Gourmet Gift Baskets: Chocolate Covered Christmas Pretzels Review

Gourmet Gift Baskets: Chocolate Covered Christmas Pretzels Review + Giveaway

Recently I discovered the art of melting chocolate and the art of covering items in chocolate.

Shortly after I discovered this I attempted to make my own dark chocolate covered pretzels. To say it was difficult to make would be an understatement. The concept of putting sprinkles on the chocolate was way beyond my scope of abilities at the time. It was then I decided that i would purchase these in the future and not attempt to make these again.

When I was contacted recently from GourmetGiftBaskets.com, and saw their Christmas Pretzels I knew that I had to give these a try since they looked so much better than my feeble attempt. 

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of GourmetGiftBaskets.com. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

The Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Pretzels from GourmetGiftBaskets.com is a 12 pretzel collection that contains 2 each of the 6 designs.

The Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Pretzels Set included 2 – Dark Chocolate covered pretzels one with white snowflakes and one with red and green trees, 4 – Milk Chocolate covered pretzels with 2 that have a red and green drizzle of icing and the remaining with red and green speckles.

My favorite of the three varieties was the dark chocolate with the snowflakes. The pretzels had the perfect combination of chocolate and salt. The chocolate that covered the pretzels were a higher quality than you would typically encounter on a product like this. The chocolate was not to sweet and not bitter and had a melty creamy quality once in the mouth.

These were very close to the represented picture that I saw shown in the photo on the website, which I was very pleased. One of my pretzels cracked in transit, but that did not change my opinion or the overall taste. That being said, it is possible through the course of production, packaging and shipping that this cracking occurred.

This is such a wonderful gift for chocolate lovers and pretzel lovers alike – which I happen to be! Overall the Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Pretzels would make a great gift for the holidays.

Head over to GourmetGiftBaskets.com and see their vast assortment of themed baskets!

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90 thoughts on “Gourmet Gift Baskets: Chocolate Covered Christmas Pretzels Review

  1. Vanessa Richard

    my favorite would be chocolate covered raisin or strawberries depending on my mood

  2. Elizabeth C.

    I love chocolate covered almonds but really “anything” chocolate covered.

  3. Dave L

    My favorite would have to be chocolate covered pretzels. The combination of salty and sweet is delicious. Thank you for the fun giveaway. Happy New Year!

  4. Samantha

    My favorite is a tie between chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered peanuts!

  5. jenny stratton

    It would be either chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered caramels.

  6. Docia Vagnerini

    I love chocolate and I love pretzels so it jut doesn’t get any better in my book, but I especially am addicted to white chocolate pretzels YUM!

  7. Sonya Allstun

    Chocolate covered marsh mellows but really been wanting to try chocolate covered bacon

  8. Kaitlin Mark

    It’s a toss up, I love chocolate covered graham crackers, animal crackers, and oreos, but that’s all hard to compete with chocolate covered strawberries!

  9. Vicki D.

    These looks yummy. I have always wanted to try chocolate covered pretzels. In reality, I like anything covered in chocolate, especially strawberries.

  10. marie

    I love chocolate covered strawberries blueberries..fruits in general. but, anything covered in dark chocolate is good for me!!

  11. Brandon Sparks

    Pretzels for sure are my favorite chocolate covered item. Chocolate Covered Pretzels FTW!


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