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Impractical Jokers Cruise 3 – Part One

 A Impractical Journey with The Tenderloins – Part One

The call came in the day before the 6 month anniversary of losing my father, it came from Atlanta, and it was notifying me that a space had opened on the 3rd Annual Impractical Jokers Cruise.

After my shock and utter excitement wore off I returned the call and learned the details I would need to officially book this unique opportunity. There was little to no hesitation as I was offered a mid-ship balcony room. I paid my balance, and the email came in that I was confirmed a passenger for the February sailing.

What the Impractical Jokers Cruise is the unique fusion of a 4 day cruise with the comedy troupe “The Tenderloins” who are also known as Tru Tv’s Impractical Jokers on the Norwegian Cruise Lines ship “The Pearl”.

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A Mid January Update

A Mid-January Day – An Update

As quick as time flies by, so does my life. I can not believe that we are already into the 20’s of January – wasn’t it just New Year’s Eve?

There are a couple big things happening around here including preparations for a trip, construction on my tiny home prepping it for sale and going through my father’s house.

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Starting 2019 with “Intention and Execution”

2019: The Year of “INTENTION and EXECUTION”

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Another year has come and gone – granted my 2018 was NOTHING like I expected and ended like it began, quiet.

In previous years I have never really made “resolutions” when the new year comes. There are a couple reasons for this, one being I am never able to keep them going and by February, I have all but forgotten them.

Since so much has changed in my life – different house, taking over care of Meadow (the dog) and loosing my father, who was my best friend, I decided to make this year different.

I decided to choose a word that will define this coming year – Intention. Why did I chose this word of all the millions of words out there? The answer is actually quite simple – I always “intend” to do things such as crafts, travel, blogging, seeing friends and family but it never happens. My intention is there, with a lack of execution. In the back of my mind I wish to do these things but I just do not get there.

So, for 2019 I decided that INTENTION & EXECUTION would be the goal.

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