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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: February 2018

“Super Meowdel” –Cat Lady Box – February 2018 – Review + Giveaway

While I have never been a “girly-girl” I appreciate having the right tools when I do get dressed up. When I received Cat Lady Box this month, all the items themed in a “Super Meowdel” made me want to do my makeup and do my nails and go on the town!  Continue reading 18 x 24 Custom Doormat Review Personalized Cat Doormat Review and Giveaway

If there is one thing I love, it is my cats. I believe that I share my space with them, and they are residents of our home. I have seen and loved the personalized doormats with pets names, so when I had the chance to add one to our home, I immediately placed an order on the site which does personalized gift items for men, women, homes, kids, pets and beyond! 

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Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier Review

Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier Review and Giveaway

One of the most difficult things as a pet guardian is taking cats to the vet’s office. Recently we took both cats to the vet on the same day, and it was challenging to say the least. At the time we only had one carrier, and made a box into a carrier for our smaller cat. We have been on the search for a carrier that is comfortable, but also stores well since space is a commodity in our house. When I saw the Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier, I knew I found the perfect carrier for our needs. 

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Ways To Pamper Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Pamper Your Pet This Valentine’s Day + A Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is not only for humans, you can pamper and show your pet love too! Here are my 5 ways I pamper my pets this time of year!

Be sure to enter to win an Eazee Deshedding Brush with Dust & Flea Comb Attachment to pamper your pet at the end of this post!

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Meowijuana: It’s Always Legal in California Giveaway

Meowijuana: It’s Always Legal in California Giveaway

While most of California is dealing with a recent legalization, for cats there is one thing that has always been legal – CAT NIP!

I have mentioned a couple times that my Murfee has loved catnip since he was a kitten and has stayed constant with his love. There is something about this natural plant that he loves, and most days can garner a flicker of interest when he barely gives humans a second thought. 

To celebrate that cat nip has always been legal,  Meowijuana is giving 4 readers a $25.00 gift card to get them the thing cats need.

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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: January 2018

“Winter Wondpurrland” –Cat Lady Box – January 2018 – Review + Giveaway

The days here have turned cold and wet, which means I have two cats that require more and more attention. While this takes from my day a bit more, there is nowhere else I would rather be. When I received the “Winter Wondpurrland” themed Cat Lady Box this month, all the items reminded me of the cat cuddles that cold nights of winter brings. Continue reading

Petlinks: Hyper Hide & Play Crinkle Ring Review

Petlinks: Hyper Hide & Play Crinkle Ring + 2 Mice Cat Toy Review and Giveaway

There is no doubt I am a lucky person – I get to spend each day with my cats, Maggee and Murfee. Most days this works really well and they entertain themselves, although there are days in which they come to me and want my attention. For that reason, I am always adding toys, beds and play toys for them to enjoy. When I saw the Petlinks Hyper Hide & Play Crinkle Ring and that it was made for independent play, I knew it was perfect for the cats to enjoy while I work away.

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Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – December 2017

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – December 2017

As I have mentioned in the past, one of my favorites times of the month is the day I go visit my furry sister. Each month Meadow greets me with excited and pure love, and protection over her environment.

When I gave her the treats from the December Pet Treater as she does each month, she learns and finds the squeaker in the toy within only a couple of moments. The next step is usually running off proudly with her newly discovered bounty which she did proudly this month.

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Pawscout: The Smarter Pet Tag Review

Pawscout: The Smarter Pet Tag Review & Giveaway

One of my biggest fears is losing my cats. We had a situation a couple of years ago when through an open window, both cats escaped. Lucky for us we got super lucky and they did not venture far from home but the scare stayed with me and is something that I consider whenever we leave the house. Since that fateful day I have been looking for a way to prevent those scares and with the Pawscout: The Smarter Pet Tag this may be a preventable scare in the future. 

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Pet Treater: Cat Pack – December 2017 Review

Pet Treater – Cat Pack Review – December 2017

As many readers know, we have been reviewing the dog version of the Pet Treater box for a while now, and I am so excited that as of late 2017 Pet Treater has added a monthly Cat Pack for cats and cat guardians.

This month of Pet Treater’s Cat Pack and it is even better than the previous months! I can honestly say that again me and my cats are so excited that they could get in on the monthly action too. Continue reading