Chargers Have Left – Now How Do I decorate?

The Charger’s Have Left San Diego, Now How Do I Decorate?

Many readers know, I live in a Charger house and am a native San Diegan, and for me there was no other team to get behind but the San Diego Chargers.

Since the news broke that they are leaving I have done a lot of reading and had many discussions. For now the Chargers are still the Bolts, and the team colors are still yellow and blue – this could change down the line, but now it remains (I believe they just went through a uniform change a couple years ago, and the NFL rules state that changes can be made every 5 years).

Jason is a born, bred and lifelong fan and never planned on supporting another team. As he put it, he has 40+ years invested in this team, players and history and 100 mile move would not change that. As for me, I am a hometown girl.

I take great pride that I am from San Diego, home of the Chargers (former now), Padres and the title of “Americas Finest City”. This announcement of departure has effected me in ways I did not anticipate. I forgot how much the Chargers were a part of my daily life – from the shirts, jackets and socks I own. I have a Build-A-Bear named Chargy (Chargy the Charger Bear) and my house is blue and yellow throughout. When you come to our door, a large San Diego banner greets you.

When Jason and I began dating, I knew he was a Charger fan and I made sure to take photos of my jackets, shirts and blankets because I wanted him to know I was fan before him. Each year my father would purchase something Charger themed, since the mid 90’s, during the holidays, so my collection is varied and full of memories.

Since we are in town, we attended training camp, all the while Jason would be scoping out his picks and deciding who to watch in the upcoming season. Forums were read, threads responded to and in time became a thoughtful voice of logic and reason. Jason and I have been to games together, we have walked the circular walkways of Qualcomm Stadium, and have pictures that overlook the field mid playing. We have yelled at the television on game day, we have shed a tear when the game was lost despite being in our grasp. We watched each game and we listened when we were on the road.

Now, since blue and yellow are my favorite colors, but also the colors of my dear departed team how do I decorate? Do I get rid of each item that mentions San Diego or Chargers? Do I change the colors that are my favorite colors? The reality is that none of these work for me, or Jason.

I understand the economics make it that Mr. Spanos had really no choice but to move to LA, I understand that the team will be worth more a mere 100 miles away, and I also understand the struggle was real when a stadium conversation was had. This was a 15 year back and forth between a city that did not want to foot the bill and a owner that did not want to foot the bill – this lead to a brick wall that nobody could get beyond.

It is hard to think that in the end, economic’s win over a loyal fan base, and that we are small cogs in a bigger wheel. The hardest time I have had is when I realized that my allegiance and fandom does not matter – it is the economics – plain and simple. The reality is that while football and teams may not need us, we need them. We need them to give us the hope, to be used as an escape from our otherwise loud lives. We need to believe in something larger than ourselves and they teach us that each season gives us new hope. So, I am making the choice to keep my house the exact same as it was before the announcement. It is the players, the memories and the hope in the game that I am going to support.

While they may not be the hometown team anymore, they are this homes team!

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One thought on “Chargers Have Left – Now How Do I decorate?

  1. Sergio Briseno

    Awesome way of thinking. As a Los Angeles native, I preferred the Chargers to stay in SD. I just couldn’t picture the them elsewhere. Not to mention, I loved the weekend getaway when I’d go to games. I can’t lie, having them come over to LA is exciting. But I know that they will always have a San Diego part of me. The memories as to which I became a chargers fan watching my favorite player, Ladainian Tomlinson! Really excited for this new season! I’m #ChargedUp ⚡️🔋


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