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Our Top 7 from the Natural Products Expo 2017

A Month Later .. The 7 Items I am Still Thinking About From Expo West 2017

Attending an expo or trade show can be overwhelming to say the least, and it is a lot of information and products to see. This yearly event is held in Anaheim California, has over 80,000 attendees, and over 3,100 exhibitors – that is a lot of people to talk to and meet.

As you walk the floor, the colors, sights and samples are abundant, and favorites emerge. At times the favorites become clear once you are back home enjoying the take away sample. It is in that spirit that I wanted to share my favorite finds from the Natural Products Expo 2017.

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My Freaky Saturday: Disney’s Freaky Friday in La Jolla

My Freaky Saturday seeing Disney’s Freaky Friday at the La Jolla Playhouse

There is nothing comparable to live theater, and musicals are no exception. I have been going to live theater shows at the La Jolla Playhouse since I was a young teenager. I have seen Rent, Shakespeare plays, one man shows and huge ensembles, all from 1st or 2nd row center seats. Now that I am older, my father’s season tickets never go to waste since Jason has the same love of theater I have.

Since we are such live theater fans, when we were asked if we wanted my father’s tickets to Freaky Friday we jumped at the chance. I grew up watching the original movie and then the mid 2000’s version.

I have always loved the story of a mother and daughter switching places, dealing with each other’s problems and finally seeing the value in the other side. I was intrigued and excited to see this story in a musical version.

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11 Tips for Attending Expo’s and Trade Shows

11 Tips for Attending Expo’s and Trade Shows

Let’s be honest, attending an expo or trade show can be overwhelming to say the least. It is hard to know how to prepare, and what to do once you get there not to mention the followup after the event.

While attending the Natural Products Expo this past year I realized the importance of a pre-plan, and a successful execution once there and wanted to share that newly found knowledge!

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My Day with Mascots – Expo West 2017

My Day with Mascots – Natural Products Expo 2017

II have always loved taking my photo with people in mascots. It started when I was young at Disneyland, and to this day when I see a mascot I have to stop and get a photo. This current love has progressed into mascots I see at the Expo’s I attend. It all started a couple of years ago, at the Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo and since that I make it a goal to get photos with the mascots of companies I see.

While attending the Natural Products Expo this year I took various photos with mascots as you will see.

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7 Tips for Attending the Gluten-Free & Allergy Friendly Expo

7 Tips for Attending the Gluten-Free & Allergen Friendly Expo

The Gluten-Free Allergen Friendly Expo is one of my highlight’s events that occur throughout the year – and I was so excited when it returned to San Diego, in it’s first stop in the 2017 expo seaon.

As I have mentioned before the Gluten-Free Allergen Friendly Expo is the THE place to discover, learn and find valuable samples and coupons of your favorite gluten-free products. The Gluten-Free & Allergen-Friendly Expo was presented by Gluten Free Media Group and is sponsored by Udis’ and Glutino. The Gluten & Nut Free Area Presented by Enjoy Life Foods.

This is the United States largest gluten-free and allergen-friendly expo and attracts people from the Celiac community, people suffering autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, people with gluten sensitivities.

Here are 7 tips for attending The Gluten-Free Allergen Friendly Expo

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2017 Gluten-Free & Allergy Friendly Expo in San Diego

2017 Gluten-Free & Allergen Friendly Expo in Del Mar, CA

Win a Ticket!

The Gluten-Free Allergen Friendly Expo was one of my highlight for events this past year – and I thrilled it is returning to San Diego in 2017!!

The Gluten-Free Allergen Friendly Expo is the THE place to discover, learn and find valuable samples and coupons of your favorite gluten-free products.

The Gluten-Free & Allergen-Friendly Expo features over 100 exhibiting brands, samples and coupons, discounted products will be available for purchase (in case you find something you HAVE to buy), classes that are related to the gluten-free and allergen friendly lifestyles, the opportunity to meet brands and bloggers and a free reusable bag to hold all your new discoveries! Continue reading

Win a copy of Coloring the Cosmos and S/R Tropical Travel Patterns

Imagine Travel Combo: Coloring the Cosmos and Stress Relieving Tropical Travel Patterns Adult Coloring Book’s Giveaway

Cosmos and SR Travel PatternsI recently went to the local craft store and was astounded truly how much the adult coloring trend has taken off. As I passed through the isles, one thought was overriding – what makes this trend such a popular one?

After walking the isles, and thumbing through the vast selection it all of a sudden it occurred me that there are fewer ways one can take a vacation without leaving their home. For many people a vacation is not in the cards, therefore must find other ways of getting away – coloring is a great alternative.

When I get stressed and want to take a vacation, I have found that being able to color is a great escape. Since I can not travel having a travel themed book to color and imagine with is a nice alternative.  When I get Color the Cosmos: A Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book and Adult Coloring Book : Stress Relieving Tropical Travel Patterns I am able to imagine all those places that I dream of visiting.

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10 Things to know before you go to Medieval Times

10 Things I wish I knew before I went to Medieval Times

Happy Red Knight SupportersAs a blogger I get to do a lot of fun things, and sometimes I get to include some of my favorite people. When I had the opportunity to go to Medieval Times in Buena Park, it was an easy decision for Jason and I to invite our close friends Chris and Jamie. What made the experience that much better was that for 3 of the 4 of us it was our first time attending and seeing the show.

As a review blogger myself, I decided to look up reviews to give me an idea of what to expect and after attending I feel like there are something’s that were missing. Therefore I compiled a list of the 10 things I wish I knew before we saw Medieval Times:

Cheers for a fun Knight with Friends1. To Drink or not to Drink? This is for the adults who want to drink – if you purchase a drink you can choose your choice of souvenir glasses. The base cost starts at $15.00 (that was the cost of our glasses). Refills start at $7.00 and you end up with a little more than fits in your cup – quite the good deal. If you do not want to pay for drinks they have complementary water, tea and Pepsi. I had the Mermaid’s Kiss and Jason had a Mango Margarita which were both really good. While the cups were expensive, they are a strong metal that makes you feel you’re in the medieval times and will be reused.

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The 2016 Stamp & Scrapbook Expo is Coming!!

2016 Stamp & Scrapbook Expo – Various Locations –

Win a Ticket!

TicketsI began my scrapbooking love before scrapbooking was a real hobby. I would go to the store, purchase sleeves, search for the perfect decorative paper (which was in abundance since “laser printers” were becoming a growing household items. I would purchase stickers by the sheet full, and I would save cute things I saw in magazines. I remember one of my first scrapbooks was for my best friend from high school – summarizing our years as friends.

I recently got to see that early version of  a scrapbook and I am surprised on how ahead of the trend I really was. The homage to a friendship has endured really well over the years despite the lack of time preservation techniques used. Today, that is much less of a concern than it was, as most craft products are acid free and scrapbook safe.

As you can imagine that as a crafter I am super excited about the upcoming Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim California!

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Craft and Hobby Mega Show 2016 Wrap-Up

2016 Craft and Hobby Mega Show Wrap-Up!

CHA IntroI had a dream come true recently, I got to attend the annual Craft and Hobby Mega Show at the Anaheim Convention Center. I have been wanting, wishing and hoping that I would be able to attend this annual gathering of craft companies, craft stores, retailers and media.

I went into this fairly blind in that I was not sure what to expect. I downloaded the application on my phone and tried to map out a plan – that did not work. I did have a couple of priorities including seeing a couple of booths and meeting a couple important VIP’s. Other than that initial plan, I was able to just cruise around.

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