Sock Club – 3 Month Subscription Giveaway – Winter 2016

Start the New Year on the Right Foot – Sock Club Giveaway

December 2015Since I spend so much time on the couch and at my desk I rarely wear shoes around the house. The one item I do wear every day is socks!

Each time we are out and I see a new sock, my instinct is to pull the trigger and buy the socks despite my collection being larger than most small countries. My favorites are socks that are not only comfortable, but also incorporate color and a pattern in a creative eye-catching way.

One of my favorite pairs that I have is a red and grey wool sock that I received from SockClub last year at this time. It is for that reason that I am excited about the Start The New Year on the Right Foot Giveaway.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of SockClub in 2015 for review purposes.

SockClub has offered one (1) 3 month subscription to their monthly sock subscription service.

sock-club-collageSockClub is a monthly membership club that packages the months sock selection in a 8×11 “Sock Club” branded cardboard envelope  wrapped brown bag package with a red wax seal in the middle. Each sock selection contains a letter that  explains the inspiration behind the current months selection.

Be sure to check out my previous reviews of SockClub

If you are a sock lover or liker, I would HIGHLY recommend giving Sock Club a try!


Enter “DEALSAMONGUS10” for 10% off Sock Club subscriptions

Sock Club’s Monthly Subscriptions are available in 4 different monthly options:

  • Pay as you go/Month to Month/$12.00
  • 3 months/$36.00
  • 6 months/$72.00
  • 12 months/$132.00
  • Shipping within the United States is included in monthly cost
  • Shipping anywhere in the world is an additional $1.00 for Pay as you go and 12 Month plans
  • Shipping anywhere in the world is an additional $2.00 for 3 and 6 months subscriptions.

In addition to having a Sock of the Month Club, Sock Club also offers a host of other options including Bulk Sock Subscriptions, GIft Sock Subscriptions, Men’s Sock Subscription, Women’s Sock of the Month and Wedding Socks.

Be sure to see past socks available on Sock Club’s Online Store.

You can also find Sock Club on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

GIVEAWAY: Sock of the Month Club from Sock Club Subscription is giving a (1) – 3 month subscription to one of my readers! This is a $36.00 value. Open to all residents in US, Canada and beyond (be sure to check website to verify delivery to your address). Photos above are representative of what will be received and your will differ from the above photos. I will be randomly choosing 1 person on January 6th (1/6/2017) to receive (1) one 3 month subscription to SockClub!! To enter complete the entries below! Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by! Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

Win a 3 Month Subscription to Sock Club!



104 thoughts on “Sock Club – 3 Month Subscription Giveaway – Winter 2016

    1. Kristie

      i was actually thinking today how i need new socks. Mine are all black and boring! Tons of colorful tights, barley any socks!

  1. Mary Gardner

    My favorite socks are pink non slip fuzzy warm socks that I wear around the house to keep warm!

  2. paige chandler

    I have many many many socks I love, Can’t pick a fave, They are all awesome and I want more.

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  4. susan byrne

    My favorite pair are really soft and they different shades of purple with black. They are thick and cozy for this time of year.

  5. Lizeth Castillo

    These socks look so cozy! I would love to try them especially for this winter weather

  6. DailyWoman (Lacey)

    My favorite socks are the Aloe Infused ones I have, they are so soft and warm.

  7. jan

    Anything warm and fuzzy, although I really like this sock club’s The Rustler

  8. Nancy

    I don’t have a favorite sock right now. I do like socks that are thick, warm, colorful, and comfy!

  9. Alison King

    My favorite socks were bought for me by my best friend. They have llamas on them. They are super cute.

  10. Debbie F

    My favorite socks right now are my thick running socks that wick away moisture. They keep my feet nice and toasty on really cold mornings. 🙂
    And they’re colorful.

  11. Linda

    My favourite socks are merino wool and alpaca and very warm for cold weather.

  12. Anne C

    I don’t have any favorite socks yet. Maybe I would find one in the Sock Club subscription box. 🙂

  13. Kristen

    My favorite socks are colorful knee highs…and they’re VERY soft…I don’t remember what they’re made of, but they have to hand washed which seems crazy for socks, but they’re worth it!

  14. Joshua Spiers

    I have a favorite sock that is 100% Wool, I work in a Electrical Utility so they have to be all Natural Fibers! Comfortable to me!

  15. Victoria Scott

    I used to! It was a pair of candy cane striped knee socks, with Santa fur at the tops! The washer thought they were tasty and ate them 🙁

  16. BobbiJo Pentney

    I do have a favourite pair of socks. They do not cut off my ankles and they are soft and fuzzy on the inside.

  17. Aaron Humphrey

    Don’t really have a favorite, but really like anything warm and comfortable.

  18. Edward Reinholtz

    I like the White socks with the Gray on the toes and heal . I buy many of them and love them they are comfortable .

  19. Elle Tucker

    A friend hand knitted a pair with dancing skeletons on them and they are works of art!

  20. Wendy R.

    I don’t have favorite socks, but my daughter is a sock fanatic! She likes to wear 2 different ones a lot.

  21. Laura Celina Merluza

    My favorite socks have the shield of Captain America all over it ♥

  22. Kayte CookWatts

    I do have a favorite- hot pink and fuzzy- very warm and fun to wear.

  23. Michelle D.

    I have super soft/plush pair that go all the way up to bottom of knee. never want to take them off

  24. Elizabeth C.

    I have many pairs of socks that I love but my favorite are actually my yoga socks. They fit perfectly and are super comfy.

  25. Linda White

    My hot pink and black tiger print sleep socks are my favorite, so warm and fuzzy!

  26. shelly miller

    My favs are fur(fake) on the inside and wool on the outside, toasty warm and soft.

  27. Crystal L

    I love socks so much! My favorites are black and white polka dot.

  28. Jeani Brickner

    i don’t own my fave pair of socks anymore. i passed them along to my niece. they are elf socks with bells on them for christmas morning.

  29. Yvonne Delgado

    My buffalo socks. They aren’t warm but they are super cute

  30. Nicole

    My favourite socks are grey alpaca with a white snowflake pattern on them – so soft & warm!!

  31. Ellen Beck

    My very favorite socks right now are a pair of green heavy wool. They arent pretty but they are warm. It is COLD here .

  32. Brynn Sowellre4d

    I love fun socks! I got a ton for Christmas but really you can’t ever have enough.

  33. Jennifer Reed

    I personally love muted colors in socks but I think this would be great for my fun loving daughter who loves bright socks. She says she likes the CAPSTONE – ROYAL PURPLE socks.

  34. Jennifer L.

    I have a pair of organic wool hiking socks. They are super warm and cozy.

  35. Jennifer B.

    My favorite pair are purple and fuzzy. My husband got them for me a few years ago. They are not as soft as they used to be but still super comfy.

  36. slehan

    I have some heat savers socks that are keeping me warm in the 3 degree temps.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  37. farmermomwife

    I don’t really have a favorite sock, I wear just plain black crew socks most of the time. White ankle socks with tennis shoes & shorts. My daughter loves socks though 🙂

  38. Nicole

    I love my wigwam running socks, though I’m trying to find a non-wool pair that I love just as much

  39. laurie murley

    I don’t really have a favorite sock but I would love to try them

  40. Valerie Mallette

    My favourite pair of socks are orange Halloween themed socks with pumpkins all over them.

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