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Meowijuana: Organic Catnip Assortment Review

Meowijuana: Organic Catnip Review + Giveaway

Murfee is a unique cat in many ways, but mostly because he is hot and cold when it comes to the things he likes. In most situations this does not bother us, and honestly we have become quite accustom to it and even find humor among the chaos of his ever changing mood.

The one thing that Murfee has loved since he was a kitten and has stayed constant about is catnip. There is something about this grown plant that he loves, and most days can garner a flicker of interest.

When I recently was doing searches about growing our own catnip I came across a company called Meowijuana, I was immediately interested since I love a good play on words.

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Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – February 2017

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – February 2017

Animals are amazing, and dogs are even more so. There are stories upon stories that depict dogs traveling great distances and great lengths to get to their humans. Nothing says true love and devotion like a dog (and sometimes a cat).

When I saw this months Pet Treater and the theme “All You Need is Love and A Dog”, this fact was no more evident in those many stories that I read. I think that is really all you need in life – love and a dog! Continue reading

Gotcha! The Adoption Story of Maggee and Murfee

Gotcha! Finding a Forever Home: Murfee and Maggee

There is no doubt that we love our cats and are often asked how Murfee and Maggee entered our lives.

The story is simple and started years earlier with an agreement. When Jason and I began dating we agreed that someday we would adopt a cat (or two) when we would purchase a home and not have roommates. Flash forward to a couple of years later and we were in the middle of making an offer on our first house. We decided that if our offer was accepted we would start looking for a cat to join our lives. We scoured the shelter site, and waited until we moved in the house, but not quite settled. Once we adopted Murfee we knew he needed a buddy, and that brought Maggee into our lives.

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Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – January 2017

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – January 2017

As far back as I can remember I have loved animals and have always had a imagination where animals are concerned.

When I was young I thought that animals had their own language and could communicate with each other cats and dogs. As I have gotten older I have realized they do have their own language – Love. This is a simple language that we all understand, but it is all animals know.

Since the days go by faster than the days before it is important during these days to remember our pets, and how the love you. When I saw this months Pet Treater and the theme “Cheers to Another “Dog” Gone Year”, was reminded to stop and speak my animals language as the years pass by. Continue reading

Newman’s Own Valentine’s Pet Sampler Giveaway

Love Your Pet This Valentine’s Day – Newman’s Pet Food Sampler Giveaway

newmans-sampler-packAs the calendar days pass, the new years worth of holidays and celebrations have begun. One of the first holidays is the upcoming Valentines Day.

Each year when Valentines Day rolls around, I wonder the same thing each – why is there only one day to tell those we love that we love them. I think we should tell those we love that we love them everyday! This generalization also applies to the animals in our life, we should love them each day and not only on a day in February.

A simple way that we show our cats love each day is by the food selections that we make! With that spirit of love, I am thrilled to give one reader a Newman’s Pet Food Sampler in either cat or dog variety.

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Pet Remedy: Spray and Diffuser Review

Pet Remedy: Spray and Diffuser Review + Giveaway

There is confession that needs to be made – we have a problem cat. Our boy Murfee is a handful and a half – for more than one reason.

We adopted Murfee at 9 weeks old from the local Humane Society. We originally adopted him because the other cat in our house was rough playing with us and we read that getting them a buddy can break this behavior. From the moment we brought Murfee home he has been the opposite of a sleeper – he is awake 20+ hours a day!

We have given this thought and consideration, and we think it is a simple reason – he does not want to miss any excitement in his house. I know this sounds silly, but 4+ years later we still are left with more questions than answers.

This leaves many hours, while his sister Maggee sleeps, we look for answers. There is one  ruling criteria for products we use – no medicines or doctor prescribed remedies. Since we have heard positive things about diffusers I was eager to try Pet Remedy’s Diffuser and Spray.

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Gifts for Cats & Cat Lover’s – Holiday 2016

 Gifts for Cats & Cat Lover’s

holiday-cats-and-cat-loverThis post has affiliate links but this in no way will influence the post to follow and all opinions are my own.

Each of these items on my list are items that I have either reviewed or own/use at my home with either myself or the cats. That being said, I would purchase any of these items for a friends and family 0 they are all great for cat ladies, cat men and everyone in -between. Impossible to go wrong with any item on this list.


catopoly-game-componentsIf you are a cat guardian, cat fan or even just appreciate cats then you will love this feline take on the property board game called Cat-Opoly by Late for the Sky. This game has all the details that cat lovers will appreciate from the cat boxes (the homes) and the fish bones (the hotels). Each property is replaced with a cat breed and the values include each step of financial increase and the back of each deed contains fun facts about cats that are featured on the board. Its the traditional property trading game with some cat-astrophic twists included. Almost every major cat breed is represented in the property cards and this will give you and your cat friends hours of fun!

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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: December 2016

Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription – “Meowy Holidays” – December 2016 – Review + Giveaway

cat-lady-box-december-2016-contentsThe holidays are here and it is time for cats of the world to assist their humans with the present wrapping in front of them. Maggee and Murfee love to walk all over the paper and listen to the crinkle under their paws.

One of my favorite thing during this season is to watch my cats as they watch the musical Christmas lights we have. There eyes dance around each light and as I wonder what is going through their minds, I find myself relaxing with the rhythm of their purrs.

If I know anything, it that this season is as magical for humans and cats alike. When I received the “Meowy Holidays” themed Cat Lady Box, I knew that it would be seasonally appropriate and full of holiday themed items.   Continue reading

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – November 2016

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – November 2016

november-2016-pet-treater-boxThere are few things that I remember loving when I was a child as much as I loved animals. I always thought it would be great to be a vet! As I have gotten older it became clear to me that I would be in a position that I would become attached to the animals that I was saving, and that would be the best quality for a vet. Despite my early career aspirations not coming to fruition I knew that the quality that made Vet Medicine not a correct choice, would make me a great Guardian.

Each day I strive to be the best Guardian and “sister” to all pets in my life, and I am attached to Meadow as if she was my own. I want the best for her, and I love spending time with her.

When I saw this months Pet Treater and the theme “Eat, Sleep and Be Thankful“, it reminded me of how thankful I was that I have a dog like Meadow I can spend time with and have special moments with, despite her living in a separate home. Continue reading

Treat Your Pet with Newman’s Own Giveaway

Treat Your Pet with Newman’s Own Organic Pet Food Giveaway

newmans-sampler-packI have a confession, I get Christmas gifts for my pets. I generally wrap them and put them under the tree. When it is time to open the gifts, I let the cats sniff the gift and paw at it. Once it is time to open I pry the corner open and let them attack it. More often than not they are far more interested in the paper and the accompanying crinkle. While this provides my husband and myself a laugh, inevitably the cat walks away to ignore us.

Cats are notoriously ambivalent about everything including gifts, their surroundings and most of all – their humans. There is one time when I am able to get my cats entire attention is when I have dry or wet food. When ever I crack a can open they come running –  that is why I am thrilled to be able to have another Newman’s Own Pet Food giveaway.

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