Epsom Salt Rainbow DIY

Epsom Salt Rainbow DIY + Giveaway!!!!

epsom-salt-rainbowThere are few items as versatile as Epsom Salt.

Epsom Salt is a magnesium sulfate that is in an inorganic, which means that it does not consist of or derives from living matter or that are not organic. This is a salt that contains magnesium sulfur and oxygen. While it sounds complicated, really what you have is a versatile salt that can not be eaten but can be used on your body, beauty products and even stubborn dishes.

The largest issue that we have is stubborn dishes, the food gets caked on and making the clean up near impossible. Since Epsom Salt when used before you scrub your dishes, makes the clean up a little easier, I wanted a pleasing yet functional way to store my salt near the sink. After some contemplation, I decided on making a Rainbow of Epsom Salt.

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The creation of this Rainbow of Epsom Salt was easier and much simpler than I initially thought.

epsom-salt-rainbow-suppliesOnce I decided on the colors I would be including I gathered the items i would need including a jar that used to contain mushrooms. I also gathered 7 snack bags, and the food dye I would need and of course the Epsom Salt.

20160929_165249I started by pouring a bit of Epsom salt at the bottom of the jar and then made sure that 7 portions of the same amount would fit comfortably in the jar.

epsom-salt-amountAs it turns out this was about 1/4 cup of salt for each of the 7 colors.

After I figured out the measurements, I then got a snack bag, placed the salt inside and added the food coloring. Each color took a different amount of coloring, and I have listed the amounts below, but really this is more visual and personal preference as I like bold bright colors.

adding-more-red-to-the-bagOnce the coloring was in the salt I closed the top and I began to shake the bag to disperse the coloring.

grab-red-tablespoonAfter my initial addition of red food coloring, I decided I wanted more red less pink so I added a couple more drops and shook.

tablespoon-it-inOnce I was happy with the color I took a tablespoon and began to tablespoon the salt into the center glass jar, this was to ensure that no colored salt got on the sides, and into the other colors.

before-shake-downI then shook and patted the glass jar so that the salt would settle.

adding-the-purpleI proceeded to make 6 more baggies with 6 more colors and as each color was complete I spooned each one in making sure the salt landed in the center and worked its way to the sides. Once I had all the colors added I patted down the top to give it a uniform and tight look.

the-end-resultSince this is full of color it will sit on my window ledge next to my soap and when needed I can easily open and add 1/4 teaspoon to my dishes and have a little color included.

Here are the amounts of coloring I used:

  • Red – 8 drops of Red
  • Orange – 6 drops Yellow +2 Red
  • Yellow -6 Yellow drops
  • Green – 5 Green drops
  • Blue – 5 Blue drops
  • Purple – 4 Red drops + 2 Blue drops/5 Purple (if you have purple food coloring)

What is your favorite use for Epsom Salt? Tell me below!

Any questions about the project? Ask me below!


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53 thoughts on “Epsom Salt Rainbow DIY

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  2. marthalynnr

    I definitely love Epsom Salt for a relaxing soak! I don’t know why I don’t use it more often. After an Epsom Salt bath I feel so calm and my skin is so soft. Just thinking about it makes me want to run a bath right now!

  3. Cindy Peterson

    I use Epsom salts for a great relaxing bath and It is also great to use on my rose bushes.

  4. Wendy hutton

    my favorite use for epsom salt is fertilizer for my plants, you add 1 tbsp per gallon of water and boy do your plants grow nicely, its great on veggies too in the garden-a neighbour told me about this and I am glad I tried it

  5. Dawn gordon

    I have only ever used epsom salts in the tub for a long soak to relax! Never knew other uses for it! Thanks for sharing

  6. Wanda Bee

    I like to dissolve it in hot water and soak my tired feet at the end of the day.

  7. Heather D

    My grandmother used epson salt in a lot of things. I use it in salt “baths” and other things.

  8. Amy Lovell

    I use it in the tub to draw out toxins when sick, I use it to sooth sore muscles, I use it in my plants to improve their ph levels. so many things!

  9. Rosanne

    I have worked out a lot the last 5 years. If I miss a few weeks I get a lot of muscle and joint pain and a hot bath with epsom salts and essential oils helps a lot.

  10. slehan

    I use it when I make bath salts as presents.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  11. Mary Somerville

    I like adding essential oils, to use for bath salts. My favorites are lavender, and eucalyptus..

  12. William W

    I use Epsom Salts for many gardening needs (along with its home uses). Have a great season! 🙂

  13. karen mayernick

    I definitely want to make this! I love this idea! I had no idea you could use Epsom Salt for dishes. I use it for relaxing my sore muscles in the bath! Great Giveaway! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  14. Lyndsey R.

    I like to make my own body scrub out of sugar, Epsom salt, essential oils and coconut oil. It makes my skin so soft.


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