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Bird Catcher PRO EX – Interactive Cat Toy Review

Maggee vs The Bird Catcher PRO EX – Review + Giveaway –

When we adopted Maggee we purchased a bunch of toys and items we thought she might like. We purchased tiny stuffed mice that got lost far to quickly, we purchased balls with bells that were inevitably stepped on and we bought a bird feathers on a string. Since she was a bit older upon adoption, but still very young and recently had given birth we were told to keep her calm the first 5 days at home – Yea! You try to keep a 9 month old kitten “calm”.

As for the toys, she showed little interest until we tried the bird toy. We quickly discovered that one of her favorite ways to play was laying down and letting the bird toy come to her. She learned VERY quickly that the toy always returned within in a radius that she could reach with her paws. At the time we did not know if the fascination with this toy was more that she was healing or that she was lazy. It turned out that she just a lazy player and knows the toys will return.

One of her favorite toys is the bird toys that seem to be flying in the air. The biggest problem is that generally these have long handles and long strings, which makes storage difficult when you live in a small house. When I saw a review of The Bird Catcher PRO Ex online, I was curious if it would be the toy she loved without the storage issues.

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Catit: Flower Drinking Fountain Review

Catit – Flower Drinking Fountain Review + Giveaway

One of the things that I worry about as a pet guardian is that my cats get the water they need each day. Each day I switch their water so that it is fresh as possible, and each time Maggee knows and sits and waits for her fresh water bounty.

There are days that the water levels do not reduce as much as I would like, and on days like these there is little I can do other than let them have fresh faucet water. When I recently saw the Catit Flower Drinking Fountain I instantly thought that this would be a new and creative way for them to have the water they need while allowing them some fun!

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Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – September 2017

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – September 2017

One of my favorites times of the month is the day I go visit my furry sister. I love that I get to gift her with a box each month and I love the overall enthusiasm she has.

This last visit I realized that she has grown into a strong and confident dog that is always happy. When I gave her the treats from the September Pet Treater she learned and found the squeaker in the toy within only a couple of moments. Continue reading

Pet Treater: Cat Pack First Box – September 2017 Review

Pet Treater – Cat Pack Review – September 2017

As many readers know, we have been reviewing the dog version of the Pet Treater box for a while now, and I am so excited that as of September 2017 Pet Treater has added a monthly Cat Pack for cat guardians.

Since this is the first month that Pet Treater has a Cat Pack, I was so excited that the cats could get in on the monthly action. Continue reading

Newman’s Own: Fall Dog Food Giveaway

Meadow Shares the Newman’s Own Dog Food Sampler Box and a Giveaway

Meadow lives a fairly pampered life of getting almost whatever she wants, from treats to her humans attention. She is a big girl who is spoiled, loved and whose health and wellness is put first.

Since our cats love Newman’s Own so much, I wanted to give Meadow the same opportunity. Newman’s Pet Food makes organic wet and dry dog food as well as treats.

From the moment I brought this box in the house, Meadow was intrigued and seemed excited by what was contained in the box.

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Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Friends are important – even if they are four-legged and furry.

Meadow has a best friend named Noodles. Noodles lives a few houses away and has grown up playing with her fellow Laberdoodle.

One of the things that I love about Pet Treater is that there is always enough items that Meadow can share with Noodles and they can play together. Continue reading

Eazee Deshedding Tool for Pets by Foolee Review

Brushing and Spending Time With Maggee and the Eazee Deshedding Tool – Review & Giveaway

If there is one thing on earth Maggee loves more than just about anything is brushing. When we adopted her from our local shelter one of our first priorities was to get her adjusted to the brush.

Each night we diligently brushed her, making sure we did not hurt her, or press to hard. Our goal was to make brushing a pleasurable thing and something she looked forward to, rather then fear. It took about a month or so, but she soon learned that no matter what brush, she loved it. As her guardians this made us happy, we knew that if it was fleas or knots, she would allow us to brush and inspect her.

Since that initial month we have been on a search for the one brush that she loves over the others. Also, since she has super dense fur our brush options can be a little limiting. When I saw the new Eazee Deshedding Brush I knew we had to give it a try, for Maggee. Continue reading

Hartz: Delectables SqueezeUp Cat Treats Review

Spending Quality Time With Maggee and Delectables SqueezeUp Cat Treats + A Giveaway

Since the day that we adopted Maggee she has been giving us pieces of her personality. Prior to us adopting her she was shuttled from home to home and having kittens in between. When we adopted her we knew her history, and so we set out to not only be her last home but also her best home. We began to work with her on being held, and while frustrating at times, that seemed to be the key to her opening up.

It started with us holding her in the middle of the floor, where she had no out to jump down. Within less than a month, she was loving being held and began to seek it out. Flash forward 5 years later, being held is a vital part of her day, and she actively seeks out that love.

Now there are numerous things she has began to love, and spending time bonding with her humans is high on her list, as is food. If I can combine the two, she is in cat heaven. When we recently received the Hartz: Delectables SqueezeUp Cat Treats I knew that I could use it as a bonding opportunity with a treat.

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Buffalo Range: All Natural Buffalo Treats Review

Buffalo Range: All Natural Buffalo Rawhide Treats Review & Giveaway

As a pet guardian I am a firm believer that as “guardians” it is our job to make our pets have the best life possible. This could be from giving them attention when they want it, giving them the best food available or making sure the treats they have are pure.

As much as we love our pets, we are unable to communicate with them. Due to this we are responsible for making their food decisions for them. When I look for treats, my goal is to give them the most pure products with ingredients I can pronounce.

When I learned about the new Buffalo Range All Natural Buffalo Rawhide Treats I knew that I wanted Meadow to have the opportunity to try them since I had read that they were natural and did not contain preservatives or fillers.

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Newmans Own Pet Food – Cat Giveaway

Treat Your Pet While The Kids Are Away With a Cat Sampler Giveaway

As many cat owners know, cats can be finicky and picky about the things they eat, despite what their humans want.

In our home we have one finicky cat, and one cat that will eat anything that we put in front of her. Since she is easy to feed, the true challenge sits with Murfee and his eating habits. The one food that both cats agree on is Newman’s Pet Food, for that reason I am thrilled to give one reader a sampler pack in either cat or dog variety.

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