Limoneira Lemon Uses and Review

Limoneira Lemons – Uses Review and Giveaway

Limoniera LemonsOne of my favorite scents in the entire world is lemons. There is no scent like lemon and it instantly evoke images of bright yellow color and a citrus filled fresh scent.

Since we are the humans to two cats that like to jump on counters, couches, beds and anything else that could be construed as a bed, safety in cleaning products is key. One day is occurred to me that my favorite scent was as versatile as it was good smelling.

Since I am on a quest to make the surfaces, and environment of our home safer for the humans and the cats, I was more them willing to receive a box of lemons from Limoneira Company to experiment with.

I am not sure that there is any use that lemons are not good for, so I am going to share what i decided to use this box of fresh for.

Lemon BreadThe first thing that I thought was that a lemon cake seemed lie a fresh idea. I know I wanted  a recipe that had a nice topping. After what seemed like hours of searching, I found the perfect recipe. I was so excited that I brought out my KitchenAid Mixer so all the ingredients would mix together perfectly. I was very happy as I saw the ingredients come together, and was very excited when it poured perfectly into the pan. I could barely wait the required 45 minutes, and when I opened the over I, instead of excitement I was filled with deflation. Apparently the baking power I used was expired by a while and the result was a flat bread. The bright side is the despite the dense nature, the flavor was fresh and delicious!

Lemon SprayWe have a blanket sucker in the house and his name is Murfee. Our cat Murfee was a little kitten when he was abandoned at 2 days old, and it left with him a couple of mother issues. Due to not being able to properly nurse on his mom when he needed comforting, he took to soft places. The fabric he prefers is fleece and while it does not hurt anything, it does make the blankets wet and soppy. We read that a simple water/lemon mixture sprayed on the surface would detour him but not hurt him. It also makes the house smell good, which is a wonderful addition and solves the problem in a natural way. The easiest way to spray is a simple spray bottle.

Glass of water with lemonI love a good glass of ice water, and for a more spa experience I added a slice of lemon. It made the water so much more fresh and gave me the feeling that I was having some “spagua” water at home. buy valtrex online no prescription

Tilapia with LemonFor dinner this past weekend we defrosted some Tilapia, cut up the lemons, and added salt and pepper and baked the fish in aluminum foil. After baking for almost 35 minutes we had lemon flavored Tilapia – it was very good! buy ventolin online no prescription

Meyer Lemon Bar with LemonAs lucky had it we had a mix for Meyer Lemon Bars, so we made those for dessert and added a couple squeezes of fresh lemon. I also candied some lemon rinds for the top, which added a nice candied fresh note to an otherwise plain mix. buy viagra black online no prescription

Limoneira Company is located in Santa Paula, California and has been in the lemon producing industry for over 100 years. Also produced on the vast acreage property are avocados.

The uses for lemon go far beyond traditional uses, and the fresh scent and safety for family and animals can not be beat. If you want a easy, fresh and natural solution, lemons are what you are looking for.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of lemons and their vast uses, click here.

To learn more about Limoneira Company

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Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Limoneira Company. This post may contain affiliate links, but this in no way influences the review to follow.

GIVEAWAY:  Limoneira Company is giving a box of lemons to one (1) reader!  (1) lucky winner will be selected at random to  win 1 – 1/2 case of lemons (20lbs of lemons) which will contain anywhere from 37-100 lemons depending on lemon size. This is an $40.00 – $50.00 Value!  I will be randomly choosing 1 person on June 5th (6/5/2016) to receive this lemon fresh pack! Open to residents in the US. To enter complete the entries below! Winner will be notified by me by email and prize will be fulfilled by Limoneira Company! Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

Win a 20 lbs of LEMONS!!!


49 thoughts on “Limoneira Lemon Uses and Review

  1. Sandra W.

    to make fresh lemonade at basketball fundraiser, or a neighborhood 50th Bday pool party for drinks and lemonade.

  2. Ryan Campbell

    I would give them to my wife…she eats lemons like they are candy! And, since the weather’s getting warmer, I would make some fresh lemonade as well 🙂

  3. Margaret Smith

    I’d love to make lemonade and lemon cookies. I’d also share them with others.

  4. Laura

    I would make some lemon cake and fresh lemonade! Yum!

