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Purr Packs Monthly Subscription Box – September 2016

Purr Packs Monthly Subscription Box – “Septempurr” – September 2016 – Review

septempurr-purr-packs-box-contentsWe are the proud humans to two cats, both of them adopted as kittens from the local shelter. Murfee was first and he started his life with us at a mere 9 weeks old. He was the runt of the litter, found in an open field when he was a couple of days old with no mom or siblings in the area. How he got there and how he survived, as well as found is a mystery to us. Maggee entered our lives when she was a 9 months old, after she had been shuttled from home to home while pregnant.

Our two have been raised together and despite our best efforts are not the “bff’s” we had hoped, although this is not to say they don’t get along, it is just obvious they are not best friends. They are different, and each one has their own likes, own food loves (Murfee loves dairy based treats and Maggee loves everything else!)

There is one time a month that they put aside their differences and join together as the friends we had always hoped – when they get a box curated to them! When I recently got a Purr Packs Monthly Subscription Box these differences were put aside.

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