38 thoughts on “Kitty Kush Catnip Review

  1. Cynthia C

    My cat likes catnip toys. She plays with them by tossing, chasing and licking them.

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  4. Amy Orvin

    My 4 cats all love catnip! They usually lay on top it and flip over rubbing their backs in it.

  5. Sheila K.

    My kitty-boy loves catnip—he rubs it all over his face, licks it, chews it, goes crazy for a few minutes, and then falls into a blissful sleep!

  6. Bailey Dexter

    My cats love catnip! They always a mouse or toy that has it on. I started them on the catnip when they are kittens, this way they go to the toys when they need it. My oldest is 12 and has arthritis & you know on the colder damp days, he goes looking for it to self medicate!

  7. Carolyn M

    My kitty gets really happy, rolls around a bit, and then goes to sleep… but never too hyper like cats I’ve had in the past 🙂

  8. Bo Simms

    Yes my cats love catnip. They roll around, and get all hyper because of it. Cat nip is their fave!

  9. DJ

    My cats go crazy for catnip. They dart off running through the house with lots of energy after having some catnip.

  10. Tina W

    Two of my cats LOVE catnip, the others don’t really seem to care.
    The ones that do enjoy it just roll and roll and roll wherever I’ve sprinkled it.

  11. Mary Songer

    I’ve had several cats over the years and all of them have liked catnip. Most of them got sleepy after.

  12. Becky

    Let’s see I have 4 cats: One just turns into a blob and lays there…one will freak out running into walls and is paranoid..the other two are ok..

  13. Tzipora

    This looks awesome! I have two catnip lovers here. The older male kitty just lives for the stuff and loves to roll around and drool all over catnip toys in particular. My crazy quirky black female kitty seems to be more sensitive to quality or picky or something. Sometimes she ignores it and other times she loves it. Her addiction though is foam balls and playing fetch! I’ve actually offered her catnip before only to have her walk off and bring me back one of her fetch balls. Funny, isn’t it? It’s the foam balls we have to hide or she never ever wants to stop and will wake you up even demanding you throw her ball!

  14. Samantha D

    Yes my cat Tammy loves the nip. She would love this, and such a cool container. No more accidentally knocking over an open nip container!

  15. james jenkins

    When younger, it made them “turn on”, but, now older, it doesn’t do much or for very long.


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