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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: May 2016

Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway – May/Cat Mom’s Day 2016

May 2016 Box ContentsWhile I have not had the best history with mothers in my life, I can see the love and see how a mothers love is irreplaceable. Due to my shaky history with my own mother I think at times i might over compensate with Maggee and Murfee.

Let me explain a little further to bring some clarity. I was raised from a young age by my father and while I learned many valuable lessons, I did miss my mother. It was made clear early on that my mother wanted nothing to do with me, and while this was hurtful, it ended up being for the best. I did not have an example of a mother, so I base my experience on snippets of mom’s i have seen my life.

At times I think this has worked well, and it really is a broad example base. Recently Jason has made comments and dropped words such as “helicopter” and “smother and mother”. I think during this time of year, as much as I love the moms in my life, I overcompensate with my two cats. Lucky for me they seem to love the love!

It was announced that this months Cat Lady Box would have a “Mothers” theme, and they delivered. To say that each box is “pawsome” is an understatement. Each month is better than the last, (see previous reviews here). The box exterior is printed with the logo in black and is almost a proud announcement of your Cat Lady status. Once the box is open, you are greeted with a black tissue with a sticker enclosing everything in the box. The box is packaged well, and there is space enough that items do not get smooshed and smashed together.

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