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Top 9 Subscription Boxes of 2016

Our Favorite Monthly Subscription Boxes of 2016

The idea of monthly subscription boxes is not new. These monthly mailbox surprises have had many incarnations including the well known “of the month” clubs.

Today boxes tend to fall into 1 of 2 categories: Commerce commerce and Discovery commerce. The Convenience Commerce boxes are for the items you know and love and have to have them each month. On the other side you have the Discovery Boxes. These boxes exist to allow customers to discover new items that they otherwise may not have been introduced to. The boxes that we tend to review here are the Discovery boxes.

Here are my top x boxes that we received in 2016, and are excited to continue receiving in 2017.

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Paper Pumpkin July 2016 Kit Review

Paper Pumpkin – What A Gem – July 2016 Kit Review and Giveaway

What a Gem July 2016 Paper Pumpkin KitI live in a neighborhood that is full of friendly people, and we all watch out for one another. This is fortunate for us since this is where we decided to invest our money and purchase our home. Since we have such a friendly grouping of neighbors I like to reward them with niceness and kindness. Due to this the necessity arises for packaging that is similar and easy to put together.

As luck will have it, the July 2016 Paper Pumpkin kit “What A Gem” is a simple easy way to put together cute packaging that allows for a uniform gift for each of my neighbors.

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Paper Pumpkin June 2016 Kit Review

Paper Pumpkin – June 2016 Review and Giveaway

June 2016 KitSince I am a summer baby I have always viewed the summer as an exciting time. The summer months use to mean vacation, lazy days and my birthday. I am not going to lie, my favorite part of my birthday is the cards and the decorations. Ever since I was young I have loved banners. With each banner, it is almost a proclamation of the event you are attending. The banners can announce names, and even the reason for the event.

Since I will turning a tad over 40 this year, I need to have a banner announcing it. As luck will have it, the June 2016 Paper Pumpkin kit “Banner Surprise” is a banner and card making kit in one!

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Paper Pumpkin May 2016 Kit Review

Paper Pumpkin – May 2016 Review and Giveaway

May 2016 Paper Pumpkin KitJune has always been a special month to me for 2 reasons. The first being it was traditionally when my summer would begin and my birthday is approaching (July). The second reason is that it is the month in which I get to celebrate my father.

I am appreciative of my father for many reasons, least of which is that from 5 years old he raised me. I learned to drive from my father, I celebrate my accomplishments and my biggest heart-breaks. Jason and I appreciate my father, and we try to show our appreciation each day.

My entire life I have made cards and plaques for Father’s Day. This year this task has been made much easier due to receiving the May 2016 Paper Pumpkin kit “Many Manly Occasions”.

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Pura Vida “Launch” May 2016 Box Review

Pura Vida “Launch” May 2016 Box Review and Giveaway

Launch Box Pura VidaLet’s be honest there are many stressors in this world, and living an easy life is increasingly difficult.

There is a saying in Costa Rica  – Pura Vida. When translated it means “real living” and is used as a greeting to farewell. This saying can also be used as an answer that all is well, a way to give thanks and showing appreciation.

With the spirit of Pura Vida comes a new box of the same name. Pura Vida is a monthly subscription box that includes Costa Rican coffee as well as handmade bath and body products, as well as healthy snacks and more.

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Paper Pumpkin April 2016 Kit Review

Paper Pumpkin – April 2016 Review and Giveaway

April Kit Lovely Little WreathSince I am not only a scrapbooker and card maker but I am also a crafter, I love a good project that is attractive and easy. As we embark on Spring I am seeing more and more floral wreaths on the doors of my neighbors.

Wreaths are not only colorful, but are a wonderful way to use the flowers that are in season. Since we moved into our current home, I have been wanting a Spring themed wreath and with the April Paper Pumpkin kit I finally got a themed wreath with a frame. The frame allows the wreath to be used for any season or holiday. The name of “Lovely Little Wreath” was appropriate and honestly a perfect description of this months project.

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Paper Pumpkin March 2016 Kit Review

Paper Pumpkin – March 2016 Review and Giveaway

Pocketful of Cheer - March 2016As time marches on so do the days, most days are like the previous day with little to no variance other than a special day or other event. There is an exception to this rule – milestone days. Milestones are those rare, significant moments in life that are generally one time moments.

The month of March 2016 is a milestone month for Stamp’n Up/Paper Pumpkin – the 1,000,000 kit was mailed! As a special treat April 2016 subscribers will receive an exclusive stamp set called “All about Everything”.

This months Paper Pumpkin kit is 3 different ways to present a gift card to a lucky recipient. The name of “Pocketful of Cheer” was appropriate and a great description for any of the lucky recipients of these handmade cards.

