SmartyKat: Kicked Critter and Claw Tower Review

SmartyKat: Kicked Critter Plush Toy and Claw Tower – Review and Giveaway

Recently we moved into a larger house, and with more square footage comes more places the cats can hide and not interact with us. One of my first priorities was to get more scratch surfaces and more toys for them to play with. When I saw that SmartyKat had an almost 14 inch high scratch tower and light-up toy, I knew that Maggee and Murfee would love it!

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Worldwise, Inc.. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received the SmartyKat Kicked Critter Kicker Plush Cat Toy and the SmartKat Post Cat Scratcher for review.

SmartyKat Kicked Critter Kicker Plush Cat Toy – This is the perfect toy for a kicker that satisfies cats’ hunting instinct with faux fur that entices your cat to play. The kicker includes catnip & makes crinkle sounds to attract your cat and get them playing even more! This is a eco-friendly toy that is filled with fiberfill made from recycled plastic and is extra long at 15.25″ long which is perfect for Murfee!

SmartKat Post Cat Scratcher – Since scratching is a natural behavior for cats and with the new enviornement all the do it scratch this is perfect. When cats scratch it is to fulfill a variety of physical and instinctual needs and because it feels good especially when there are attached catnip toys and ribbons. 

The SmartyKat Scratcher offer various combinations of scratch surfaces to please any cat and redirect natural scratching behavior away from furnishings and allows for vertical scratching. This is a nice size at 35.5″  with an extra tall post and a stable base. 

In typical cat fashion, after a couple moments Murfee decided he liked the box it came in more than the scratcher itself – a typical cat.

Even though we are in new environment, both of these toys have made a excellent contribution to our new house! If you want a great scratcher and toy, get your cats a set of SmartyKat Toys!


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  1. Nicole

    My cat spends his day sleeping, eating, and vomiting in high traffic areas

  2. Sonya Allstun

    If they aren’t sleeping or eating they love watching the birds on the bird feeder I put outside the window

  3. Catherine Lewis

    She spends all night chasing a mouse around our house, so she sleeps during the day.

  4. MeMe R

    My now 3 cats spend all day lay around living the life of luxury honestly. They are afraid of outside and would be lost if their precious lily feet ever touched pavement. lol

  5. Renee Martinez

    My cat spends his day chasing the laser or sleeping.

  6. Tammy Horn

    I have a feral cat room and they love climbing in all the tunnels and cat walks that are built for them to explore. If not exploring and playing then ofcourse sleeping and eating. I also have a kitten room, and the same for them but even more active exploring their tunnels and walks.

  7. T True

    Older cat sleeps and runs away from the younger one. Younger one does Tasmanian Devil impersonations, ALL. DAY. LONG. He’s a sweetheart, but very rambunctious.

  8. Rose Paden

    Cats are always napping in this house! Or eating a snack and playing with a favorite toy!

  9. Melissa Storms

    My cat is indoor/outdoor, since the weather is warmer now she has spent her days having me open and close the door for her. She was indoor only for 2 years but escaped a couple of times and that was it, she will tear through the screens if we don’t let her out now.

  10. John Smith

    “What does your cat spend their day doing?” Planning world domination.

  11. katie bellamy

    All three of our kitties sleep all day & run up & down the hall all night. 🙂

  12. paulinemilner

    She loves to sit in the window and watch what is going on in the neighborhood. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  13. Kelly McGrew

    Sleeping! They save all their energy for when I get home and they feel like driving me crazy!

  14. Kathleen Downes

    My cat loves to wake me up at 5 am everyday by running around my apartment and meowing. I usually get up around 7am and that’s when she decides to go back to sleep. She’s a stinker.

  15. Kimberly brooks

    my babies spend their day playing, eating, relaxing, & playing with their foam cat balls !

  16. Gina E

    Both my hairy kitties spend most of the day sleeping hehe! :3 <3 =^.^=

  17. Lisa Sheldon

    My cat mainly hangs outside in the morning and sleeps in the afternoon.

  18. Wendy R.

    My son’s cats sit by the big windows and watch the world go by… or they hang out in the cat condo.

  19. Denise B.

    Our cat spends it’s days sleeping, following everyone around, and taking cheap shots at us.

  20. Jennifer Phillips

    Playing, stealing the chair when anybody gets up out of it, napping and being the best friend ever.

  21. dana

    Depends on the cat …. Clarabelle likes to accompany me and my dog on his walks

  22. jamie montag

    She loves to run up and down the stairs all day and dig in the houseplants so some new toys would be amazing!!

  23. Cindy

    My cats sleep all day and chase each other around the house all night. One is so heavy footed I always think someone is in the house!

  24. wen budro

    Sleep, play, eat. Repeat. They wear me out when they chase each other.

  25. Maryann D.

    My cat love to spend the day on her perches looking out windows and of course playing with us.

  26. Heather D

    My cat needs a new post. He mostly sleeps and silently judges me:

  27. clynsg

    They mostly sleep interspersed with times looking for a lap (usually mine when on computer) on which to sleep.

  28. slehan

    She’s old and spends most of her time sleeping.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  29. Laura Unger

    My cats spend their day either sleeping or looking out the windows, or eating.

  30. Joni Chadwell

    I hate to say it but…hunting birds and mice outside. She was a stray we took in and that was her way of life. We were hoping she would become a little more domesticated and be satisfied with cat food but she has such an instint to hunt.

  31. Stephanie Larison

    My 2 cats spend their time napping and playing. Eating and then sleeping some more.

  32. Lynne T

    I have two cats and their days consist of eating, sleeping, grooming each other and wrestling and chasing one another.

  33. Tracy Shafer

    Our older girl sleeps most of the day and night..she is almost 12. The other 2, sleep, eat and wreak havoc on the house!

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