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Stampin’ Up: Watercolor Pencils Review

Stampin’ Up: Watercolor Pencils Review + Giveaway

Recently Stampin’s Up released their new Celebrations Catalog, and contained therein was a simple set of colored pencils. When I saw these, my first thought was that they would be a great addition to my colored pencil collection. As it turns out these are much more than colored pencils – they are Watercolor Pencils. These particular Watercolor Pencils go on like a regular colored pencil but have the ability to become watercolored.

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Color Couture Adult Coloring Book Review

Color Couture: Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book Review + Giveaway

Since I spend 85% of my time on my computer either writing, creating, editing or pitching, my comfort is a very important component of my day.

I would love to sit here and tell that this is new, but I have never been one for what is considered couture clothing. I am more like the character in The Devil Wear Prada before her grand Vogue makeover. I often wish I had occasions to wear these grand clothes to.

When I received the Color Couture: Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book Artist’s Edition by Blue Star Premier, I saw all the couture clothing that I dream of one day wearing.

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Paper Pumpkin: December 2016 Kit Review

Paper Pumpkin – Another Great Year – December 2016 Kit Review + Giveaway

One of my favorite activities is to go through my year of photos, send them to the printers for printing and then placing them in an album.

Sometimes I remember all the details of the moment captured in the photo, and other times my memory needs a little jogging. I keep a journal of the years events that I am able to reference back to when I make my yearly highlight album.

When I received the December 2016 Paper Pumpkin kit “Another Great Year”, I saw an easy way unique way to summarize my 2016.

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Form: Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book Review

Form: Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book – Master Collection – Review + Giveaway

When I was young one of my most disliked classes was anatomy. There must have been a mental block in my mind because no matter how many times I reviewed those diagrams I never quite got the idea.

Now that I am older, I can appreciate each bone, joint and movement that my body produces. I am eager to learn more and educate myself about those intricacies that I did not understand all those years earlier.

When I received the Form: Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book Master Collection by Blue Star Premier, I finally saw a way I could learn about the interior of my body, while having a relaxing time. Continue reading

Adult Coloring Book: Celebration Edition Stress Relieving Patterns Review

Adult Coloring Book: Celebration Edition Stress Relieving Patterns Review + Giveaway

stress-relieving-patterns-celebration-editionOne of my most memorable celebration’s was recent 40th birthday, in it’s simplicity I received surprises and a night that took me back 25 years earlier.

For this memorable occasion, Jason and I decided to keep it easy and simple with a gathering of our friends and family for pizza. We decided on a local pizza restaurant that was frequented to by us was teenagers. I ended up with a surprise when a friend I have known since I was 16 surprised me and attended. After pizza, that included our parents, a couple of friends came back to our house and throughout the rest of the evening had a revolving door of friends hanging out. Finally after midnight, things slowed down and I was able to reflect on what a special 40th birthday I had.

Most celebrations that commemorate big birthday and events can be incredibly stressful. It was a conscious decision that we kept it easy and stress-free. When I received the Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns Celebration Edition by Blue Star Premier and thought that the next time I do have a stressful situation, this book will be the perfect antidote. Continue reading

Whisker Graphics: Holiday Twine Assortment Giveaway

Whisker Graphics: Holiday Twine Assortment Giveaway

divine-twine-5-packOne of my favorite parts of the holidays is wrapping the presents. I love the challenge of making them look clean and wrapped. The other park about the holidays that I love is the lights and the colors. I love to drive around town and see the lights and decorations.

As I prepare to take on crafts and lots of wrapping, I think of the details. It is in this spirit of thinking of the details that I give you this Holiday Twine Set from Whisker Graphics.

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Silver Lining Abstracts Adult Coloring Book Review

Silver Lining Abstracts: An Adult Coloring Book of Art and Illusions Review + Giveaway

silver-lining-abstractsAs we are growing up we are told and led to believe that every cloud has a silver lining. What I always took this as was that despite how dark a cloud is, it still can sparkle. There are many days that I remind myself of this fact, and many times remembering previous sparkles in darkness helps as well.

When I received a copy of  Silver Lining Abstracts: An Adult Coloring Book of Art and Illusions by Blue Star Premier and Angela Covany the first things I thought of were all those dark clouds that had a silver lining after all.

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Designer Tin of Cards by Stampin’ Up Project Kit Review

Stampin’ Up – Designer Tin of Cards – Project Kit Review + Giveaway

designer-tin-of-cards-completedRecently I received a card from a dear old friend. This is a person who I had lost touch with for many years, and through the use of modern technology I was able to track down her email. While I had her email for a couple of days, I was hesitant to hitting the send button.

I finally decided to hit the send, and held my breath for her to reply. I had included my address in case she wanted to send me a mailed letter. The same day I heard from her I also received a physical card in the mail. Almost instantly I was filled with an excitement and could not wait to open this letter from a long-lost friend.

While the card was simple, the sentiment meant the world to me. With a simple card, the years between us melted away and a fresh start was beginning. When I got the Designer Tin of Card Project Kit I began to think of the ways that I could give someone the same thing that the card I received gave me. Continue reading

Paper Pumpkin: November 2016 Kit Review

Paper Pumpkin – Wonderful Winterland – November 2016 Kit Review + Giveaway

paper-pumpkin-november-2016When I was young the idea of mail was beyond my imagination. There was something magical that with something as simple as an address, people can get trinkets and letters from loved ones. This was in the day before I knew about bills and thought the world was full of rainbows.

Now that I am adult, I accept that most of the mail I receive is bills, except for this time of year. This is the season of family updates, family photos and letters – I love this time of year!

When I received the November 2016 Paper Pumpkin kit “Wonderful Winterland”, the decision was made that these would be in the lineup for our 2016 Holiday cards.

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ColorGrande DIY Fabric Design Review

ColorGrande – DIY Fabric Design Kit  Review + Giveaway

colorgrande-abstract-fabricIt was always a dream of mine to have a dedicated craft room when I purchased my home. One part of my dream has come true when we purchased our home, and the second part came true when my husband said that our loft would become my dedicated craft room.

The craft room is about 12 feet by about 10 feet, with a lot of open wall space! Since it is my craft room, I decided to put things on the wall that either inspire me or that I have created. One of my favorite things to do is color, and I have been looking for a larger scale image I can color and then frame and display.

Recently I received a press release about a new product called ColorGrande and is was a DIY Fabric Design Kit. Continue reading