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Crafted Gluten Free: Ultimate Cookie Box Review

Crafted Gluten Free – Ultimate Cookie Box Review and Giveaway

Crafted Cookie BoxWhen I was a young child I was called the “Cookie Monster” due to my love of cookies.

As I got older I moved on from store-bought cookies and began to make my own cookies. I would have slumber parties with my best friends and I would make cookies. I was recently gifted my teenage era cookbook, and each chapter is pristine and perfect – well not the cookie chapter. Even 20 years later there are dollops of butter grease and remnants of dried flour on those pages.

Now that I am even older, I find it easier to purchase pre-made cookies due to time constraints and adult responsibilities. I have difficulty finding a cookie as good as I can make. Since I have this insatiable urge for cookies it seemed only natural to review Crafted Gluten Free’s Ultimate Cookie Box.

This was not the first Crafted Gluten Free review I have done, as I have reviewed the first monthly box, but it was one of the sweetest.

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Crafted Gluten Free Monthly Subscription Review

Crafted Gluten Free Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway – 1st Box

Crafted Gluten Free Upon OpeningOne of the things that I love about monthly boxes is the constant sampling of items and the opportunity to support a business that otherwise may go unknown.

The other thing that I really love about monthly boxes are that many times they are supporting the small businesses by providing product but may times the box itself is a small business themselves. I appreciate local items and the reason for this is that i live in a small town within a large city and to keep the appeal and the “funkiness” of our town, small business must prevail. Even my husband works for a small local business, and while part of a multi-location company, they are also supporters of other small business.

The way I see it, for the cycle of commerce to spin, all spokes must be turning at once. It takes companies and monthly boxes to assist in bringing awareness and support to other small companies and it takes consumers purchasing the boxes supporting the small companies. It all spins and all comes back together with the overriding theme of support.

I love when I am approached by a company or box subscription service that I have not previously heard of. I also love when I receive the box and it exceeds my expectations. I recently received the first months box from Crafted Gluten Free. Let me just say that this is not your typical box offering. The first box you will receive from Crafted Gluten Free will include 9 full size items that will range from snacks, to main dish to dessert.

Crafted Gluten Free was generous enough to send me the first  box that you will typically receive to sample and review.

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My Paper Pumpkin January 2016 Kit Review

My Paper Pumpkin January 2016 Kit Review and Giveaway

Cute Conversations KitI feel as though we are barely out of the holidays, and now we are approaching Valentines Day. I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day, and I will explain why. When I was in my early 20’s I worked for my local card shop, which happen to be known for a crown. I would watch as it crept closer and closer to February 14th, the amount of people looking for the perfect sentiment to share the things they were unable to verbally say.

I always wondered why it was only one day in which my loved one could declare my love to me. I a big believer in that love should be shown each and every day. I believe that love should be nurtured, and we always should appreciate the qualities in our loved ones.

As we embark on this day of love, this months My Paper Pumpkin kit is full of hearts and a way to communicate your love. Each month Stampin Up projects are date and time appropriate and  January was no different with the name of “Cute Conversation”.

The kit this month is an complete kit to make a garland with pockets, which is versatile for a party of two or a party of 20.

Contents of January 2016Each month I look forward to the 10 by 6.5 red box. The kit comes complete with the items you need to create the project for the month. Included in this months box was the following:

Included with each box is not only written instructions with full-color photos but there is an instructional video available (Online Instructions) to help you complete the project each month.

January 2016 Stamp SetThis months stamp choice is love themed and appropriate for any loved one from friend to lover. The flexibility and versatility with these 10 polymer stamps that are included makes this kit versatile birthday cards, scrapbooks or a simple love note.

Included was a stamp pad in Watermelon– this a red color that coordinates well with the paper included and is sharp and bright for the words to stand out. Included in the box was also paper in an assortment of stripe patterns. Also included is thread and sequin which adds a cute accent to each heart on the garland.

Heart StampedThe Cute Conversations theme of this month is a perfect way to show your loved one, you love them. This was a simple and easy project to put together and makes the perfect decoration fr the upcoming love day.

Good Morning SurpriseMy Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’ Up boxes are available for $19.95/month, $59.85/3 months, $113.70/6 months and $215.40/12 months and the shipping is included in the cost. The 6-month is a total savings of about $6, about a $1 a month savings and the 12-month is total savings of about $24, about a $2 a month savings thus ends up totaling the amount of receiving one kit free.

Thank you from MPPClick here to purchase past kits!

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Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of My Paper Pumpkin/Stamping Up, but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

GIVEAWAY: My Paper Pumpkin/Stampin’ Up is offering a box to my readers! (1) reader will receive the January My Paper Pumpkin kit! Open to residents in the US only. I will be randomly choosing 1 person on March 9th (3/9/2016) to receive one My Paper Pumpkin monthly kit!!  To enter complete the entries below! Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by Stamp’n Up! Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

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