Need a box? Look in your freezer

Turn a Corn Dog Box into Functional Storage

Stamps 1Anybody who knows me knows I am constantly looking for ways to turn trash to treasure. I have a TON of craft supplies and really not a lot of space in which to store it in, so since space is a commodity I am always looking for creative uses of the space that is available.

We love corn dogs around here, and the cardboard boxes they come in are actually a good quality of cardboard! I have a ton of stamps and they needed a home. I have been saving these corn dog boxes and using them in my store-room and then it came to me: RECOVER THEM!!!!
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The box is a colorful so I knew I needed either dark paper or thick paper so I would not have any color bleed through.

I chose a green butterfly wrapping paper (from Current – LOVE THEIR PAPER!!)
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Corn Dog Coming TogetherI began wrapping it, using two separate pieces of enough paper to wrap a box (the paper, if not on a roll, will come in this size by default). I cut about 5-6 inches off the long side and began wrapping. I folded the edges over the box and taped the entire length of the interior of the box.

In ProcessWhen I was done, this was what I ended up with, and it took me about 20 minutes to wrap the whole thing.

From Covered to Plain

I found letter stickers in my collection that ironically were shaped like stamps! I slapped on my stickers.

StampsNext step was to collect my wayward stamps and give them a home!

Snug as a bugHere is the finished product on the shelf! I am beyond thrilled with the end result that I made a couple of others.

If you have any questions about this project , comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Need a box? Look in your freezer

  1. Rhiannon Rowland

    So cute and great idea! I actually have the same box sitting ready to go into the recycle…but now I am trying to think what I can use it for! Thanks!

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