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Numi Organic Tea: Holistic Herbal Teas Review

Numi Organic Tea: Holistic Herbal Tea Review + Giveaway

One of the benefits of blogging is that I get to try products that I normally would not have the opportunity to sample. About a month ago I got to sample the 6 tea collection from Numi Tea. Had I not had this opportunity, I would not have tried these teas.

After a long day of writing, there is nothing more relaxing than a cup of tea. Recently I received a sampling of Numi Tea and their Organic Holistic Teasan Tea and was so impressed that I felt the need to do a formal review.

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Late for the Sky: Sharkopoly Game Review

Late for the Sky: Sharkopoly Property Trading Game Review + Giveaway

Each July the people who are above water get to learn about what is underwater. Each year in the summer we are treated to an entire week about sharks.

Sharks are as amazing as they are mysterious and may have ancestors that were alive when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Sharks are made of cartridge, which makes them more able to swim and maneuver around.

Being that I live on the coast, sharks are a daily topic either in my neighborhood, or the nightly news. When I discovered that Late for the Sky would be making a Sharkopoply themed property trading game, I was excited. Also, on July 23rd Shark Week begins!!

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Nicks Sticks: Father’s Day 2017 Giveaway

Nick’s Stick’s: Stick’s for Dad Giveaway

One of the most difficult things I had to decide each year was what to purchase my dad for Father’s Day. My father is the type of father that has everything he needs, and there are few things that can be bought for him. Through the years I would make him items such as pencil holders and various art pieces. One of his favorite gifts was an album I made that was dedicated to our family dog, and this album is still a favorite.

There is no doubt though as he has aged, it is harder to think of things for him. As I got older there was always one “go-to” that included meat and nut items. I learned that if all else failed i could get him meat sticks and pistachios.

Since this has been a life long challenge for me I thought it would be nice to help you with your Father’s Day gifting with a Nick’s Sticks Meat Stick Assortment for the man in your life!

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Late for the Sky: Fantasy-opoly Review

Late for the Sky: Fantasy-Opoly Review + Giveaway

When I was young, one of my favorite things to do was go to my best friends house and watch him and his friends play Dungeon and Dragons. I was lucky that since my best male friend ran the game, he allowed my female best friend and I color while they played.

The games involved orcs, wizards, dwarfs and other classes of characters that my young mind could not imagine. The terms were foreign, and the stories made up, but they were like stories that were unfolding in front of me.

Years later I look back on those days of friendship and stories, fondly. When I had the opportunity to review  Late for the Sky’s Fantasy-Opoly my initial hope is that it would take me back to those many years before, and those wonderful stories.

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Late for the Sky: Geek-opoly Board Game Review

Late for the Sky: Geek-opoly Board Game Review + Giveaway

When I was young I had a reputation for not only dating geeks, but also being a geek myself. Despite the years of torment and laughs that were made at my expense I did not not mind this distinction. I took pride in the fact that the boys I dated knew how to fix my computer, that they used their imagination’s weekly at their Dungeons and Dragon’s role-playing games and that while they were not the most popular, they were genuine people. The status of geek never made a big difference to me, people are more than the labels we give them, which I discovered early in my life. I spent many hours with my fellow geeks – while they explored the depth’s of Mordor, I sat and colored while listening to the adventures. Some of my best memories are these moments.

There is one benefit of geekdom – a unique knowledge and sense of humor that many other people do not understand. Since I am married to a self admitted geek, at times it can be difficult to find gifts that are the right mix of geek and humorous. When I saw Late for the Sky’s Geek-opoly Board Game I was brought back to those moments late at night in the garage and smiled.

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Gifts for Cats & Cat Lover’s – Holiday 2016

 Gifts for Cats & Cat Lover’s

holiday-cats-and-cat-loverThis post has affiliate links but this in no way will influence the post to follow and all opinions are my own.

Each of these items on my list are items that I have either reviewed or own/use at my home with either myself or the cats. That being said, I would purchase any of these items for a friends and family 0 they are all great for cat ladies, cat men and everyone in -between. Impossible to go wrong with any item on this list.


catopoly-game-componentsIf you are a cat guardian, cat fan or even just appreciate cats then you will love this feline take on the property board game called Cat-Opoly by Late for the Sky. This game has all the details that cat lovers will appreciate from the cat boxes (the homes) and the fish bones (the hotels). Each property is replaced with a cat breed and the values include each step of financial increase and the back of each deed contains fun facts about cats that are featured on the board. Its the traditional property trading game with some cat-astrophic twists included. Almost every major cat breed is represented in the property cards and this will give you and your cat friends hours of fun!

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RefrigiWear: Fleece Jacket Review

RefrigiWear: Fleece Jacket Review + Giveaway

refrigiwear-logoI will be the first to admit that as a San Diegan, I see very little weather changes. Generally speaking the weather is 70’s and sunny – at least that is what people will make you believe.

While our temperatures are ideal, I must run cold because despite our ideal temperatures I am always cold. I can be outside or in my house and I am always cold. Since I spend so much of my time cold, I am on a constant search to find a jacket or sweater that will keep me cool.

When I recently was approached by a company called RefrigiWear I was interested by the claim they are the leader in cold weather gear. I decided to give their Women’s Fleece Jacket a turn

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Nicks Sticks Holiday 2016 Giveaway

Nick’s Stick’s Holiday Assortment Giveaway

nicks-sticks-16-packAs we close the month of November and begin the march into December, the time has come in which I begin to prepare my gift list.

As I prepare there are certain people that are easy to buy for – hobbies clear, favorite author and always brand loyal. These are the people I love to shop for. but there are others on my list. These “other” people to shop for are the people that literally have everything already, and if they want an item they purchase it themselves.

If you happen to have someone like this on your list then I have the perfect gift – sticks and jerky!

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Hallmark Jigsaw Puzzles Review

Hallmark Jigsaw Puzzles – Ripe for Picking – Review & Giveaway

Ripe for PickingAbout 5 years ago Jason and I would spend our evenings doing puzzles and listening to the local police scanner (haven’t done it, I highly recommend it to you – no better way to know what is happening in your neighborhood). Jason would play computer games, and I would sit at our kitchen table putting together 1000 piece plus puzzles. I would let the puzzle sit on our kitchen table until completion and gluing. What has resulted is a different and colorful art collection that I pieced together.

When I recently was given the opportunity to review a puzzle of my choice from Hallmark, it seemed obvious that with my love of bright colors and labels I would choose “Ripe for Picking Vintage Fruit Labels” which was a nice size at 1000 pieces.

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