Ungrip Your Phone Review

Grip Your Phone With an Ungrip – a Review and Giveaway

There is no doubt that I use my phone every frequently and often throughout the day, but I am constantly dropping my phone, which can be a problem to say the least. I have been looking for a way to hold my phone, without sacrificing the ability to use it efficiently. When I saw the Ungrip and the simple application, and use, I was curious if my phone use would be effected in a positive or negative way.

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Petstages: Scratch – Peekin’ Pals Review

Petstages: Scratch – Peekin’ Pals Review & Giveaway

Back when I first started reviewing cat toys I came across a company called Petstages and since that time I have had the opportunity to test, and let the cats play with the wide range of toys including the new Peekin’ Pals Interactive Play Toy that is now available. Petstages has a complete line of toys for cats (and dogs) that  stimulate the cats mind, as well as their reward system that keeps them hunting and playing, all while providing exercise in a safe environment that we control.

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Utama Spice: Diffuser and Essential Oil Review

Diffuse and Relax With a Sonoma Yi Diffuser and a Deep Calming Essential Oil – A Review and Giveaway

One of the things that I have come to rely on are essential oils and various blends, especially during stressful times. There are an unlimited number of combinations and a million remedies so when I heard that Utama Spice wanted us to review an essential oil and blend I could not think of a better time than now! Continue reading

Rufus Teague: Saucin’ & Rubbin’ BBQ Kit Review

Get Saucin’ & Rubbin’ with Rufus Teague Review and Giveaway

Lately I have been spending more time at my fathers house, and this serves my taste buds well – he has a smoker for meats! Since my patio is smaller, I come over whenever I want to smoke anything and recently I received a Rufus Teague BBQ Kit that was made for the bbq and smoker. 

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Cremo: Silver Water & Birch Spray Cologne Review

Cremo: Silver Water & Birch Spray Cologne Review & Giveaway

When I was young my father made his own cologne. The process came about when he mixed witch hazel, and another item, in addition to a couple drops of the previously made cologne.

As I have gotten older and become a DIY’er myself, I appreciate the effort he went through, but I prefer a simple way – the store bought way.

One of our favorite companies is Cremo Company and lucky for us they have begun making colognes for me and they sent us one to smell, use and enjoy.

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The Original Cannoli Chips Review

The Original Cannoli Chips Review + Giveaway

It has been mentioned before that we love sweet things in our house, from our pets to the food we eat. Depsite having an affinity towards sweets, when we get cannolis, I would rather eat the crispy shell than the treasures inside, so when I saw that there was a cannoli chip available called The Original Cannoli Chips, my excitement level towards cannoli’s increased. Continue reading

Quilty Box: Classic Box Review – March 2018

Classic Quilty Box – March 2018 Review 


As a crafter, one of the crafts that is in my bag-of-tricks is sewing. I love the idea that I can take a flat piece of fabric and within a couple of hours, create something useful for human or feline.

When I received the March 2018 Quilty Box I was pleased to see an spring animal themed fabric pack.

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Silipint: Silicone Squeeze-a-Bowl Review

Silipint Silicone Squeeze-a-Bowl Review & Giveaway

I recently had a bowl of cereal and as I grabbed it, swung my arm and before I knew it the entire bowl was on the floor. There was no grip, there was no way that this would not happen – I knew I needed a new solution. As I have mentioned in the past I love when companies I have worked with in the past release new items, and when I heard that Silipint released a new bowl, I was excitedI was recently sent a set of Silipint Silicone Squeeze-a-Bowl and it immediately replaced the other bowl I had used for my cereal previously.

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