  5. Sandy Cain

    We love lemon cookies, and lemon meringue pie here. They will be put to great use. And with the warm weather coming – so does the lemonade!

  6. susan byrne

    I love lemon water, use it to make salad dressing and of course cooking with lemons.

  7. Terri Irvin

    I will make my famous Lemon cake that my very elderly father just loves.

  8. Cynthia C

    I would share with everyone in the family. We all use lots of lemons for cooking and making beverages.

  9. Melissa R

    When life gives you lemons….well, I’d probably use them for salad dressings and marinades. 🙂

  10. Cindy Peterson

    My husband and I drink lemon and ginger water almost every morning. I like to use a 1/4 cup of lemon juice in washer when doing whites. It brightens like bleach with a better smell and fewer worries. I do have a wonderful lemon poke cake recipe…..

  11. Ali

    I would use them to make lemonade, when cooking dinners, and baking lemon pie and cookies!

  12. Lisa L.

    That is a lot of lemons.. but that is great since I love lemons. I’d make a lot of Chicken Piccata and Lemonade. Then I’d have a ball trying out new lemon recipes.

  13. Tabitha Shrader

    I’d make lemonade and lemon cake and lemon pie and all kinds of things.

  14. Nicole Reel

    If I won, I would make some amazing things in the kitchen and use some for beauty reasons.

  15. Shannon

    Lemons are great, I like lemons in my water and lemon cake!!

  16. Annamarie V

    I would definitely be sharing the lemons with friends and family but would love to try doing some baking with them.

  17. Kayte CookWatts

    Lemon water and I would also use the peels to freshen the garbage disposal.

  18. sarah k

    There is this lemon cheesecake recipe I’ve been wanting to try and would also use the lemons in some chicken dishes.

  19. Maryann D.

    I would share some lemons with my sisters. I love to cook seafood with lemon and also use it in my drinks.

  20. Jessica Hanson

    I cook with lemons every day, so this would be an amazing prize! I’d use it for dressings and lemon tarts

  21. Lorena Keech

    I’ve been wanting to make homemade limoncello, so I’d start there.

  22. Stephanie Larison

    Lots of lemonade! With the warmer weather here, it would be perfect for the whole family.

  23. Paol Trenny

    I will use it in my DIY beauty products as well as for cooking and making lemonade.

  24. ellen beck

    I would make a ton of home made lemon aid and really enjoy it!

  25. Emerald

    I have been on a lemon kick lately. I’m thinking lemon body scrubs, lemon cookies, lemon pound cake , lemon and acv water. Oh gosh so many ideas.

  26. Sarah Cool

    I would make fresh lemonade and fresh salad dressings and of course on fish yum!

  27. Kristina Potter

    I just got an ice machine!!!!! So I would definitely make a lot of lemonaid shakes ups for my family on our weekend camping trips!!

  28. Sarah L

    I’ll make lots of lemonade and cook some fish with fresh lemons.
    Thanks for the contest.

  29. Eugenia Hall

    So many uses, I’d probably make up some lemonade syrup with splenda (and freeze it) for the rest of the summer. I’d make some lemon curd with part of them, perhaps a lemon cake with almond flour. I’d also share with my friends and family. And of course grilling or baking fish, yum!

  30. jules m.

    we will make a lot of lemon pound cake and freeze some, lemon chicken and lemonade!

  31. Penny Snyder

    I would make lemon meringue pies for hubby – his favorite!!~

  32. Betty C

    The number one use would be lemonade of course. But I’d also make a pie, some cookies and bake some fish and chicken with lemon. If I had any left I would freeze it for later.

  33. LynneT

    I’d use some to make lemonade, some to make lemon bars and some to make lemon chicken.

  34. Laurie Emerson

    I will use some to make lemonade and some to make my favorite lemon cake.

  35. Nancy

    We could have fresh lemonade, lemon bars, lemon on our avocados, lemon on our salad, chicken piccata, and lemon on our fish.

  36. Leah Shumack

    Lemon is a constant staple in my house! We always have them sliced up for unsweet tea and water plus they are great to help clean up and make everything smell great!

  37. Cheryll Shubert

    I love cooking and baking with fresh lemons! I also make a great skin scrub with them! So excited for this opportunity!! Thank you so much!!!! Xoxo

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