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Kitty Roo Sweatshirt Review

KittyRoo Sweatshirt Review + Giveaway

There are many things that pull at my attention throughout the day, the largest being the cats. When I say “the cats” really i mean Maggee. There is nothing that Maggee loves more than attention, and she will take it anytime and anyway she can.

One of her favorite things is to sit on our laps, with paw on the chest and head in prime position to bump into the chins of the humans.

I love this time with her and encourage it more than I probably should. A couple of months ago I started seeing a sweater for cat lovers called the KittyRoo Sweatshirt, Many friends had shared this with me, and after a couple of months, thought it time I get one for review.

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Bright Bopper: Light Up Cat Toy Review

Bright Bopper: Light Up Cat Toy Review + Giveaway

We have two cats, and with that two different personalities. One cat, Murfee, started his life very full of life and has he has gotten older (he is will be 5 in August of this year), there is notable slow down in high activity levels.

On the other hand, our other cat Maggee is full of life and full of playtime any time of day. There is literally never a time when she does not want to play, and it usually at full throttle.

When I recently was given an opportunity to review the Bright Bopper LED Light-Up Cat Toy, I was hoping the previous toy loving Murfee and always up for playtime Maggee would enjoy it.

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Kitty Shack Review

Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Interact Marketing for Kitty Shack. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Kitty Shack Review

Kitty Shack BoxAnyone who is a regular reader of our review will know that we love our cats, Maggee and Murfee. Our house is very cat friendly with high up places to sleep, down low places to sleep, toys in many corners and many things dangle for them to bat at.

I am always looking for a soft thing to put on the floor to add to their comfort. I have tried cat beds that you get at the local pet stores, and they become toy holders. I have tried a homemade thick quilted bed, as well as a fleece dog bed with no interest from them whatsoever. So when I received the Kitty Shack I was not very hopeful.

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