DIY Upcycled Plastic Container

DIY Upcycled Plastic Container – 10 Steps!

When you have a pets, it is inevitable that you will need small bags to clean up after them. I have been on a search for a dispenser that at the least would keep the plastic bags organized until I need them.

One afternoon, as I was depleting my pre-moistened wipes, inspiration struck and I realized with a little bit of effort, I could create a dispenser for plastic bags that would be easy and cater to my love of all things color filled.

With about a hour or two you too can have a custom plastic bag dispenser.

The washi tape featured in this post was provided to me free of charge courtesy of Oriental Trading, all else I had around the house. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the project to follow and all opinions are my own.

Once I realized that this otherwise plastic container could be used, I set out to make it match the other colorful items in my home.

Step 1: Locate an unused/empty container, remove the top and label. Using regular dish soap wash and rinse the top, exterior and interior of the container. This will prevent any chemical residue that may remain and give the container a nice temporary smell.

Step 2: Dry Completely and paint it white – by painting the outer exterior this gives the tape a rough surface to stick upon. For me, the drying time was quick, but this will depend on the temperature and conditions in your area.

Step 3: Choose your washi tape colors – I chose to do a rainbow theme of tape consisting of a chevron patterns and solid colors, since color is all around me. I would recommend choosing at least 3-4 varieties to keep the pattern visually interesting but this is really up to you.

Step 3A: I would also recommend to stack your washi tape so that you can get a clear visual of the pattern – since this is before you adhere to your project this also gives the opportunity to change and adjust the pattern to your liking.

Step 4: Find the “seam” on the plastic container and place your tape end on that line and wrap the tape around your container, making sure it is level and adhered as you go. For the size container I used, I needed about a 11 inch piece of tape for the circumference of the container of each color, but you can use a piece of ribbon or tape to measure this.

Step 5: Continue placing your washi tape, removing and adjusting as needed. Try to make it as level as possible. I used the top lip (most of these canisters have a small indent that is used for the label) as my leveling guide and it seemed to work perfect.

Step 6: Once you are pleased with the design, get a clear varnish – I used the Delta Matte Interior Varnish – this gave me a nice solid protector coat and a no gloss finish. I knew that this would be inside and away from water and dirts, I wanted a protector for the dust and general dirt particles.

Step 7: While the container dries from the varnish, gather your plastic bags and begin the flattening and folding process.

Step 7A: To fold the bags for easy dispensing first, flatten the bag the best you can on a flat surface such as a counter, and then fold in half meeting the handles together. I found it easier to fold numerous bags and stack them together and set aside.

Step 7B: Lay the bag back on the counter, and starting with the handles begin the roll the bag left to right, When you are half way through rolling the bag, grab another plastic bag and repeat the folding you did to the previous bag, and place it handle side to the left and with the body sticking out past the previous bag. Continue the rolling until you have a collection of about 25 bags.

Step 8: Once you have completed your 25 bag roll, either measure or place the bags in the container to make sure it fits – this can be a snug fit or loose – either way works. You should have a handle sticking up from the middle of the roll.

Step 9: Get the container that you had set aside and place the handle that is sticking up through the hole and snap the top down.

Step 10: As a finishing, I got a contrasting piece of washi tap and placed in vertical down the seam of the side of the container. I made sure this was darker so it would cover the torn edges of my wash tape. I then used a plastic covered label and placed in on the top of the seam coverage piece.

I tested this out, and honestly found myself refolding/wrapping the bags to repopulate my container because I kept pulling bags! This now sits in our cats room, and is used for all things litter based but this would be great in a camper, car or work! This basic idea can be used on any size of container and all types of bags!

The decoration and size possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Have an idea for a future DIY, tell me below!




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  1. Ellen Beck

    Thats cute and it works well. I use the wipes too for the cats an there are ‘reecipes’ online for making your own. Not expensive at all.


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