Completed 5d Project: Chipmunks Eating Corn

The Latest Finish – Chipmunks Eating Corn – Diamond Painting

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When I saw these Chipmunks Eating Corn I immediately thought it would be so cute in a dining area, or kitchen. I will say that the level of detail on the corn completely surprised me. This has 44 colors, and over 46,400 beads, making this very detailed. This  measures 27 inches x 19 inches (or 70cm x 50cm) and is the perfect size with the detail included.

The colors and the detail reminds me of summer corn, and this was just a lot of fun to work on. I started it November 23rd, and worked on it through the Thanksgiving weekend, then I worked on it a bit less while i focused on other projects, but began this past week, and managed to finish it one month from when I started it making the completion date 12/23/2018.

Now what color frame should I use?


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6 thoughts on “Completed 5d Project: Chipmunks Eating Corn

  1. Peggy

    You really have patience. I did not know what the 5D Kits were until you posted about them. Then my DIL said she was doing one. So she is getting 2 more kits of her favorite subject for Christmas tomorrow. Thank you for the introduction to the kits. Merry Christmas to you too.

    1. Jennifer Post author

      They really do not require patience more than just time. This one took me about a month working anywhere from 2 hours to 10 hours at a time. The end result is just so spectacular!

  2. ellen beck

    This would be neat in a kitchen! Now this would be great for someone here in corn country. I cant do this craft but my niece could these are so pretty!

    1. Jennifer Post author

      That is where I am planning on putting it and was the intention when I purchased it, I loved working on it!

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