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Naturelle: Biotera Long & Healthy Hair Care Review

Get Long & Healthy Hair with Naturelle’s Biotera – A Review and Giveaway

About a year ago I went cut crazy on my hair, that was immediately regrettable. The evening started out simple enough, but before I knew it I had cut over 9 inches off. I just started trimming and failed to stop.

When the hairs settled, I realized that while I liked my hair, it was much shorter than it was an hour earlier.

I immediately panicked, and set out to do all I could to make my hair grow back quicker. As expected it takes time, and a year later I am halfway to where I was before that evening. I recently received the Naturelle Biotera Long & Healthy Hair Products, and knew the included pomegranate oil would give my hair a boost in the vertical direction.  Continue reading

Soapbox: Staff Favorites for your Favorite this Valentine’s Day

Soapbox: Staff Favorite’s Bundle for your Favorite Giveaway

One of my favorite companies is Soapbox Soaps, so when I was given the opportunity to giveaway The Staff Favorites Bundle that includes my a couple of my fav’s, I was excited to share it with you!

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Madelienes By Sugar Bowl Bakery at Valentines Day

Sweet Madelienes for Your Sweetie Giveaway

About 9 months ago I had the opportunity to try a cookie I had seen for years, but never tried and I instantly regretted it after I tried them. These are small moist nuggets of goodness, that would make anyone swoon!

This Valentine’s Day give your sweetie a treat of butter goodness when you win some Madelienes from Sugar Bowl Bakery.

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Ocho Chocolate at Valentines Day Giveaway

Win an Ocho Chocolate Pack for Your Numero Uno

When I think of sweets for Valentine’s Day the first thing that comes to mind is Chocolate. Chocolate is versatile and the options for additions are endless.

Ocho Candy is not only delicious chocolate but they have numerous options – this is chocolate you can feel good about eating. One winner will be winning a candy assortment for this Valentine’s Day!

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Balmshot: Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Get Lips Kiss Ready with a Balmshot Giveaway

One of the worst things is to try to give Valentine’s kisses when you have dry lips, that why I am thrilled that to get you ready for a new year soft Valentines Day BALMSHOT is giving a 3-pack of balms for 3 lucky winner’s!

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Make Rise Buddy Baked Chips Valentine’s Giveaway

Make Rise Buddy Your Valentine Giveaway

One of my favorite things is to try new products, and try something that I typically would not have the opportunity to try. When I attended the Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo and the Natural Products Expo I discovered a new company called Rise Buddy.

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Oogies Snacks: New Flavors and Redesign Giveaway

Oogie’s Snacks: New Packaging and New Flavors Giveaway

As a blogger and crafter I spend a lot of time in our house, and spend many hours at my computer and couch, and since I do not like to get my crafts or keyboard dirty, popcorn is often the snack that we end up choosing.

Since we eat so much popcorn, we grow tired of the flavors typically available and when I saw the newly repackaged and new flavors of popcorn from Oogie’s Snacks I was so excited – not only is the packaging eye catching but the popcorn is always good.

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Think Time: Journal Planner Review

Think Time: Purpose Planner Review + Giveaway

Most of my life works on a plan – I am always planning ahead. The planning encompasses my weekly shopping to 12 months ahead on the blog. I am always planning the editiorial calender and the topics that I will cover. It also helps to plan longer term goals, such as 5 year goals.

I used to put this planning in planners and calendars  and while I still love planners I have transitioned to liking the planning before the planing. Last year I used the Think Time Journal Planner and I enjoyed it all year.

This year the Think Time team changed the planner around, and switched the focus to the planning before the planner with the Purpose Planner.

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Naturelle: Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Review

Naturelle: Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Review & Giveaway

If I must be honest, than you have to know that one of my favorite things to review is hair care products. I love to get a new bottle, and with its promise and expectations, I love to see the results in my hair.

Lately my hair has been a bit more on the dried out side and not quite at it’s normal feelings. I have been very interested in the use of Moroccan Argan Oil in hair care items, and when I recently recieved the Naturelle: Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Line I wanted to give it a try.

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Holiday Giveaway: Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Corn

Snacks for Sharing with Cosmos Creations + a Giveaway

With the holiday seasons come visits from family and friends, and many times these moments are the perfect snacking moments.

Here is my ideal snack list! Also, be sure to get to the end. One winner will receive a bag of Cosmos Creations Puffed Corn.

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