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Cave Tools: Meat Tenderizer Mallet Review

Cave Tools: Meat Tenderizer Mallet Review

THe Ultimate Meat TenderizerSometimes I feel like I am a broken record, but it really is true that coincidence plays an important role in my life.

Jason and I watch many hours of the food channel and we are always picking up hints and clue about cooking. The one thing that we notice is the preparation really does make the difference. This is exhibited each night when we make our nightly dinner.

Recently I was approached by Cave Tools with an opportunity to review an item. After careful contemplation I decided on the Meat Tenderizer Mallet Tool. Continue reading

Nick’s Stick’s Jerky Review

Nick’s Stick’s Jerky Review and Giveaway

Jerky Assortment

One of my favorite things as a review blogger is when I company that I like expands their product lines and I have the opportunity to sample their new offerings. Many times this expansion is a good and expands upon an existing good idea.

A recent example of this is Nicks Stick’s. Nick’s Sticks already made free-range meat sticks that are a favorite with Jason. When I heard that they have also branched into the jerky world I was more that intrigued. When I emailed to congratulate them on this newest offering they were generous enough to send a bag of each of the 4 available flavors to try including: Traditional Beef Jerky, Prairie Fire Beef Jerky, Traditional Turkey Jerky and Prairie Fire Turkey Jerky.

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Nick’s Stick’s Spring 2016 Giveaway

Nick’s Stick’s 2016 “Meat” Spring Giveaway

With the arrival of Spring comes the coveted and anticipated Spring Break week. As young people Jason and I spend our spring breaks differently. Jason’s days consisted of snake hunting (apparently there were special “snake hunting” pants), playing of the Atari 2600 and of course bike riding with friends and being outside from sun up to sun down. As a girl, I spent my spring breaks hosting my friends for slumber parties, cookie baking and bus trips to the mall.

On the surface it would appear that a snake hunting boy’s boy and a slumber party loving girl would have nothing in common. The fact is that we both engaged in activities in which quick easy snacks were preferred over complicated snacks.

As you embark on your ideal spring break, we are offering a dozen Nick’s Sticks to one reader!

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Nick’s Stick’s Review


Nick’s Stick’s Review and Giveaway

Nicks Sticks PhotoJason has been patiently wanting meat sticks and cheese for quite sometime and the truth of the matter is that I have never really given meat turned into sticks much thought. I was under the impression that they were a conglomeration of random meat by products and other mystery meats – I could not have been more wrong!

Nicks Stick’s was generous enough to send us one each of 4 flavors to try including; Grass Fed Beef, Spicy Beef, Free-Range Turkey and Spicy Turkey.  This is a simple snack that is as versatile as it is delicious and the beauty in these little sticks is their simplicity. Made of simple ingredients such as meat, water, (jalapeño in the spicy blends), Redmond seasoned salt, lactic acid and celery juice, that’s IT!

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Perky Jerky Review

 Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Perky Jerky. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Perky Jerky Review

Confession: I love energy drinks and the extra boost they provide. I decided that on my trek to 40 years old, I would abandon some of the unhealthy habits of my 30’s. I decided that the easiest and possibly healthiest decision I could make would be to get rid of the weekly/every other day energy drinks I had come to rely on. I think the current levels of caffeine in the drinks can be high and honestly a bit dangerous for those with known or even unknown heart conditions. I often say to Jason that I wish I could get the energy boost without the dangerous heart implications – enter Perky Jerky.

20150402_185134Perky Jerky is an all natural ultra premium beef and all natural ultra premium turkey jerky that contains Guarana (a natural source of caffeine).

The beginnings of this jerky company are almost comical in nature. After a night of drinking energy infused cocktails a couple friends embarked on their day long ski slope adventure. While reaching for a snack, they discovered that as luck would have it, their energy drink spilled into their jerky and Perky Jerky was born. The most amazing thing about this serendipitous occurrence is that the jerky retained it’s original flavor but the meat became very moist.

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