61 thoughts on “Nick’s Sticks Holiday Giveaway!!

  1. Kelly Nicholson

    What are you hoping will be in your holiday stocking?

    a blonde,but thats a long shot….im happy with m&ms

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  3. Ruy M.

    I would be happy with socks in my stocking, but I’m hoping for an iPod and some bluetooth headphones.

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  5. Sharon Kaminski

    I am hoping to have some lip moisturizers in my stocking this year for my dry lips.

  6. Barrie

    I don’t usually get a stocking as I put them together…lol…but usually it is a few pieces of candy, an orange, and silly toys.

  7. Tamra Phelps

    I would love to find some Shalimar perfume in my stocking! I’m too cheap to buy it myself, lol.

  8. MaryJo Tsitouris

    After reading this review, I’m hoping for some Nick‚Äôs Sticks in my stocking! haha!

  9. clynsg

    I am usually filling stockings, not emptying them, but would like to see some gift cards in mine!

  10. Theresa D

    I am hopping for some Godiva Dark Chocolate in my stocking and now I think I would like some meat sticks also.

  11. Gina Ferrell

    I’m hoping chocolate, make-up and gift cards will be in stocking this year for Christmas.

  12. Tosha H

    I’d love some scratch lotto tickets and chocolate, two of my favorite things in this world = D


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