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Fluffeez Review

Fluffeez Plush Gift Card Holders Review and Giveaway

Line Up of FluffeezWhen Jason and I began dating, my birthday was within a week or two. I did not think much of this at the time because it was a new relationship and I would NEVER expect him to acknowledge my birthday in a big way being that our relationship had not progressed to a love level.

As history would show, he actually surprised me and made a dream of mine come true, let me explain further. I had always thought that it would be neat to go to my local store that you can build your own bear, but never actually thought I would do it. I mean, I was approaching my 34th birthday and at 34 your priority is not building a bear. As we headed down to the store, I was filled with an excitement and began planning my purchase. I ended up settling on a teddy bear in San Diego Charger gear – yes helmet, shoes and jersey (he also has a Charger sweater for cold days).

Almost 7 years later. Chargie the Charger Bear is one of my prized possessions, but he also is the centerpiece to my teddy bear collection. I have loved teddy bears and stuffed animals since I was a child so when I had to opportunity to review Fluffeez, I was excited.

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January 2nd Mail Check-in

Admittedly the USPS has been a little on the slow side the past week or two. I am anticipating this new year when business gets really back to work on the 5th!

Today’s mJanuary 2nd Mail Check inail was good. The colored pencils I got from Amazon from gift cards I earned from my participation in Crowdtap, $25.00 Home Depot gift card earned from saving our my coke rewards points, a nice sample pack from Honest Kitchen (our little Muggle Murfee can be a picky eater so finding what he likes is nothing short of a challenge!) I received a couple TripAdvisor perks for a review that I did, so that was a pleasant addition!

I have alot planned for the blog this new year (which you will see the results rolled out in the first quarter of the year!). Remember to comment, and enter the contests!