Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome – January 2017 Review

Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome – January 2017 Review

The concept of randomness is a good thing, and can keep life interesting. I like to have a sense of randomness in my life daily. The calculated and methodical reason for this is simple – I believe each day should have some element of the unknown.

Each month when I receive the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily I realize that my love of randomness extends to others. Each month no theme is chosen, but rather a selection of random gender neutral items that will undoubtedly meet a need of yours or a lucky recipient that you were unaware you had.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of That Daily Deal/Jammin Butter. This post may contain affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review and all opinions are my own.

Here is a breakdown of the items that included in the January Box of Awesome:

Phillips 40 W Bulbs: Since we purchased our house, I have used more light bulbs than I ever imagined I would. There always seems to be a blown bulb, despite my efforts to keep up on this problem. This will save me some money in the future, and since these are also sparkle bulbs they are like bulbs plus.

I love Bacon 2017 Calendar: Who is not a fan of bacon? I know we are! This is a bacon’s lovers dream and includes fun bacon themed facts. This would be cute in a kitchen, or snack area.

Weber Coffee Rub: A coffee rub for meat, pork or even chicken. The spices are large and prominent. This smells really good and I plan to use it on a slow cooked pork I plan on making in the next week.

Wax Free Tart Warmer with Wax Free Tarts: This is the second warmer I have received as I received one in my December Peaches and Petals Box. I liked it in the previous box and like the safety that it provides for my cats.

Gloves for Cut Resistant Cutting: Since I am generally a klutz and cut myself more often than not, I am happy to have to have a safe way to cut items that are not my hands

Star Wars Ceramic Mug: The first thing I noticed on this was the sticker on the upper right that stated my included mix was past the best by date. While I was a bit disappointed, I hardly ever use the mixes that come in these type items so it really was of little loss to me. Overall this is a super cute mug that would be great for any Star Wars fan!

While I enjoy getting these boxes each month, I am starting to see some overlap between the Peaches and Petals, Mini Box of Awesome and this regular box. I am guessing that much of these items are purchased at bulk and are random on their end as well. That being said, I enjoy getting this box each month, and at the least I now have a white elephant gift or two and have items that my house can use.

Each month random box receivers will received a high ticket item included in their box. The examples of past items received are an inflatable hot tub, 70″ curved television, a years worth of bacon, a 3D printer, and even Ring Door Bell Systems! I have yet to hear of any other bloggers who have received these, and I eagerly anticipate that I am the lucky one each month.

This is by far the most random, and most unique box I have received and I look forward to it each month!

When they named this a Mystery Box of Awesome they are not exaggerating – it is awesome!

What is the most random item you have ever received? Tell me below.

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