ManeLine Hair Care: Shampoo Alternative in Bamboo Mint Review

ManeLine Hair Care: Bamboo Mint Premium Shampoo Alternative Review and Giveaway

There is no denying that I love my shampoo’s and conditioner combinations and this is nothing new. When I was younger I would see new hair cleaning product’s advertised and I would immediately want to get what was being shown and added to my collection of scents and varieties. There is something that I have recently learned – it is ok not to wash my hair every day. Hair makes natural oils, that while they can be unsightly, they are not bad for our hair.

Given the fact that I love my scented shampoo’s and conditioners I decided that it might be interesting to give something new, and out of my comfort zone a try. Since I am so fond of hair care items, when I saw ManeLine Hair Care and their alternative to these combinations I love so much I was definitely curious.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of ManeLine Hair Care.

I received a 16 ounce bottle of ManeLine Premium Shampoo Alternative in Bamboo Mint for review.

The first thing to know about this product is that it is an alternative to your current shampoo and conditioner. The truth is that really your hair does not need to be washed daily and the oils are not a negative thing other than aesthetically.

The ManeLine Premium Shampoo Alternative in Bamboo Mint is used the same way as a other shampoo’s. I decided to go into an every 2 days to wash my hair so that i could test this when my hair becomes it’s worst looking.

I got my hair wet and put a small amount of shampoo on my palm and using the flats of my fingers, which is recommended by ManeLine Hair Care and I dispersed the product into my scalp. I let this sit on my hair for about 2-3 minutes, although I estimated this time and it could have been longer as I tend to lose track of time in the shower. There was not as much foam as I normally see when I give my scalp a good scrub with other shampoos, but I also suspected this would be the case since it was missing many of the ingredients that bring that intense foam. As I rinsed my hair, it seemed to not be as smooth as I was used to but decided to let my hair air dry and see what happens. It is important to note that I always use conditioner with my shampoo’s.

My hair is currently down to my shoulders, so luckily there was little length of hair to tangle or get caught up. As my hair dried I did notice my hair was clean, and smelled good and while it had minor tangles, this is probably due to my hair wrap I used to absorb water when I initially got out of my shower.

Overall this cleaned my hair, but I also noticed that my hair developed its oils and came to the hairs surface quicker. This being said, I am prone to more oily hair the longer I go without washing my hair.

If you are looking for a shampoo that is a natural product, free from silicones, sulfates and phosphates. The benefit is that this can result in fewer allergic reactions, since it is vegan-free and cruelty free. In addition the ManeLine Premium Shampoo Alternative has a shelf life of 2 years, although they recommend using this before that time.

I am glad that I ventured outside my hair comfort zone and plan to use this when I feel like my hair needs some purity. While this will not replace my shampoo and conditioner combinations I am excited to share this product with my family that is always looking for healthier alternatives.


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52 thoughts on “ManeLine Hair Care: Shampoo Alternative in Bamboo Mint Review

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  2. Victoria Scott

    Every couple days. It’s naturally curly, so with 3 kids, most of the time it gets pulled up on top of my head LOL

  3. Laura Mccartney

    I wash my hair every other day, but my daughter with curly hair washes her every two days and dry shampoo in between washes. other wise it becomes dry and messy

  4. Laurie Nykaza

    I try and wash my hair every 3rd day unless I have somewhere special to go to then I was it before I go out.

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  6. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I wash my air most everyday. My face and scalp is very oily and I prefer washing my hair when I shower.

  7. Tracy Robertson

    About 5 times a week. I wash my hair most days but I do skip the occasional day if it doesn’t look or feel dirty.

  8. Vikki Billings

    I was my hair everyday because it is very oily and it shows pretty quickly


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