29 thoughts on “Crafting with Alcohol Inks Review

  1. Maryann D.

    My daughter is crafty and also an artist. So I have many things that she has made me. My favorite is a painting of my cat we once had.

  2. jenny stratton

    My daughter painted me a picture that she still tries to steal back and tear up.

  3. Susan Hartman

    My mother gave me a darling shadow box with mini baby items including a birth certificate.

  4. Laurie Nykaza

    My sister just made me a beautiful scrapbook photo album for Christmas it is so beautiful

  5. Catherine Lewis

    My granddaughter, age 6, made me a sign to hold up at the airport for when I arrived. She made it look like a panda bear because she knows I love them. She had the words “Gramma Panda” on it, which is what she calls me now! I loved it!!!

  6. Wendy R.

    My mom made me a porcelain doll when I graduated from elementary school. I still have the doll!

  7. Katie Bellamy

    My husband had 2, 3 foot metal flowers made for me for our first Christmas. They are just pretty art! I still love them!


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