Hartz: Delectables SqueezeUp Cat Treats Review

Spending Quality Time With Maggee and Delectables SqueezeUp Cat Treats + A Giveaway

Since the day that we adopted Maggee she has been giving us pieces of her personality. Prior to us adopting her she was shuttled from home to home and having kittens in between. When we adopted her we knew her history, and so we set out to not only be her last home but also her best home. We began to work with her on being held, and while frustrating at times, that seemed to be the key to her opening up.

It started with us holding her in the middle of the floor, where she had no out to jump down. Within less than a month, she was loving being held and began to seek it out. Flash forward 5 years later, being held is a vital part of her day, and she actively seeks out that love.

Now there are numerous things she has began to love, and spending time bonding with her humans is high on her list, as is food. If I can combine the two, she is in cat heaven. When we recently received the Hartz: Delectables SqueezeUp Cat Treats I knew that I could use it as a bonding opportunity with a treat.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Hartz/Vorticom. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received an assortment of Hartz Delectable Cat Treats including the Hartz Delectable SqueezeUp Cat Treats.

From the moment I showed her the package she was interested.

When I opened this, I saw that it was more of thick puree that I could dispense and she could lick,

She immediately figured out that the treat came from me pushing and how it was dispensed. She LOVED IT!

She may have gotten a bit eager, and began making a mess of her own face – thank gosh for cat tongues.

There is no doubt that she loved these, and now knows what the package looks like. I loved having this time to “hand” feed her and I take any opportunity to give her these. The instructions state that you can give your cat up to 3 tubes at a time, although I have limited it to one tube at a time.

The Hartz Delectable SqueezeUp Cat Treats would make a great training tool if you want to teach your cat to be a lap cat or teaching them to come to you. I have given Maggee these at random times, and each time she is equally eager to eat it as she was the first time and your cat will be too!


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42 thoughts on “Hartz: Delectables SqueezeUp Cat Treats Review

  1. JEN D

    I give my cat Libby treats every day – sometimes pet treats and sometimes a nibble of chicken or fish.

  2. Cheryl Chervitz

    I don’t have any cats right now, so I would donate to my local pet shelter.

  3. Lisa

    My cats get treats a couple times a day. One of my cats takes medicine and that is why they get them a couple times a day. I used to give them treats every other day.

  4. Victoria Scott

    Every few days. We lost our eldest cat last week, so we are spoiling the baby a little bit.

  5. Shannon Egan

    I give my kitties Temptations all the time. It will be nice to try these as they look interesting!

  6. Daniel Scott

    I give Yoshi treats at least once a day. He is an active kitty so there is no weight problem.

  7. james m jenkins

    Timmie learned to sit on the sofa top, across from the treats box, and hit me up for one every time I walk by. Now I have a nest full of cats there, all telling me their tales of hunger and neglect, which they will forgive, for a price.

  8. Annette

    I used to give them treats daily, but lately it’s been every few weeks when I remember to buy some.


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