wanted to try it and it comes in one of the more unique packages I have seen, as well as being a base of beeswax SPF 15 lip balm.

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Zebra by Popcornopolis Review

Zebra by Popcornopolis Review & Giveaway

Each time I go grocery shopping I see this colorful display that instantly takes me back to the days of going to the circus and having a treat. Popcornopolis has done a great job of making their packaging unique and bright and they have taken that creativity and made some new popcorn flavors that are sure to be new favorites!

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Pure Growth Organic – Snack and Cookie Review

Our 8 Favorite Products from Pure Growth Organic and a Giveaway

Before I began blogging, I did not give much thought to the idea of organic products and what was in my food. Since that time I have learned and have taken that education into each item I eat. When I recently received a box from the organizers of the Natural Products Expo I was pleased to see popcorn from Pure Growth Organic. As I began learning more about this company, I learned that organic items only make up for 5% of US food sales, and snacks are only 4-5% of that number.  Continue reading

Luseta Beauty: Biotin & Collagen Shampoo + Conditioner Review

Luseta Beauty: Biotin & Collagen Shampoo + Conditioner Review & Giveaway

As I get older, I have noticed that my hair is not as full as it was when I was young. My friends and family used to ask if my hair was put in an electrical socket because it was so frizzy and full. My hair seems to grow easily, but the thickness is missing and the braids are thinner than they used to be.

Recently I saw that Luseta Beauty released a new shampoo and conditioner with Biotin & Collagen and since i have had such great results with other Luseta shampoos and conditioners I wanted to see if the result would be the same this time around.

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Mamma Chia – Chia Vitality Beverages Review

Mamma Chia – Blueberry Pomegranate + Ginger Lime Chia Vitality Beverages Review and Giveaway

Back when I was a new blogger, one of the first companies that I had the opportunity to review was Mamma Chia. Mamma Chia happens to be headquartered in the town over from me, and I see their truck at sampling’s around town.

Since that first review, I have seen them at the Natural Products Expo as well at my local stores. This past year at the Natural Products Expo I hade opportunity to try Mamma Chia‘s new flavors of the Chia Vitaliity Beverages.

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Rice’s Honey: Northern and Southern California Honey Review

Rice’s Honey: Local Nor Cal and Local SoCal Honey Review + Giveaway

There is no doubt that honey can be used for everything from sore throats, to toppings on dinners. The varieties of honey can vary depending on the region of the bees and the region of the flowers. Rice’s Honey has been a family operated business since it began in 1924, specializing in local, raw and unfiltered honey’s that also supports local beekeepers throughout the United States. I was recently sent two bottles of their custom localized honey.

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Dr. Jacobs Naturals: Rose Liquid and Bar Soap Review

Dr. Jacobs Naturals: Rose Liquid Castile Soap and Lucy Rose Bar Soap Review + Giveaway

There is nothing more special then receiving a bouquet of roses – the smell, the color and the bloom can make a bad day better and be a declaration of love. Roses are just not gorgeous, but they have added health benefits when added to castile soap.

There is no doubt that castile soap is one of the most versatile soap’s. With this simple base when other ingredients are added, while maintaining the pure nature of castile soap, and getting the essential oils benefits. I have been lucky enough to review a range of Dr. Jacobs Naturals Soaps, including this Lucy Rose Loofah Exfoliating Castile Bar and Rose Liquid Soap.

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Heat Holders Socks, Blanket and Pants Review

Keeping in the Heat with Heat Holders Review + Giveaway

Socks and blankets are my favorites. I am constantly on a search for the perfect socks- the perfect mix of comfortable, non-slip and durable.

Despite living in California, my temperature runs on the cool side, so each year come winter, I am cold. Keeping myself warm is my goal and daily duty during the winter months so I am on constant look out for socks, pants and blankets that will provide me comfort and keep me warm on those extra cold days – Heat Holders.

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