Pet Remedy: Spray and Diffuser Review

Pet Remedy: Spray and Diffuser Review + Giveaway

There is confession that needs to be made – we have a problem cat. Our boy Murfee is a handful and a half – for more than one reason.

We adopted Murfee at 9 weeks old from the local Humane Society. We originally adopted him because the other cat in our house was rough playing with us and we read that getting them a buddy can break this behavior. From the moment we brought Murfee home he has been the opposite of a sleeper – he is awake 20+ hours a day!

We have given this thought and consideration, and we think it is a simple reason – he does not want to miss any excitement in his house. I know this sounds silly, but 4+ years later we still are left with more questions than answers.

This leaves many hours, while his sister Maggee sleeps, we look for answers. There is one  ruling criteria for products we use – no medicines or doctor prescribed remedies. Since we have heard positive things about diffusers I was eager to try Pet Remedy’s Diffuser and Spray.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Pet Remedy. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received a Pet Remedy –  Plug In Diffuser and Calming Spray to try to calm my boys wild ways.

The first thing that we tried was the Plug In Diffuser, which we placed in the vicinity of where Murfee tends to spend the majority of his days. We plugged it in and hoped that the combination of Valerian, Vetivert, Sweet Basil and Sage would be effective. Sadly there was little difference with Murfee, but unexpectedly, it made our other cat a sweeter cat.

Since I also received the Calming Spray I decided to spray Murfee’s bed and the drapes near him and eager anticipated calm, it never came. Again, though it made my other cat a love bug, and she was already a lover not a fighter.

Each of these products are made to calm an anxious pet, by using a constant slow release of the essential oils. The blend is very gentle on the metabolism of any mammal or bird. Since this blend is so gentle is can be used on the pets skin, humans skin, directly onto bedding, carpets, couches and beyond.

I attribute the fact that there was no result with Murfee as he is the most difficult cat I have ever encountered. When his furry sister is sleeping he is awake watching and keeping vigil, making sure there are no changes in his world.

I was surprised that my already sweet cat, Maggee became even sweeter. I am sure that the Pet Remedy was the reason as there has been no other change in her life or our home.

I like the fact that this is just herbs and natural ingredients, knowing that makes it easier to use in addition to having the added benefit of safe for your pets. Cats are not the only ones who can use this as dogs, small animals and large animals can also benefit from this calming formula.

If you have a pet that needs calming, I would recommend giving Pet Remedy a try – Maggee loved it!


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40 thoughts on “Pet Remedy: Spray and Diffuser Review

  1. Melissa Storms

    My dog is a really tiny chihuahua and we have indulged her way too much. I need to work on her jumping on people. She came into our home 8 months after we lost our 1st chihuahua and 1 week before we found out our aussie had cancer, he passed 2 weeks later. This of course led to us spoiling her.

  2. Sunny

    I also have a problem cat 🙁 She is incredibly sweet but likes to use the carpet as her toilet. Maybe this stuff will help her, and help her get along with our other cat.

  3. marilynnawara

    My Border Collie barks when it thunders — drives me crazy especially in the middle of the night.

  4. Sonya Allstun

    Buddy hides from family and friends when they come over and will NOT come out until they are gone. I know it isnt good for his kidneys since he wont even come out to use the litterbox he holds it in

  5. Christi Conley

    I also have a problem cat. Sylvester is the biggest cat we have. And he’s a bully. He stalks my other 2 boys relentlessly. I have tried everything I can think of, perhaps this will work. Sylvester is very loving to his humans, and he doesn’t bother my little female cat – they are all fixed – but it’s gotten to the point where the boys will hiss at him when he is within 10 inches of them 🙁

  6. June S.

    My brother is always telling me that he has one cat of his that wakes him up all hours of the night. I wonder is this would help with that problem also?

  7. susan byrne

    I wish my cat would stop taking my clean socks out of the sock basket and carrying them around with her. She also bring up dirty socks from the laundry, she doesn’t care.

  8. Wendy R.

    Well, I wish that my great dane’s wagging tail didn’t hurt so bad when it whacks you – but I don’t think we can change that!! LOL Seriously, it’s like being whipped.

  9. Arielle

    I would really use this for my cat Corinne. She is scared at every little noise and this would help her calm.

  10. Darcy Koch

    My dog has this habit of licking me with her tongue which can at times be annoying.

  11. Michele Cupp

    My rescue dog is terrified of loud noises and of people in general, so if I could at least help her relax when she hears noises that would be so helpful.

  12. Barrie

    As my dog gets older, he seems to be getting a bit more neurotic. He won’t eat if any chair/toy/paper is near his food bowl. Sometimes he won’t eat unless someone is standing next to him!

  13. Nicole

    My cat likes to pee in laundry baskets of clothing. I would love to change that, but instead we just don’t leave clothing in baskets. Ever.

  14. Becca

    I actually wish I could change my dog’s anxiety. He is my first dog that can’t be left home alone without being crated.

  15. wen budro

    I wish that my dog would be friendlier towards other dogs. She only likes a few for some reason.

  16. Katie Bellamy

    Clawing up my couch! No matter how many cat towers we have, they can’t stay away from my couch! Lol!

  17. Linda Szymoniak

    I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds and they all bark too much – especially when someone comes to the door, but even when they hear a loud car or truck on our street (they assume it’s a delivery truck or post for us) or in the yard at the feral cats that stay in the empty lot behind us (we have a secure privacy fence but they love to bark at the cats). Two of them – my girl, Kyoko, and Seiji (the bigger of the two boys) are extremely frightened of thunder, fireworks, etc. I’ve tried another brand of spray and have been wanting to try this one – and the diffuser.

  18. cheryl s

    I have a male springer that marks anything we leave on the floor – of course now we’ve learned to leave nothing on the floor but he frustrates me

  19. Katie Amanda

    I have two rescued pups. One, my pittie, Rocket is wonderful. My coonhound, Holly, barks A LOT. She has a lot of anxiety, is easily overstimulated, and can be a bully toward Rocket. Despite her shortcomings, I still love her and enjoy watching her play, eat everyday, and lounge comfortably in our house.

  20. vicki lorenz

    I wish my sweet little dog would stop barking at nothing. I will make a noise and she will run to the front door and freak out. Little dummy!

  21. Peggy Rydzewski

    right now we have a puppy and she has a habit of trying to poop in one spot in the house.


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