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Paper Pumpkin on Sale until June 10th

Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’ Up – 25% off Your First Three Months


Expires June 10th, 2017

25% discount on June, July, and August 2017 Kits


Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’ Up boxes are available for $19.95/month, $55.00/3 months, $114.00/6 months and $215.00/12 months and the shipping is included in the cost. The 6-month is a total savings of about $6, about a $1 a month savings and the 12-month is total savings of about $24, about a $2 a month savings thus ends up totaling the amount of receiving one kit free. Prices as of 5/19/2017.

**Please note that you must be a Paper Pumpkin subscriber to purchase this and past kits, click here to locate a demonstrator near you!**


For more information about Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’ Up, click here

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Dr. Jacobs Naturals: Unscented Liquid Castile Soap Ideas for Use

Dr. Jacobs Naturals: Unscented Castile Liquid Soap Ideas For Use + Giveaway

Castile Soap is one of the most versatile soap’s that have numerous uses in the home, personal use and for pet care. When I was recently sent a large bottle of Dr. Jacobs Naturals Unscented Castile Liquid Soap I decided to utilize it around my home. Continue reading

Lawless Jerky: The Full Seven Father’s Day 2017 Giveaway

Lawless Jerky: The Full Seven Father’s Day Giveaway

I believe that every dad should get to indulge in one guilty pleasure where food is concerned and for many father’s this can be jerky.

To give Dad what he wants this year,Lawless Jerky is giving one reader The Full Seven Pack to help you give the perfect gift this Father’s Day!

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Funky Chunky: Funky Chunky Cafe Review

Funky Chunky: Funky Chunky Cafe Review + Giveaway

When I was young one of my favorite things to do was hang around in coffee shops. My friends would come in and out, and I could be as social or anti-social as I chose. I loved the treats I could find in coffee shops and would always make a purchase to accompany my coffee treat

When I saw that popcorn maker Funky Chunky had released a line of flavors inspired by local coffee shops, I was not only intrigued, but curious since I was a coffee shop gal growing up.

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Wellspring: Grownup Notebook’s Review

Wellspring: Grownup Notebook’s (Coloring Books) Review + Giveaway

There are days when I spend most of the daylight and into the nighttime on the blog. I spend time learning and educating myself, as well as cultivating relationships and finding new products.

Since I spend so much time at the computer, I enjoy taking time away to clear my eyes and mind, and in those moments I like to color.

Recently I came across a coloring book that is a bit different from the other coloring books on the market – it is spiral bound. Wellspring has a variety of Grownup Notebooks that you can color.

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Good Earth Beauty: Facial Cleanser Review

Good Earth Beauty: Facial Cleanser Review + Giveaway

Since I live on the coast, I deal with an ocean breeze almost daily. As the weather gets nicer and as I start to spend more time outside, my skin tends to dry out. I use moisturizer and try to keep my face away from direct breeze, but that is a challenge on the best of days.

When I recently was sent a Facial Cleaner from Good Earth Beauty I was curious if this could possibly help that yearly and often unavoidable dry skin.

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Taffy Town: Treat Dad with Taffy Giveaway

Treat Dad with Taffy – Father’s Day Giveaway

The easiest and simplest gifts that you can get your Father is something as simple and delicious!

One of the simplest treats is taffy with it’s combination of sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch, water, butter, salt, food coloring and flavorings. By using a whipping process and 24 hour-long batch conditioning process Taffy Town is able to get the purest and tastiest taffy.

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Auromere: Ayurvedic Aloe Vera Neem Shampoo Review

Auromere: Ayurvedic Aloe Vera Neem Shampoo Review + Giveaway

When I was recently at the Natural Products Expo and as I was walking around I had the opportunity to puck up a couple samples.

One of the samples that I picked up was Auromere Shampoo, I loved the small sample I received, so when I was given the opportunity to review a full size bottle I was eager to see what a larger sample time would be like. The booth was busy and I was halted by the wonderful smelling products that included not only personal care items such as incense, toothpaste’s and shampoo, to name a few.

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Cremo Company: Father’s Day Facial Care Giveaway

Cremo Company: Fathers Day Facial Care Giveaway

Being raised by a single father gave me an increased appreciation for Dad’s and Father’s Day! Each year I would agonize over the perfect gift, when really all my father wanted was a day of peace and ease.

As we have aged, I realized that I can give him the peace he so desires and still get him a nice token of my appreciation. A couple of months ago I was introduced to a company called Cremo Company and their men’s personal care items.

In honor of Father’s Day, Cremo Company has generously offered to give one lucky winner a Facial Care Trio.

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Enjoy Life Soft Baked and Crunchy Cookie Review

Enjoy Life Soft Baked & Crunchy Cookies Review and Giveaway

When ever I go to expo and food shows, one of the first things that I gravitate towards is the cookies.

As I have mentioned in the past I am a cookie monster and have met very few cookies that I do not like.

When I attended the Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo I had the opportunity to walk through Enjoy Life Land by Enjoy Life Foods. The best way to describe the experience was it was like walking the yellow brick road with each step reminding walkers of the allergens that are not present in their products.

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