43 thoughts on “Mint-X: Rodent Repellent Trash Bags Review

  1. Austin Baroudi

    Quality is important to me with trash bags because nothing is worse than the bag ripping open!

  2. Alison Gibb

    The most important quality I look for is strength! There is nothing worse then when a trash bag rips open.

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  4. Michelle Coles

    Durability is most important! It’s soo frustrating if the trash bag rips on you..YUCK!

  5. Bailey Dexter

    I always look for leap proof and tear proof, nothing is worse than on garbage day picking up the bags and leaking on my foot!

  6. Amy Jones

    I want something durable, so there are no leaks or tears on the way to the dumpster. The minty scent would be interesting to try too!

  7. Cindy Peterson

    I look for durability in a trash bag. The worse is when your trash bag tears and it leaks or trash is blown all over.

  8. clynsg

    The strength and tear resistance of the bag are the most important things when buying trash bags.

  9. Lesley F

    They have to be strong so they can hold the trash and the right size for my kitchen trash can


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