64 thoughts on “Crispy Green: Crispy Fruit Review

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  2. wen budro

    I’m most excited to try the crispy tangerines flavor. They all sound so delicious.

  3. Carol Nine

    I’d like to try Crispy Tangerines. Those are really unique and I love tangerines.

  4. clynsg

    Probably the Crispy Tangerines. Don’t really like pears, but would try them this way to see if that would be a method to enjoy them.

  5. John Winand Jr

    I would love to try the Pear variety – these would be great to put in my kids’ lunch!

  6. Kate Newton

    I think the crispy asian pears sound amazing! I’ve never seen them dried like this before. What a great thing for school lunches. Would totally send these with my three boys to school for snack time! Thanks for the opportunity


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