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7 Tips for Attending the Gluten-Free & Allergy Friendly Expo

7 Tips for Attending the Gluten-Free & Allergen Friendly Expo

The Gluten-Free Allergen Friendly Expo is one of my highlight’s events that occur throughout the year – and I was so excited when it returned to San Diego, in it’s first stop in the 2017 expo seaon.

As I have mentioned before the Gluten-Free Allergen Friendly Expo is the THE place to discover, learn and find valuable samples and coupons of your favorite gluten-free products. The Gluten-Free & Allergen-Friendly Expo was presented by Gluten Free Media Group and is sponsored by Udis’ and Glutino. The Gluten & Nut Free Area Presented by Enjoy Life Foods.

This is the United States largest gluten-free and allergen-friendly expo and attracts people from the Celiac community, people suffering autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, people with gluten sensitivities.

Here are 7 tips for attending The Gluten-Free Allergen Friendly Expo

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Chargers Have Left – Now How Do I decorate?

The Charger’s Have Left San Diego, Now How Do I Decorate?

Many readers know, I live in a Charger house and am a native San Diegan, and for me there was no other team to get behind but the San Diego Chargers.

Since the news broke that they are leaving I have done a lot of reading and had many discussions. For now the Chargers are still the Bolts, and the team colors are still yellow and blue – this could change down the line, but now it remains (I believe they just went through a uniform change a couple years ago, and the NFL rules state that changes can be made every 5 years).

Jason is a born, bred and lifelong fan and never planned on supporting another team. As he put it, he has 40+ years invested in this team, players and history and 100 mile move would not change that. As for me, I am a hometown girl.

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DIY Upcycled Plastic Container

DIY Upcycled Plastic Container – 10 Steps!

When you have a pets, it is inevitable that you will need small bags to clean up after them. I have been on a search for a dispenser that at the least would keep the plastic bags organized until I need them.

One afternoon, as I was depleting my pre-moistened wipes, inspiration struck and I realized with a little bit of effort, I could create a dispenser for plastic bags that would be easy and cater to my love of all things color filled.

With about a hour or two you too can have a custom plastic bag dispenser.

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Top 9 Subscription Boxes of 2016

Our Favorite Monthly Subscription Boxes of 2016

The idea of monthly subscription boxes is not new. These monthly mailbox surprises have had many incarnations including the well known “of the month” clubs.

Today boxes tend to fall into 1 of 2 categories: Commerce commerce and Discovery commerce. The Convenience Commerce boxes are for the items you know and love and have to have them each month. On the other side you have the Discovery Boxes. These boxes exist to allow customers to discover new items that they otherwise may not have been introduced to. The boxes that we tend to review here are the Discovery boxes.

Here are my top x boxes that we received in 2016, and are excited to continue receiving in 2017.

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Our Favorite Freebies – September 2016

mail day win

Our Favorite Freebies – September 2016

Who does not love freebies!? Here are our favorite freebies for the month of September 2016 – each of these are free and require little more than registering your email or paying just shipping/handling.

******* Cats and Dogs Samples *******

Petcurean Free Trial Bag Nourish for Life – Fill out the form to receive an electronic coupon that you can print at home and redeem at your pet specialty store for a free 1/2 pound trial bag of NOW FRESH™ or GO!™ premium dog or cat food. Offer Valid in US and Canada

Purina One Sample – Fill out the easy form and get a free sample of Purina One, while supplies last.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat and Dog Food – Head over to the Nurtrish website and get a sample of cat food, if the free sample is unavailable be sure to check out the coupons and check back often as these are always replenished.

******PERSONAL CARE ******

Nivea Men – Fill out the easy form and get a free sample of Nivea Men Creme.

Pantene Hair Care – Create a profile on Pantene’s site to receive free samples, offers and promotions.

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Stampin’ Up Moroccan Designer Series: DIY Dry Erase Board

Stampin’ Up – Moroccan Designer Series Paper and Washi Tape – DIY Dry Erase Board + Giveaway!

Love is All you needI have been wanting a dry erase board for our house, but I was looking for one in the 8 x 10 size range and preferably with a nice border or frame.

A couple of years ago my father moved out of his house, which meant that the “Wall of Jennifer” would be removed. The wall consisted of every school photo from kindergarten to senior year, with a couple of others added in. When he moved I not only claimed the photos but the frames as well. I was not sure what the plan was for all these random sized frames but I knew someday I would want them.

Since I was unable to locate the dry erase board I wanted, it dawned on me that I could easily make one with that simple frame that used to hold my elementary years. While I was reviewing the latest Stampin’ Up catalog, and when I came across the Moroccan Designer Series of Paper and Washi Tape the project came together in my head.

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Quackery in Medicine in the 1930’s

Quackery In Medicine in the 1930’s

To say that the field of medicine has come a long way would be a DRASTIC understatement. I am always interested in the so called “miracle cures” and as we go back in history there are a lot of them. Recently I was reading an article about an oddly named street here in California, and it lead me to the gentleman who the street was named after.

The street is “XXYZX Road” in San Bernandino, and the origins are that of a Curtis Howe Springer who was an old-time radio evangelist at the turn of the century. As his life path unfolded he became a doctor in his own head, and spent many hours convincing others of this fact. Deciding to move west, he got over 12,000 acres of desert to build a hot springs, 60-room hotel, spa, mineral baths, a radio studio, and a church. Well, long story short, he began using this show to sell cures and Springer himself was convicted for selling junk “cures”.

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The Adventure that was Jennifer turning 41

14,965 Days Later: Jennifer Turns 41 – A Couple Day’s in July

Jennifer 1st photo Each year I get older but the transition into my 40’s has been far more difficult than I originally anticipated.

I realized that shortly after I turned 40 last year, I became aware of my own mortality and that time on this planet is limited, it is special and one day can change your world.

To say that I was dreading my birthday this year would be an understatement. None the less, Jason took a couple of days off work and with the determination that is uniquely Jason he set out to give me an enjoyable, memorable and fun couple days.

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5 Things to include in your Cat Emergency Kit

5 Things to Include In Your Cat Emergency Kit

Pet Emergency Kit ViewCalifornia is currently going through a heat wave and suffering from an increase in fires. Since the threat of fire is something that many people face as a reality it got me to thinking about my own emergency plan. While Jason and I are prepared, we also want the cats to be prepared.

It has been a goal of mine for quite some time to prepare a emergency kit for the cats and I decided to take this increase in fires as the motivation I needed.

While many people know the typical things to include in a emergency kit, I began thinking of the items that most people do not consider adding.

To follow is my list of 5 items that everyone should include in their emergency kit.

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Our morning at the Oceanside Harbor

Celebrating A Special Mom at the Oceanside Harbor

Harbor 2This past Saturday Jason and I spent our morning at the Jolly Roger in Oceanside celebrating the moms in our life. In attendance was Jason’s mother Sharon, his aunts Joni, Janie and Keri, as well as the matriarch of the family – Grammie Helen. Also in attendance was were a couple of the single cousins.

Jolly Roger OceansideGrammie Helen is the true definition of a matriarch – she raised 5 kids which consisted of 2 boys (Jerry and John) and 3 girls (Joni, Janie and Julie). As her life took its twists and turns, and her husband built the family business, she instilled values and love in her 5 kids. I have had the honor of being a part of this family for 7 years now, and each year as the family grows, so does the love.

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