Newmans Own Organic Cat Food Review

Newman’s Own Organic: Wet and Dry Cat Food Review and Giveaway

maggee-contiplating-her-newmans-own-choicesSince I have adopted cats I have learned a lot about the feline species. One of the biggest things I have learned is about their taste buds.

Often we make strawberries with fresh whipped cream on the top and every time I make whipped cream my girl Maggee wakes up out of her slumber and stands at full attention. Each time she does this I immediately give her some cream. She is usually done after a couple licks, and back to sleep she goes. Until recently I was under the belief she loved my whipped cream, and as it turns out cats can not taste sugar and sweet, it must have been the plain cream she loves. My other cat, Murfee has no interest in this creamy treat and tuns his nose up on such indulgences.

To say the least we have two different eaters in our house, which makes finding a cat food that both animals like can be a challenge at times. I have taken it on as a challenge of sorts – can I find a list of foods that both cats will love. Recently i reviewed Newman’s Own Organic food and loved it, and when I found out they had a line of pet food under the label Newman’s Own Pet Food knew I had to let the two cats try it.

The  products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Newman’s Own. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I recently received a box of Newman’s Own Pet Food products for review. The box had a variety of cat food for sampling including –

maggee-eating-dry-newmans-foodThe Newman’s Own Adult Cat Food is an organic dry cat food that has hard kibble. Maggee and Murfee both liked this food which surprised me since Murfee is notorious for being the PICKIEST eater ever!! Maggee seemed to like the food and returned to the food multiple times throughout the day. Murfee is not much of a grazer so his lack of attention towards the food did not surprise me.

turkey-and-vegitableflavors If there is one treat we offer the cats at least once or twice a week is wet food. Currently there is one brand that both Maggee and Murfee will eat, and we have yet to find a second brand. When I received the assortment of wet food in the following of Turkey & Liver Dinner (5 oz), Organic Liver (3 oz), Chicken and Salmon Formula (3 oz), Chicken & Brown Rice Formula (3 oz), Chicken Dinner (5 oz) and Turkey and Vegetable Formula (3 oz). I was hopeful I would find some common ground for these two vastly different eaters.

murfee-sniffing-foodI started with the Turkey and Vegetable Formula. I knew Maggee would be interested as she smelled it the minute I opened the can, Murfee another story. Much to my shock and awe, Murfee stopped to smell the food and even tried a small bite, but in typical picky Murfee fashion that one taste was all he needed to make his decision.

Maggee on the other hand LOVED the wet food, and ate the entire bowl! I call these 1/2 wins!

I am in the process of sampling the other wet goods, and so far the results have been the same as this initial test. Maggee loves it, Murfee is not so much a fan.

I think this is more about Murfee than a reflection of the food, we have tried a ton of food, and very little does he actually like – he is just a picky eater, plain and simple.

If you are looking for a solid organic pet food that you know comes from goodness, give Newman’s Own a try – your animals will thank you – unless their name is Murfee.


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49 thoughts on “Newmans Own Organic Cat Food Review

  1. Cynthia C

    I con’t give my cat treats. Right now she is getting Nature’s Variety Instinct cat food.

  2. AC

    Ugh. Keala is the pickiest eater ever. Truthfully, she’d rather have a piece of chip or bread over a cat treat or wet food. She use to love her wet food and cat treats and then a few months back, she just started sticking her nose up to everything. It’s frustrating, but I grew sick of wasting money and trying things with her… so I’ve stopped. Unless it’s free or under 5 cents, she’s not trying it anymore. LOL. Don’t these animals know how darn expensive they are?! Ugh! Haha

  3. Amanda Lea

    My cat eats both adry and wet food food but obviously is a bigger fan of the wet and potato chips!

  4. Monica M

    I have three dogs and they all like something different. One dog loves dog biscuits, one loves rawhide bones and the other loves anything bacon flavored

  5. Morgan Watson

    My dog actually loves coconut oil. I don’t feed him a ton of it, but occasionally, I do put some on his food or treats.

  6. Heather D

    My cat and dog both love cheese. The dog will patiently stare me down but the cat tries to take it from me.

  7. Michele Cupp

    CHEESE. My dog loves cheese. I accidentally typed “cheese” in the space above that was asking for my name sorry.

  8. Ellen S

    salmon pill pockets. they think they’re snacks, I think they save me from having to shove a pill down.

  9. tiffany dayton

    My cats all are older ,don’t get treats. My sister’s cat is young and she feeds her all types of treats and soft food. If I won I would give it to her for Kitty Pooh.


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