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Banana Wave: BananaMilk Review

Banana Wave: BananaMilk Review + Giveaway

One of my favorite fruits are bananas. Whenever I am needing a pick-me up I go for the bananas and the potassium that they pack. The other favorite of mine is banana smoothies. I love to stop at my local store, pickup some bananas, and gather the ice, and blend myself the perfect snack.

 When I heard that there was a way to have the bananas I love while getting that smoothie flavor without the work intrigued me. The products was Banana Wave – BananaMilk and from the first taste the taste, smell and flavor was bananas.

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Color Your Mind: A Coloring Book Review

Color Your Mind: A Coloring Book for Those with Alzheimer’s and The People Who Love Them Coloring Book  Review + Giveaway

As we go through life, we accumulate a lifetime of memories and moments. Many of these are captured through photos and videos, but most of them exist in our minds.

Imagine as you get older, you begin to forget not only those precious memories but also things as simple as your own name and your loved ones names. While this progression can be quick, many times it is slow and painful for all parties involved.

While there currently is no way to stop this terrible progression from occurring, there are ways to stimulate memories. One new way is with a coloring book like Coloring Your Mind: A Coloring Book For Those With Alzheimer’s and The People Who Love Them by Maria Shriver/Blue Star Coloring. Continue reading

Stampin’ Up: Soft Sayings Card Kit Review

Stampin’ Up – Soft Sayings Kit Review + Giveaway

On June 1st, Stampin’ Up released their new 2017-2018 Annual Catalog, and it was choked full of new products and new kits. I compare the release of this catalog to the upcoming summer season. choked full of potential happiness and shared moments that are special. One of my favorite items in each of the yearly catalogs are the kits.

With each kit comes the stamps, ink, cards, envelopes and embellishments needed to complete a set of cards or other project. These are all in one kits that contain everything needed to complete a project if you are at the beach, river or your living room.

When I saw the Soft Sayings Card Kit, I thought of all the possibilities in this card kit, similar to the upcoming summer. I have mentioned before that card’s are simple easy sentiment’s that can be sent anytime, and for almost any occasion. With a simple card, the recipient knows we are thinking of them and celebrating them from afar. Continue reading

Simply Earth Monthly Subscription Box Review – June 2017

Simply Earth: Essential Oil Recipe Box – Fun in the Sun – June 2017 – Review + Giveaway

As we embark on summer, we also embark on heat, sunburns and long beach days. There are many remedies, both natural and chemically made, that can relieve symptoms of over sunning. The biggest issue for our home during the summer is bugs – the gnats and mosquitoes are unbearable during this time of year.

Since I live in San Diego, the beach is close and always warm, which makes this the ideal time of year. During this time of warmth and sun, over the counter remedies can have unwanted side effects so essential oils are a nice alternative.  A couple of months ago I reviewed Simply Earth and their monthly subscription box, so when I had the opportunity to review another box I was again eager to try out some essential oil summer remedies that plaque our home and selves each year. 

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Stor-All Solutions: Press N’ Click Storage Review

Stor-All Solutions: Press N’ Click Storage Review + Giveaway

As I venture further into home cooking I find myself needing storage for the food items that I will use for another meal. Due to the storage being limited in my house, i am always looking for storage that stacks and stores easy in fridge or shelf.

The one thing I am always on the lookout for is new, easy and functional storage for my foods and food storage needs. Recently I was sent an assortment of plastic storage from Stor-All Solutions that feature their Press N’ Click system.

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Jack n’ Jill Dino Gift Kit Review

Jack n’ Jill: Dino Gift Kit Review + Giveaway

Summer is upon us and with that comes trips away from home. When we are kids, we want to bring every toothbrush, every toy and every piece of clothes that we can. When we are adults, we learn that less is more and simplicity can be streamlined.

With the summer travel season upon us, it is the perfect time to get those travel bags ready. When I saw the  Jack n’ Jill Dino Gift Kit, I was excited because this is the simplest and easiest way to pack oral items for the little ones.

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