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Mini Monthly Box of Awesome – January 2017 Review

Mini Monthly Box of Awesome – January 2017 Review

There are many fun things in life, but getting packages in the mail are one of the more fun things that we has humans can encounter. Since I believe in happiness and being able to spread happiness in the easiest way possible I love the idea of a monthly gift boxes!

The easiest way to get this monthly treat is when you sign up for a Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily you are able to get a positive and happy box. Each month, similar to the regular Box of Awesome that is offered, there is no theme is chosen. Instead of theme a random selection of 2 – 3 gender neutral items are included in this white package.

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GoodLight Natural Candles Review

GoodLight Natural Candles Review + Giveaway

Since one of my favorite things to use and burn are candles, I am always on the search for the latest and greatest candles. I used to make my own candles so this tends to make me a bit more interested in candles then not. When I heard of the candle company GoodLight Natural Candles and that they also donated money to some good organizations, I wanted to give them a try.

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Peaches & Petals Subscription Box – January 2017 Review

Peaches & Petals Subscription Box – January 2017 Review

There is funny thing that happens, when the calendar switches over to the new year, it is almost as if the reset button has been hit. There is a general feeling that with the new year comes new opportunities to try something new, engage in a new hobby or changing entire habits.

While I have the best intentions each new year I have little ability to carry through with resolutions much longer than the first month of the year. The one thing that the new year can do is bring new opportunities and new surprises, which is my resolution for the new year.

One of the best surprises that I have discovered are monthly subscription boxes. Since the theme for the January Peaches and Petals boxes was “2017 Brings New Surprises” it seemed very timely and appropriate for my outlook on 2017. Each items are appropriate, and useful while constantly remaining in theme.

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Back to the Roots: Garden-in-a-Can Review

Back to the Roots: Garden-in-a-Can Basil + Cilantro Review

Ever since we started cooking our own dinners and relying on pre-packaged meals less, the addition of spices and herbs is forefront in the cooking process.

In light of the fact that we love cooking with fresh herbs, we had begun toying with the idea of growing our own herbs. The problem with this was that we live in a smaller home, and storage and space to grow is not only limited but homeowners regulations are abound about planting. Since we have a nice size porch, we decided that we could dedicate an area on the top and bottom levels towards our own herb gardens. Each time we attempted this either dirt was an issue, weather knocking pots over was the problem or our own lack of a green thumb.

Being a fan of simplicity, and believing that timing is everything, was approached by a company called Back to the Roots, and in addition to selling items like mushroom farms, and farmhouse sets, they also sell Garden-in-a-Can. When I looked at these self-contained can’s I began to see our own grown herbs as a real option in our cooking.

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Simply Earth Monthly Subscription Box Review – February 2017

Simply Earth: Essential Oil Recipe Box – Be Healthy – February 2017 – Review + Giveaway

As I get older, the less I want to put harmful chemicals in my body. The more that time passes the more I realize our natural immune systems can kick in and really do more than over the counter medicines can. When the natural immune systems needs help, many people turn to essential oils to give nature a boost.

Since I live in San Diego, the weather can be cold one day and warm the next, which wrecks havoc on the sinuses. During this time of sinus issues, over the counter remedies have unwanted side effects so essential oils are a nice alternative. A month ago I reviewed Simply Earth and their monthly subscription box, so when I saw this month’s was healthy focused I was again eager to try out some essential oil health remedies. 

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Candlemart by Hanna’s at Review

Candlemart by Hanna’s at Beads, Trios and Melts Review + Giveaway

Over the years I have had many hobbies, including candle making. I loved finding different ways to display the wax, and loved creating something that made our house a warm place to visit.

After about a year of diligent and frequent candle making I decided that despite the love of making them, I moved on to a different hobby.

Despite this departure, I still love candles and an even bigger love of wax melts. I love the simplicity and the safety of  wax melts. Since we have two very curious cats in our house, we are always making sure the environments safe while keeping the items we love. We quickly discovered that candles are best burned away from the cats, but melts were perfect.

Since wax melts are heated over a bulb, you still get the aroma and the ambiance without the flame. When I recently found Candlemart by Hanna’s and discovered that they had Jolly Rancher Lemon candles I knew I had to investigate further.

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Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome – December 2016 Review

Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome – December 2016 Review

Now that the holidays are wrapping up and a new year dawns, I am reflective of the year past. At the end of the year I try to summarize my accomplishments, note my failures and set new goals for the year ahead.

One of my goals in the coming year is to pay it forward. I find that simple actions of kindness are becoming less common. As time goes on and if we do not keep this movement going, then generations below us will lose that common kindness. So this coming year, I am going to share my good fortune and when I receive items in boxes I am not going to use and pay it forward.

Each month when I receive the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily I think of those moments of kindness that can be paid forward. Each month no theme is chosen, but rather a selection of random gender neutral items that will undoubtedly meet a need of yours or a lucky recipient.

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Charlie’s Soap: Laundry & Surface Cleaner Review

Charlie’s Soap: Laundry & Surface Cleaner Review + Giveaway

There are many chores as adults that we have to do, whether we like it or not. The great thing is that everybody has their own chore they dislike. For me, laundry is that dreaded chore, and it is not a new dislike.

The biggest problem with household chores is the chemical element. Since we have two cats, we try to make every surface in our house safe for hands and paws. Due to this, I am always on the search for healthy alternatives. When I discovered Charlie’s Soap and read the previous reviews, I knew that I wanted to give this a try for my home!

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Ralphs 5-Day Sale January 18th thru 23rd 2017

Ralphs 5-Day Sale – Hot Price Alert

January 18th thru 23rd 2017

@RalphsGrocery provided me with compensation in exchange for this sponsored blog post. However, all opinions expressed here are my own”

I have a confession – I love to save money! I wish I could say that this attitude covers only a couple of items but it is universal and all-encompassing. I seek sales, coupons whenever possible.

When Jason and I began to co-habitate we had two different shopping styles. Jason would run into the store, and see the advertised sales, ignore them and more often than not, would purchase a different item. This method worked for him, for many years – that is until he met me and I told him he was shopping wrong and leaving money at the store.

It was not instant that he adopted my way of shopping, but I am proud to say that within a year he began seeing the savings potential and coupons whenever possible.

As luck would have it Ralphs is currently running a 5-day Hot Price Alert!

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DIY Upcycled Plastic Container

DIY Upcycled Plastic Container – 10 Steps!

When you have a pets, it is inevitable that you will need small bags to clean up after them. I have been on a search for a dispenser that at the least would keep the plastic bags organized until I need them.

One afternoon, as I was depleting my pre-moistened wipes, inspiration struck and I realized with a little bit of effort, I could create a dispenser for plastic bags that would be easy and cater to my love of all things color filled.

With about a hour or two you too can have a custom plastic bag dispenser.

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