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Bil-Jac: Dessert Jacs – Pumpkin Flavored Treats Review

Bil-Jac -Dessert Jacs: Pumpkin Flavored Dog Treats – Review and Giveaway

As the seasons change throughout the year so do the snacks that humans and pets eats. One of the most fruituitous seasons for changes in the flavors of the food is the fall. The fall brings apples, cranberries, potato’s and pumpkin. Since one of my favorite things about the fall season is pumpkin I am excited that dogs can also enjoy it with the Bil-Jac Pumpkin Flavored Treats

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Newman’s Own: Fall Dog Food Giveaway

Meadow Shares the Newman’s Own Dog Food Sampler Box and a Giveaway

Meadow lives a fairly pampered life of getting almost whatever she wants, from treats to her humans attention. She is a big girl who is spoiled, loved and whose health and wellness is put first.

Since our cats love Newman’s Own so much, I wanted to give Meadow the same opportunity. Newman’s Pet Food makes organic wet and dry dog food as well as treats.

From the moment I brought this box in the house, Meadow was intrigued and seemed excited by what was contained in the box.

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Buffalo Range: All Natural Buffalo Treats Review

Buffalo Range: All Natural Buffalo Rawhide Treats Review & Giveaway

As a pet guardian I am a firm believer that as “guardians” it is our job to make our pets have the best life possible. This could be from giving them attention when they want it, giving them the best food available or making sure the treats they have are pure.

As much as we love our pets, we are unable to communicate with them. Due to this we are responsible for making their food decisions for them. When I look for treats, my goal is to give them the most pure products with ingredients I can pronounce.

When I learned about the new Buffalo Range All Natural Buffalo Rawhide Treats I knew that I wanted Meadow to have the opportunity to try them since I had read that they were natural and did not contain preservatives or fillers.

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PupBox: 9 Month Old Box Review

PupBox: 9 Month Old Box Review + Box Giveaway

When I was young we adopted a dog and while I tired puppy raising I was young and did not know what I was doing. I had little guidance, and due to my age, I was practically being raised with my puppy.

As pet guardians, we want to do the best for our pets and give them the best life we can. The downside is that we do not speak puppy and knowing what they need or want at each stage of their lives can be difficult.

As regular readers know, we are Shark Tank fans, and last year I saw a company featured that focuses on that special time in your puppies life. The PupBox Subscription Box is a monthly box tailored to the age and developmental stage your puppy is at.

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Pet Treater January 2016 Monthly Box Review

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review and Giveaway – January 2016

Pet Treater January BoxIt has been about 3 months since Meadow entered our extended family, and things are going great. In the past couple of weeks she has learned how to sit and stay and she knows her name. I think that the best thing that has come out of Meadow’s adoption is that it has made my father a happier person – which is good for everyone.

I started to think about the reasons and ways that dogs can add a positive influence in our life. The reasons are simple, but the science behind them are more complicated. The experts will say that animals bring calm, and from that calm can be lower blood pressure and an overall sense of peace. I know for our family now that Meadow is around there is a lot less aggressive speaking and less agressivee attitudes since we don’t want to scare the puppy. I think that it more that we impart human emotions on our animals and feel they feel the same as us.

Meadow was 9 weeks old on her arrival into my father’s life, and I can say that almost 12 weeks later, they are the best of friends. Since she is still a puppy, there is a lot of trial and error in her preferences towards toy and treats. In this situation the best thing is to purchase a monthly gift box, so that an assortment of toys and treats are received.  A box making a big splash in the pet gift box market is  Pet Treater. It is obvious when you receive a Pet Treater box that they are distinguishing themselves in the pet box field.

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Pet Treater December 2015 Monthly Box

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review and Giveaway – December 2015

Pet Treater HolidayWhen I was in my early 20’s we had a family dog named Poco (short for Pocohontas). Poco was a black lab with some retriever in her – she was a smart dog. Sadly, on Easter weekend in 2006 it was discovered she had a tumor and she quickly went downhill. It began with her not knowing how to jump into the back of the car and ended with her making circles upon circles with no break. She ended up being carried outside in the sun, and while my father held her, I held her snout, and we said our goodbyes. The next thing I remember is being asked if we wanted her paw print for posterity, and that was that – our family dog was gone. It was sad, and sudden – she is missed to this day!

Given the sudden way my father lost his beloved dog, I was unsure he would ever get another dog. Then about 2 months ago he mentioned that he might be ready, after all it has been over 9 years since we lost our beloved Poco. My father decided he wanted a puppy and for it to be a Australian Labradoodle. While surprised it took him so long to get another animal, I am thrilled to officially announce that we again have a dog in our family – Meadow.

Meadow was 9 weeks old on her arrival into my father’s life, and I can honestly say 6 weeks later they are the best of friends. Since she is a puppy and there is a lot of trial and error in her preferences towards toy and treats, I thought a monthly box might be a nice solution. I reached out to Pet Treater to inquire about a possible box for Meadow, and they were generous enough to send me their December box for review.

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