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Candlemart by Hanna’s: Valentines 2018 Giveaway

Fill Your House With Scents of Love Giveaway

There is something special about having the right scented candle at the right time.

With the cold days of Winter in front of us, it is a good time to stock up on some candles. One place that I can always find candles, melts and triple pour candle’s from Candlemart by Hanna’s.

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Peaches & Petals Subscription Box: May 2017 Review

Peaches & Petals Subscription Box: May 2017 Review

Summer means so many things, but it is usually synonymous with travel. The mere thought of summer travel can be overwhelming and uncomfortable to many people.

When I received this months box, I was thrilled to see a couple of items that will enhance our summer vacation. The theme for the May Peaches and Petals box theme was “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted” and I was happy to see each item fit within that theme.

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Candlemart by Hanna’s Spring Scents Giveaway

Candlemart by Hanna’s Spring Scents Giveaway

Each Spring I clean out my closet, my drawers and my collections. The one thing that does not get cleaned out but added to is my candle collection.

There is something special about having the right scented candle at the right time.

With the warm days of Spring and Summer ahead of us, it is a good time to stock up on some candles. One place that I can always find candles, melts and triple pour candle’s from Candlemart by Hanna’s.

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SOL: Sustained Organic Living Organic Cotton Sheets Review

SOL: Sustained Organic Living Organic Cotton Sheets Review + Giveaway

Each 24 hour period, we take time to rest and recharge our batteries by sleeping. Our bodies use this time to rest, and replenish it’s resources, and helps fight off illnesses – sleep is important.

As I have aged I have began to appreciate the hours of sleep I get at night. I have learned that the more comfortable my sheets are, the more comfortable I tend to be. When I recently came across SOL Organics and saw their organic sheet set I was interested to see if this would improve my quality of sleep.

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GoodLight Natural Candles Review

GoodLight Natural Candles Review + Giveaway

Since one of my favorite things to use and burn are candles, I am always on the search for the latest and greatest candles. I used to make my own candles so this tends to make me a bit more interested in candles then not. When I heard of the candle company GoodLight Natural Candles and that they also donated money to some good organizations, I wanted to give them a try.

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Candlemart by Hanna’s at Candlemart.com Review

Candlemart by Hanna’s at Candlemart.com: Beads, Trios and Melts Review + Giveaway

Over the years I have had many hobbies, including candle making. I loved finding different ways to display the wax, and loved creating something that made our house a warm place to visit.

After about a year of diligent and frequent candle making I decided that despite the love of making them, I moved on to a different hobby.

Despite this departure, I still love candles and an even bigger love of wax melts. I love the simplicity and the safety of  wax melts. Since we have two very curious cats in our house, we are always making sure the environments safe while keeping the items we love. We quickly discovered that candles are best burned away from the cats, but melts were perfect.

Since wax melts are heated over a bulb, you still get the aroma and the ambiance without the flame. When I recently found Candlemart by Hanna’s and discovered that they had Jolly Rancher Lemon candles I knew I had to investigate further.

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Limoneira Lifestyles: Simply Lemons Giveaway

Limoneira Company: Simply Lemons Set Giveaway

During the winter holidays there are certain scents that are synonymous with the winter holidays – these can be cranberry, apples, mint to name a few.

One of my favorite scents is lemon, and while not usually associated with the winter months, it is a strong citrus fresh scent that can good any season. There is something fresh and citrus can awaken the senses and cheer a person up on an otherwise gloomy day.

In these otherwise cedar and cranberry-apple filled days, I am thrilled to be able to bring you a fresh and versatile citrus set with this Simply Lemons.

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Labor of Love Co: DIY Soy Candle Kit Review

Labor of Love Co: DIY Soy Candle Kit Review and Giveaway

Finished CandlesAbout 10 years ago I decided I wanted to make candles for my family, friends and for myself. I purchased books, and diligently read whatever I could find online about candle making.

I found the process long, and honestly quite dangerous  – have you been burned by hot wax before? Needless to say that initial foray into candle making scared me and I decided to back off until the process was streamlined and not as complicated.

Recently Labor of Love Co reached out to me to review one of their DIY Soy Candle Boxes and since I enjoy making candles I accepted. I was also eager to see if the candle making process could be simplified and made with only the ingredients sent in a box.

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Jackpot Candles Summer 2016 Giveaway

Jackpot Candles Summer 2016 Giveaway!!!!

Jackpot Candle BurningAbout a decade ago, I developed a new hobby – candle making. I eagerly would search thrift stores for new and interesting places to pour the wax into and burn. I had a collection of different glasses and metal receptacles. I loved that I could spend a little time in the kitchen and the result was a candle that would burn far more hours than it took to create it.

The creation for candles did not last long overall, and in the grand scheme of things was fleeting. The one thing that remained was my love for candles. The difference is now my appreciation of candles. I can appreciate the artistry, time and effort that goes into creating these burning pillars of scent.

Jackpot Candles are different from the typical candles that you can purchase in stores. Each candle has a piece of jewelry embedded into the wax, as you burn the candle down, the small aluminum square reveals itself. The value of the included piece is anywhere from $15.00 to $5,000.00 and the value is determined by an online appraisal – enter your code and get a value!

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BuddhiBox Monthly Subscription Review – May 2016 Box

BuddhiBox Monthly Subscription Review and Book Giveaway – May 2016 Box

May 2016 Box ContentsAs we embark in this election year it is becoming clear that the country is divided and needs some injection of peace and love. Every night on the news all that is seen are rally’s that turn into protests and protests that turn into arrest records.

The common thread is that the one thing we need the most, is the one thing that all yogi;s know, we need peace. There are a couple of ways to achieve peace but the easiest is to be what you want to put out into the world. I think many people forget that to be nice is not difficult and the simplest thing we can do.

Each month when I receive my monthly BuddhiBox I am reminded of this simple message. Each month I have the opportunity to review boxes (click here to see the previous reviews) and each month I can expect a nice introduction in the yoga/healthy living lifestyle. The message is always one of compassion, and understanding and living a pure life, as well as being the company’s motto.

This month continues the new box and is strong and sturdy box that is printed on all box sides. I loved that a green crinkle wrap replaced the green tissue paper, but still retained the green theme. This month came with 3 cardboard information cards that are in full color and on thick glossy card stock. The first card was the Yoga pose of “Balasana” that shows the pose in full color, as well as the benefits and directions about the pose. These pose cards are made especially for BuddhiBox by a company called Yogicards. There is a recipe for a “Strawberries Fruit of Spirit and Health” that is made using 6 ingredients  The final information card included was a box manifest and on the other side the following quote:

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.  – Lao Tzu

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