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Soapbox: Staff Favorites for your Favorite this Valentine’s Day

Soapbox: Staff Favorite’s Bundle for your Favorite Giveaway

One of my favorite companies is Soapbox Soaps, so when I was given the opportunity to giveaway The Staff Favorites Bundle that includes my a couple of my fav’s, I was excited to share it with you!

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Good Earth Beauty: Coconut Beauty Box Review

Good Earth Beauty: Coconut Beauty Box Review + Giveaway

When I think of summer and the beach there is one scent that comes to the forefront of my mind – coconut. No other scent screams summer and the beach than coconut. The fresh and fruity smell can transport your senses to the tropics with one smell, and make you forget that you are not in the tropics.

When I received the Good Earth Beauty: Coconut Beauty Box for review, from the moment I opened the box, I was transported away from my home and into a tropical vacation.

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Good Earth Beauty: Mother’s Day Beauty Box Giveaway

Good Earth Beauty: Mother’s Day Beauty Box Giveaway

When I think of Spring time holidays and special occasions, the one that comes to mind is Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is the one day a year that is not only commemorated on a calendar but also in life throughout the world. When I was recently sent the Good Earth Beauty’s Mother’s Day Beauty Box I knew this was the perfect way to give any mom a day of pampering and relaxation. Continue reading

Good Earth Beauty: Chocolate Amour Duo Giveaway

Good Earth Beauty: Chocolate Amour Duo Giveaway

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I immediately think of a box of chocolates. When I was young I remember my father had back to back meetings, and despite every year prior, this particular year I did not get the box of chocolates I normally received.

I went to to sleep that Valentines night, thinking that my father forgot about the holiday – but the joke was on me. When I woke up that next morning I not only had chocolate waiting for me, but a stuffed cat (that I still have 25 + years later). It was, and still is, one of my favorite Valentine’s gifts

Recently I was sent the Good Earth Beauty’s Chocolate Amour Duo and smelled it, I was taken back to that special moment years before. The bonus –  you also have an opportunity to win a set! Continue reading

Good Earth Beauty: Shower Whip & Scrub Sampler Giveaway

Good Earth Beauty: Shower Whip & Scrub Sampler Giveaway

good-earth-beauty-1oz-samples-shower-whipIf there is something i have always been a fan of it is sampler packs. The appeal of samplers are that generally you get a smaller version of an item, without the commitment.

When it comes to bath and body item, I believe that sample sizes are the way to go. There are many variables with body items, such as allergic reactions, skin sensitivities and most importantly, if you like the scent.

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Good Earth Beauty: October Beauty Box Review

Good Earth Beauty: October Beauty Box Review + Giveaway

good-earth-beauty-october-boxSince I began this blog I have developed a new appreciation for beauty items – as in I am loving them!

I have a wonderful soap and body wash collection. Each time I take a shower it is a decision of body wash, shampoo and conditioner’s.

The easiest way to sample items is to get a little bit of a couple items and that is exactly what I was able to do with Good Earth Beauty – October Beauty Box.

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CastileSoap.com: Liquid Castile Soap

CastileSoap.com: Liquid Castile Soap Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway

Castile Soap Monthly Box with Liquid Soap in boxI am a simple girl, and this simplicity extends to the soaps I use. It is starting to extend to the products I use in my home. My two cats affect my life in many ways, and as of recently in the products that I use around my home to clean myself, my home and even them.

Since I am already a castile soap fan for my facial cleanser I have been wanting to see what else I could do with it. After some quick research I learned that castile soap can be used for anything from washing vegetables to a laundry detergent on over to a body wash. Lucky for our cats, this is also a safe soap to use on animals, so bathes are eminent for 2 creatures soon.

Back in December I had the opportunity to review CastileSoap.com and recently they added liquid castile soap to their monthly subscription box. Since they specialize in only castile soap based soaps I was intrigued and eager to sample this new offering. The great thing about castile soap is that it utilizes the natural and essential oils to add benefit to each soap. Castile Soap is not only bio-degradable but also organic, and contains no harsh elements, and it is safe to use on children and pets!
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BuddhiBox Monthly Subscription Review – December 2015 Box

BuddhiBox Monthly Subscription Review  – December 2015 Box

Buddhi Box December 2015 BoxWhen we are children we do not think that the words that people say to use can hurt us. The sad part is that words many times words can hurt more than the largest weapon. Each night we watch the news, and each night we marvel at the amount of crimes and stories that could have a different outcome had words been used instead of the alternative weapons.

I was a young girl when I learned that words can hurt and to choose my words wisely. I apply this to each aspect of my life, and I am blessed that my husband does the same. We were both bullied in school and now how kind words can make a world of change and mean words can ruin your day. That is one reason I look forward to my monthly BuddhiBox – these are messages that are important in the yoga and real world.

I recently received the December BuddhiBox and I am again pleased and thrilled. Earlier in the year, I had the opportunity to review previous boxes (click here) and they are always a fun adventure in the yoga/healthy living lifestyle. The message is always one of compassion, and understanding and living a pure life.

This month we are back to the familiar bright green tissue paper carefully covering this months treasures. This month came with 4 cardboard information cards that are in full color and on thick glossy card stock. The first card was the Yoga pose of “Garland Pose” that shows the pose in full color, as well as the benefits and directions about the pose. These pose cards are made especially for BuddhiBox by a company called Yogicards. There is a recipe for a “Broccoli Hemp Potato Salad” that is made using 15 ingredients – 6 being spices that when put together creates a fresh, healthy and flavorful salad. The final information card included was a box manifest and on the other side the following quote:

The heart that gives, gathers.  – Lao Tzu Continue reading

Good Earth Beauty Body Wash Review

Good Earth Beauty Body Wash Review and GiveawayChocolate Amour by Good Earth Beauty

We all like to think we are the only girl in our guys lives, but prior to my entrance into Jason’s life he grew up with 2 sisters (both younger than him). Lucky for him there was a clear delineation of bathrooms in his parents house. Due to this clear line being drawn and the age difference he did not learn about women and their love of body washes until he moved in with a couple of female roommates. Apparently they were Guinness record holders when it came to body wash/beauty products and so not much surprises him now. It has been discovered that I too love body washes, so when I had the chance to try a new one I did.

I recently tried Good Earth Beauty’s Chocolate Amour 8 ounce pump body wash. I love chocolate as much as I love body washes (well maybe I love chocolate a little more) so the combination of the two is almost a guaranteed home run.

The Good Earth Beauty’s Chocolate Amour body wash is made of organic and natural ingredients such as an organic herbal infusion, organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Cocomide DEA (from coconuts), apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil, rosemary, organic chamomile, coconut milk, honey, papaya enzymes, royal jelly, glycerin and radish root ferment (used for a natural preservative). This is handmade in the United States of America and this body wash is made in collaboration with M.O.D Perfumery (the M.O.D. stands for Made On Demand).

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