Naturelle: Biotera Anti-Frizz Hair Care Review

Tame Frizz with Naturelle’s Biotera Anti-Frizz Hair Care – A Review and Giveaway

There has been a love hate relationship with my hair since I was a teenager. When I was a teen I not only got perms, but had a habit of brushing them out which resulted in frizzy hair. Back in the mid 90’s frizzy hair was all the rage, so there were not a lot of products to counteract my horrid habit.

Lucky for me, now there are solutions such as the Naturelle Biotera Anti-Frizz Hair Products that I recently received.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Naturelle. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received the Naturelle Biotera Anti-Frizz Hair Care Set that included one each of the following –

Anti-Frizz Rich Lather Shampoo – Utilizing Camellia flower oil to tame frizz this is a nice lathering shampoo that smells as good as it works. In addition, it protects against breakage, split ends and damage and works to gently restore long or hard-to-grow hair.

Anti-Frizz Deep Conditioner – Similar to the shampoo, this is infused with Camellia flower oil that nourishes and controls frizz. This washed out of my hair easy, and left my hair soft and smooth.


Intense Smoothing Leave-In Conditioner Spray – The spray is paraben-free, lightweight leave-in formula that protects against and controls frizz and static with improved manageability, hydration and detangling. It dries in hair nicely, and leaves hair soft and smooth for up to 3 days!

Each of these Naturelle Biotera Anti-Frizz products are infused with 100% more botanical’s and extracts and are safe for colored hair.

It has been a week that I have been using this, and I can already see my hair is growing in healthier and stronger. Plus the smell is so good that you will find yourself washing your hair for the good scents in the Naturelle Biotera Anti-Frizz Collection.


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70 thoughts on “Naturelle: Biotera Anti-Frizz Hair Care Review

  1. John Smith

    “Tell us what your one hair wish is?” Glowing lustrous slightly wavy locks, not too long, but just long enough that I can give it a shake and leave everyone in awe of my loveliness.

  2. Toni Sprouse

    My daughters and I all use products to tame the frizz..I’m excited to learn about this brand! Thanks for the great review!

  3. Amy D

    My #1 hair wish is that it was unfrizzy and manageable. That is why I am so excited about this hair product giveaway. I think it will really help my hair!

  4. ljhfike

    I wish my hair was the same as it was when i was younger and 2 kids less

  5. Melinda

    I have fine hair drives me crazy some days lol frizz free would be a welcome change.

  6. jenny

    My hair gets super dry, especially in the winter months. I am always looking for a product to help with moisture without weighing my hair down!

  7. Karley Moore

    I wish I had some curl in my hair because it is super straight. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Lucy Rapposellii

    Would love to try this. I have thinning hair and it has become dry and brittle. Thanks for the chance

  9. Wendy R.

    I wish my hair would be something other than a hot mess all the time!

  10. Jen D.

    I’m going naturally gray and right now I’m a salt and pepper dark blonde. I find it a bit challenging to figure out what colors to wear in this transitional stage. I’m looking forward to when I’m all the way gray.

  11. Amy Sheets

    My hair wish is to improve the current state of my hair (dry and frizzy) and have nicely moisturized waves!

  12. Kylie S

    My one hair wish is to have nice, silky hair and curls that are not greasy. I am struggling constantly with finding the right routine for me.

  13. Jaque Richards

    My hair wish is to have smoothe, shiny, thick hair! 🙂 Thank you.

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  15. Melissa Storms

    My hair wish is for less fly away hair. It is a nightmare in the winter with static.

  16. larescoe

    I wish that my hair didn’t tangle so easily! It is super fine so no matter what it will tangle when I wear it down.

  17. Jenn Reed

    My personal hair wish is for lots of texture and volume. However, for my daughter who has very thick long hair I wish for frizz free hair that is easy to comb.

  18. ellen beck

    My one hair wish is that it didnt get all dry and frizzy in the winter . Oh and have so much static!

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