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Orivet: Feline DNA Testing Review

Orivet: Feline DNA Testing Review & a Giveaway

There is no doubt that Maggee chose us, when we went into the room to “get to know”: her she jumped in my lap and then my husbands. We took that as a very definite move towards he choosing us.

Not a lot was known about our girl, we know she was shuttled between homes due to issues beyond her control, and had a litter of kittens. We both love our girl so much, we want to know more about her including her health and hereditary things that can affect her.

When I had the opportunity to get her DNA tested by Orivet I was super excited to glean a little more about a creature that I really know nothing about.

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How to Draw Cat and Kittens – A Book Review

How to Draw Cats and Kittens: A Complete Guide for Beginners Review and Giveaway

As regular readers know we are cat fans around here. As fascinated and interesting as I find cats, I can not draw them. I have tried to draw cats in the past but they come out more alien than feline. Recently I receive a copy of How to Draw Cats and Kittens: A Complete Guide for Beginners by J. C. Amberlyn and I immediately knew that this may be just what I need to finally learn to draw my beloved cats.

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Chewy Influencer: July 2017 – Fresh Step Litter

Fresh Step Hawaiian Aloha Scoopable Litter Review

I am so excited to announce that we are Chewy.com Influencers! What this means is that each month Chewy.com sends us an email with a selection of items that are for dogs, cats and small animals (birds and hamsters) for review. The items range from food, snacks, and supplies needed for pet guardianship. Each month I will bring you a different product that Maggee and Murfee will personally try out.

I was super excited to not only be accepted but then to have the chance to pick an item out for Maggee and Murfee this month. As I scrolled down the email, one item caught my eye – Fresh Step Cat Litter.

Cat Litter is a product that we always need and is always used. Since my cats are highly adaptable I had no hesitation with this litter change, since the brands we normally used would be different than this new one. I chose the Fresh Step Hawaiian Aloha Scoopable Litter and eagerly waited for the ubiquitous Chewy.com blue logo box.

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Pura Naturals Pet: Kitten Shampoo Review

Pura Naturals Pet: Calming Lavender and Tearless and Calming Shampoo Review + Giveaway

If there is one truth in my world, it is that I tend to be over protective of my cats. As far as I am concerned my pets are family and as such I am very protective of any product that goes on their bodies, or in their bodies.

I feel as though it is my job as their guardian is to provide the best possible life for them, while giving them everything that they need.

Given the fact that I have such a concern about what my cats are exposed to I am always looking for natural and organic products. When I heard that Pura Naturals Pet was expanding their product line to include 2 new products for cats I was curious.

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Gifts for Cats & Cat Lover’s – Holiday 2016

 Gifts for Cats & Cat Lover’s

holiday-cats-and-cat-loverThis post has affiliate links but this in no way will influence the post to follow and all opinions are my own.

Each of these items on my list are items that I have either reviewed or own/use at my home with either myself or the cats. That being said, I would purchase any of these items for a friends and family 0 they are all great for cat ladies, cat men and everyone in -between. Impossible to go wrong with any item on this list.


catopoly-game-componentsIf you are a cat guardian, cat fan or even just appreciate cats then you will love this feline take on the property board game called Cat-Opoly by Late for the Sky. This game has all the details that cat lovers will appreciate from the cat boxes (the homes) and the fish bones (the hotels). Each property is replaced with a cat breed and the values include each step of financial increase and the back of each deed contains fun facts about cats that are featured on the board. Its the traditional property trading game with some cat-astrophic twists included. Almost every major cat breed is represented in the property cards and this will give you and your cat friends hours of fun!

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Late for the Sky: Cat-Opoly Review

Late for the Sky: Cat-Opoly Review + Giveaway

cat-opoly-and-maggeeIt is not a big secret that I love cats, but what may come as a surprise is that I also love board games.

A couple of years ago, on a rainy day, Jason and I ventured to our local toy store with the intention of purchasing a couple of board games. We wanted something nostalgic, something trivial and a property trading type game. After about an hour looking and comparing the various qualities we ended up with three games, of which we played all of them when we got home that day.

At the time I recall wishing that there was a way to fuse my love of cats and my love of games into one spectacular cat themed game. While my idea was on the mark, somebody beat me to the idea with Late for the Sky’s Cat-Opoly.

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Cat’s Out of the Bag Giveaway

Cat’s Out of the Bag Giveaway

all-cat-and-a-bag-of-chipsRegular readers will know that I am a cat lady through and through! I love my cats, and I love to show my Cat Lady pride whenever possible.

Win a selection of cat items that will cover your finger, your neck, your wrist and will tell you the time – The Cat’s Out of the Bag Giveaway!

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Stampin’ Up: Pretty Kitty Stamp Set Review

Stampin’ Up – Pretty Kitty Stamp Set Review + Giveaway

pretty-kitty-stamp-setSometimes as cat guardians we are put into funny and odd positions. As the humans we are the source of love and attention, but we are also responsible to clean their litter boxes and clean up hairballs when they invariable come up.

It is difficult for non-cat owners to understand why after the bad we would continue to love these furry mess makers. One of the best ways that I express my cat lady love to my friends is through the sending of cards. The stamps that I like the best are the ones that integrate my love of cats.

Since I am always on the search for cute, high quality and useful cat themed items, when I saw the Pretty Kitty Clear-Mount Stamp Set I knew that it was the stamp set I had been wanting.

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The Cat Kit: The Summer Kit – August 2016 Review

The Cat Kit: The Summer Kit – August 2016 Review

The Summer KitSummer is a constant “on the go” time, if it is not the beach it is amusement parks, family gatherings and even overnight excursions. Many times with all this travel the cats are left and home, and while out of sight, they are not out of mind.

I am a cat lady and proud of it and even when we travel our cats are never far from our thoughts. I love to have cat items sprinkled throughout my daily life. I have a cat wallet that sits beside a cat umbrella in a cat bag. My girl Maggee is also my background on my phone as well as hundreds of photos on my phone.

Since I love getting cat related items as much as my cats enjoy getting toys, I was excited to be given the opportunity to review The Cat Kit, The Cat Kit is a filled with 7 adorable items for cat and human and really is “purrfect” for any cat lover.

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Ulysses Press – 4 Gift Books Review

Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Ulysses Press. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Ulysses Press: Apuglogies, Emoticat Stickers, Cover Art and Don’t Quit Your Day Dream Review and Giveaway

Four pack of booksI have mentioned in the past that when I was young there was a gift store that i frequented for presents. This store had everything from gag gifts, balloons, cards and gift books. I also worked for a card shop that sold gift books so I love theme books that celebrate a persons favorite things.

I recently heard about the release of 4 new gift books from Ulysses Press that celebrate a persons favorite things that range from Pugs saying “I’m sorry”, cats that are expressive and communicate how you are feelings, hangable classic book covers and a unique twist on the adult coloring trend.

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