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Banana Wave: BananaMilk Review

Banana Wave: BananaMilk Review + Giveaway

One of my favorite fruits are bananas. Whenever I am needing a pick-me up I go for the bananas and the potassium that they pack. The other favorite of mine is banana smoothies. I love to stop at my local store, pickup some bananas, and gather the ice, and blend myself the perfect snack.

 When I heard that there was a way to have the bananas I love while getting that smoothie flavor without the work intrigued me. The products was Banana Wave – BananaMilk and from the first taste the taste, smell and flavor was bananas.

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Mettle Energy Review

Mettle Energy Review and Giveaway

Mettle Energy DrinkI am not a morning person, and I really do not like to be woken up suddenly. I am lucky that I am generally a sound sleeper, which makes the alarm clock “alarming” when I hear it in the mornings. It takes me a while to wake up, and generally I am best avoided for the first 20 minutes after wake up. There is one caveat to this, and it is if a cat wakes me up – that I can handle and never snap at them, just cuddles.

On top of my poor wake-up habits I have a confession – I am an energy drink addict. Each day I follow the same routine which includes a lemonade flavored drink. Not only is this a daily need, but it is an expensive need. Each drink costs us anywhere from $1.50 to $2.00 per can, and on some days two are consumed.

Jason and I have had discussions about cutting back my drinking of these, and despite my best efforts I find I need the energy jump in the mornings. The problem is that most high energy solutions are expensive and there is little cheap options  – that is until now. I came upon a new powder based energy drink called Mettle Energy. Mettle Energy are drinks and shots, that are available online and for people like me who need many servings without the many price.

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Zevia Zero Calorie Soda Review

Zevia Zero Calorie Soda Review and Giveaway

Zevia shiftedJason and I have a ritual each night – shortly after he arrives home we get our drinks for the night and each one of us has a Cherry Coke. This is a horrible habit and we know how bad it is for us. We pad that with a lot of water and even sports drinks, yet we know we have to change this habit soon!

I was speaking to my father about this predicament that we are in and the topic that arose was that the come down from the daily caffeine jolt would make us irritable and grumpy. I figure a little irritability in exchange of our health was a fair deal. We began to cut our daily coke out, and replaced it with milk, juices and other drinks. Admittedly, Jason still has a morning coffee and I still have an energy drink now and again, but we are on the path.

During the initial discussion with my father, he mentioned that he had discovered a new soda that had all the flavors I knew, without the sugar and preservatives. The company he discovered was Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, founded in Seattle Washington in 2007. I reached out to them for a review sample and they generously sent me a case including 2 cans of 12 different flavor’s.

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